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all of the old players on this site/pros that never play anymore.
even events that happened.

i wanna remember more then i do.
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I just realized that I am now having my dream come true, ever since I was in middle school, and was with a bunch of friends, and played melee. it went from 'oh wow, that was cool!' and then, to looking at 'shined blind' by Zelgadis, which inspired me to play, and the rest of my aberdeen crew. I am the only one still playing here.

It has been about 5 years since that day. I remember it specifically. And now, I am going to a major league gaming tournament. my first out of state, and the last MLG for brawl probably.

I'd just like to thank everyone. Whether your a troll, someone who has played me once or twice on wifi, or someone who I used to talk to everyday.

When I say I love these people, I seriously do. Because you all have helped me become who I am today, and what I have accomplished.


Nealdt did an amazing thing creating this site.

all of us did an amazing thing by supporting it and building an even larger community out of it.

tl;dr... My dream of MLG has finally come true, and I am remembering what has brought me to this point.
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ill probably be making a trip up there this weekend.

who is available to play and help me get ready for dallas?

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most credit goes to dynadash for making the first one i ever saw. I just never (sadly) got around to buying one from dyna, so I decided to make my own.

also credit to my momma for helping out tons.

the eyes are a bit wrong, they arent fully stitched on there yet lol.
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You all actually posted and helped me go, even if you posted jokingly or not.

I am officially going, bought my pass yesterday.

I love smash. <3

see you there icon_biggrin

/needs doubles partner
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I need one.

i play peach alot.

but im building up a snake.


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we are booking it all now.

I have me, my sister, and my madre with me. lol.

if anyone would be able to PLEASE be able to give us a ride from place to place.. it would be much better then 20 bucks back and forth =/

pelase reply. ):
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lol, its a requirement for me to go to mlg, because my mom needs to be doing somethign while i am there.
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so we have tons of airline miles that i can use to take a trip to dallas for mlg.

i just got done talking wit my mom and shes iffy on it because it might be alot etc etc because of late ticket buying.

so, i need people to persuade her in this blog lmfao.

(will actually show her if people do it)

pelase please please please


it actually has influence, ha.
and im being serious 0.o


this morning i printed out the comments that have been made on here, and left them all in her work bag, along with oat's recent blog.

and just now, when i finally see her today after school and such, she sits down and we talk about it all. i showed her some more recent comments and she kinda has this moment where shes like 'this really means alott to you'.

so, as of right now, i am getting her more and more closer, half of because of you all. it may be possible.

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