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chrisG v rylander (team tourney, pools)

rylander v mihe matches (casuals, pools)

synx v gottnoskill casuals (viper players)

danke v buckethead casuals

team tourney Winners Finals (tx dantes vs xian/jwong/chrisG)
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first of all. i really like umvc3.

i can see the side of people who think the game is bull and random and anyone can win etc

seeing as i havent been able to compete in some weeks ive been just watching streams  and practicing my own stuff in training mode, as well as playing the unplayable online

and yeah the game gets frustrating. why do bad things work. etc.

and then chrisG is winning with morrigan and chrisG is one of the best players in the game! (i'm not complaining, i can see why people don't like to watch it)
the main thing that is disappointing is when people just get demolished by it because the point of the team is to just shut you down.
in fact, i think of the team as always having you in a combo, and when you can hit morrigan she dropped the combo. it's a bit like that just less absolute. chrisG the only truly successful morrigan because he can manage that combo.

ANYWAY, so yeah, a lot of things are depressing and then you watch rayray and you look and you immediately see all the work he has put in the game and his control over his characters and his seamless setups, movement, transitions from defense to offense. it's a bit inspiring to me, so that's high level, so that's a goal

so yeah i really like umvc3, just have so much fun watching high level and trying to get there.! movement is so free, setups can be anything, and there are answers to almost everything as well, just gotta either be super solid with the known stuff or explore and experiment and be ahead.
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how to disappear completely
there there
weird fishes/arpeggi
street spirit (fade out)
paranoid android
karma police
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just an intro to what's going on:
kazuya has a "just frame" type of move... this is the "electric wind god fist" (where he's doing an uppercut with electricity)
it looks a lot like his normal "wind god fist" (officially "rising uppercut") in sfxt, but it's a much more powerful version.
WGF is a move you can do from his "mist step" (forward, neutral, down, downforward motion), and you have to press medium punch or heavy punch the same frame as the down forward to get EWGF, otherwise it's not coming out.

ewgf does more damage, has more combo opportunities, comes out faster, and is safer on block than a normal wgf. all the rising uppers in the vid are ewgfs. im still not as consistent at them as i'd like to be.

last combo is a style combo that involves juri holding a fireball when tagged out, and using it in a combo when tagged back in, as well as kazuya's restand glitch on his hk rising sun. to be honest i probably will never do that specific full combo, but as long as the glitch isn't patched out, it's not a far cry that i may be able to land something similar to it in a match.
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sept 18 is rather far away, hype hype hype looks good
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ultimate mvc3: new characters, hopefully very powerful strategies in mvc3 addressed, new stupid stuff, heroes and heralds mode looks super fun

playing this game with friends, playing maybe in tournaments, whatever, mvc3 has its issues but i just like the game

phantasy star online 2: not sure if i will get it as i have heard it is pay to play online subscription wow style esque? i still love teh PSOs even if i never was huge on the online scene, i played a lot offline w/ friends and even if i never did get a super high level character, still gotta love where my name comes from (the delsaber enemy)

borderlands 2: omg. loved borderlands 1 for some reason, hope they address some issues for borderlands 2 and it will be one of my favorite gamesss (tbh I don't play a lot of games, but then again i am super picky)

now what

-already got M83's new album. enjoying it
-what other new music should  i be looking out for? haley reinhart cd? is there a new album from fun. i should be researching? new album from muse? mew? hmmmmmm
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blah blah lag is bad blah blah

It's ok I still want to play ..

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things to look forward to:
marvel v capcom 3
lupe fiasco (maybe?)

when will they be here..?
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Twice in a row, I try to buy an album off of iTunes, and when it goes to download that final, "Album only" song, it messes up and says I don't have authority to download. Really. I don't torrent, but I feel completely cheated.

The first time, it was the song, Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun, on "Before the Dawn Heals Us"
Now it is "Midnight Souls Still Remain" on "Saturdays = Youth"
Always M83, Album Only song, glitch, I hate it

........................... I'm really frustrated.

also i dont torrent, i buy my music
so yeah double frustrated
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