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So I signed on today to see that nearly three weeks ago I was removed from staff. Everything about it was bittersweet! I had naive hopes that I would forever be an admin on the site, giving advice on any topic I could in the Staff Forums when I signed on. Although I rarely visit the site over the last two years it's depressing to see that's no longer the case. The most disappointing part was the generic removal message I received, but I understand how time consuming cleaning staff would be if you left a heart felt personal message to every staff member only to know that it MIGHT be read. After all, I was the one who had to remove the greats, such as Cheese and Peachy, that helped build this site and community. With all that said, it wasn't the Tour of Duty badge that was the pinch that made me realize this was all real; it was the Jack of All Trades. It's almost symbolic! Like the Medal of Honor awarded to a fallen soldier.  Aside from my own custom badge the Jack of All Trades was the only badge I ever wanted! It was the badge that Neal and JV_ personally awarded to those who truly gave it their all when on the site. It was the one I didn't want to ask for, and I wanted to earn. And now that I'm officially no longer staff and I've put in my time, it seems I've earned it!

I will always cherish the memories I made on this site, as a member and as staff. I hope the transition into Smash 4 goes well so when I use Jigglypuff (which better be in 4!) I can come here like I did for Brawl! I hope this isn't goodbye, but if by some long shot I don't get into Smash again then I want to thank this site; staff and members, both former and current, for everything they've done! I've had a great time here!

Thank you!
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Hey, my friend/boss is trying to make a series of plush dolls that makes fun of the modern day stereotypes of people. I don't normally like to discuss or promote my work outside of my work place, but he is a friend and I do think it's a brilliant idea. Please check it out! If you can't donate that's completely fine, but if you do find it interesting please at least share it with others you think may like it.


P.S. This is me asking as a member of the community, not as a staff member of AllisBrawl. AllisBrawl is not associated with this (other than letting me post it) and therefore I can not offer any badges or cards for helping. Sorry!
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drops tomorrow! I'm too hyped! I might host some matches to play some people. I'll let you know if I do. It would be on 360 if I do.
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December is the hardest season to host playoffs. This is because the first two weeks of December is spent preparing/taking finals, while the last two weeks is often spent out of town with family. Combine this difficult schedule with my lack of activity, and the lack of experience on hosting playoffs from the rest of the staff and the chances of playoffs being a disaster is at an all time high.

This extra month will not go to waste. In the past we spoke of match requirements or limiting playoff entrees to spark ladder again. Although it was a large discussion minimal action was taken on the subject. This month the staff will be spending time on rebuilding the competitive feel in playoffs and in ladder. By the end of the month we hope to have revamped rules for both ladder and playoffs. This could include things such as new name colors for ladder badges or bringing back the beach balls for the top three wins of ladder.

If you have any ideas you feel would help increase activity and the competitive feel for ladder/playoffs please let us know! I apologize for the last minute notice and to all of you who were looking forward to the playoffs.

Thank you for your time and have a Happy Holidays!
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If you are not caught up on the chapters please do not read passed this point because there will be countless spoilers.

After reading this week's chapter I did some research and found some leaks that Kishimoto released himself. Let me point out some key things.

Tobi is very deceiving. When he was first introduced we were given the impression that he was some fun character that had very little to do with anything. Later in the series it was confirmed that he claimed to be Madara, once again deceiving others. He knows centuries worth of information and certain information only certain individuals should know. When Edo Tensei ended the "real" Madara stayed.......

I'll cut it short. Tobi is Zetsu! When Zetsu was introduced we knew that he knew more about Tobi than anyone else. We were given the impression that he is nothing more than a spy, being useless in combat. This is rather deceiving, just like Tobi's character. With countless clones and Zetsu's other revealed abilities it's clear that he's been able to not only witness countless events but possibly participate in them without others knowing. This is how he knew about the mission where Kakashi became The Hero with the Sharingan. The "real" Madara is just another Zetsu clone, to deceive others. Tobi has all those sharingans to put in his clones, making them stronger and to help him deceive people.

I'm not normally a supporter of spoilers but I'm kind of tired of the countless trolling. This is the third, fourth, or fifth time we have seen a part of Tobi's mask get shattered and/or we think we'll know his true identity. Sorry to bust your bubble but they aren't revealing it anytime soon. For the next two weeks they'll go back to Madara, they will show one page of Tobi then the week after that will be spent on the Sasuke/Orochimaru topic. Use this information as you will.

EDIT: This is some BS theory I decided to piece together just to see people's reaction.
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As AiB's first Perfect Week: Singles comes to an end we prepare for what comes next; Perfect Week: Doubles. In order to earn the Perfect Week badge (that hasn't been made yet, sorry) your team must defeat at least one new opponent every day of the week from Monday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 29th. You will have the full twenty four hours to get your match in, but please keep in mind we are running this event based on Eastern Standard Time.

For more information please refer to the original article linked below.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Best of luck to all of you!
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As I mentioned earlier this week in my article (http://allisbrawl.com/news/newspost.aspx?id=1422) we plan on having special events for ladder every weekend. This weekend is going to be another Doubles Weekend! Sometime next week we're going to post an article with full details of the events that are coming in June. Next weekend won't be a Doubles Weekend, I promise.

Set Times of This Doubles Weekend:
Friday (today!): 3pm - 11:59pm
Saturday: 12am - 12am (24 hours)
Sunday: 1pm - 10pm

The times are based on Eastern Standard Time!

Badges you can earn:
Double Danger (http://allisbrawl.com/fun/badge.aspx?id=509) - Defeat an AiB Staff team. Currently the only AiB Staff team is Green Team Forever (http://allisbrawl.com/ladder/player.aspx?id=77230).
Double Dater (http://allisbrawl.com/fun/badge.aspx?id=296) - Play three doubles matches in one Doubles Nights' set time.
Weekend Warrior (http://allisbrawl.com/fun/badge.aspx?id=729) - Play two matches every night of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

If you qualify for any of these badges after the event please send Invinciboy or myself a PM with a link to your doubles ladder profile.

If you guys have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for future events please let us know. Have a great weekend and a fantastic Memorial Day!
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I apologize for not getting an article out or any other further information as promised. Because Zano. just posted his article and I don't want to steal his spot I'm going to give all the information in this blog.

Important pre-words
  1. It is every players/teams own responsibility to schedule their own matches before the deadline of every round. If you are not able to schedule your match before the set time for chat, then you MUST be in chat to play your match. Failure to do so will put you in risk of being disqualified and thus given a loss for the round in question.
  2. It is also the responsibility of ALL ladder players/teams to send me a PM about the outcome of the match right after it gets done. Failure in sending this PM can result in reprimands as stated above. 
  3. Please make sure your inbox/outbox always has room. I will be updating everyone via PM after every round.
  4. If you have not appeared after 30 minutes of the scheduled time you will be disqualified. People who have opponents who are MIA at such time must screenshot it and send it to me through a PM. If you are unable to make it, please PM me and your opponent(s) of that day.
  5. This season I want minimal leniency. With some very rare exceptions rescheduling a match passed the deadline will not be allowed! Get your matches done early or on time!

Round 1 - Tuesday April 10th
Round 2 - Wednesday April 11th
Round 3 - Thursday April 12th
Round 4 - Monday April 16th
Round 5 - Tuesday April 17th
Round 6 - Wednesday April 18th
Round 7 - Thursday April 19th
Round 8 - Monday April 23rd
Round 9 - Tuesday April 24th
Round 10 - Wednesday April 25th
Losers Finals - Thursday April 26th
Grand Finals - Monday April 27th

Singles will meet from 8pm EST to 9pm EST in Tournament Chat 3.
Doubles will meet from 9pm to 10pm EST in Tournament Chat 4.

Stage List Change
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Smashville
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Battleship Halberd
  • Castle Siege
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
Singles: http://i41.tinypic.com/2il0b2p.png
Doubles: http://i44.tinypic.com/e8u1kz.png
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Brackets have been made, and I want to get them out ASAP. I should have time later today to make an official article, but in case I can't/don't I want to give everyone the chance to see the brackets as soon as possible.

Singles: http://i42.tinypic.com/10e369c.png
Doubles: http://i44.tinypic.com/1iekoi.png

Before people complain! If you're not in playoffs it's most likely because you didn't meet the match requirements. After last season the following rule was added:
"In order to participate in the singles playoffs you must play 30 matches in singles ladder this season. In order to participate in the doubles playoff your team has to play 20 matches."

We lowered the doubles requirement to 15 due to lack of Doubles Nights and Doubles Weekends this season.

Before people tell me they didn't know about the rule:
  1. "All players are responsible for checking the rules regularly, as rules may change without notice." - http://allisbrawl.com/ladder/rules.aspx?id=73
  2.  http://allisbrawl.com/blogpost.aspx?id=136125 - Reminder blog
If you see a mistake in the bracket please let me know!

The schedule will most likely match the one in my previous blog (http://allisbrawl.com/blogpost.aspx?id=136756) exactly.

If you want an idea of what the rules will be here's an article from one of the past playoffs: http://allisbrawl.com/news/newspost.aspx?id=1250

Participants are welcome to complete their matches before the scheduled date and time. That means now if you want! In my article I plan on adding some new rules like taking stages like Jungle Japes out, so if you just want to wait for the official rules that's fine.

If you won't be available during any of the scheduled dates and/or do not want to participate in the playoffs please tell me know!!!
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