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Who do you think will win EVO?
Armada (73)
PPMD (42)
Mango (153)
Mew2King (95)
Leffen (2)
HungryBox (17)
Hax (2)
Fly Amanita (3)
Westballz (2)
aMSa (18)
Axe (5)
Shroomed (3)
Ice (3)
Someone else (29)
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How to connect to Wiimm's servers on WiFi

TheLateGen gives a detailed runthrough on how to get back on wifi!

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Cruel Brawl
Lucario, 259 kills

Endless Brawl
Lucario, 998 kills

15 Minute Brawl
Samus, 793 kills

Break the Targets Level 1
Meta Knight, 8.30 s