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Whenever I swallow it hurts like hell ;-;
I can't sleep cuz of the pain.

Anyone got any advice -_-
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the reason I had no internet access for 2 weeks is because we stopped using Comcast internet and we had to wait 2 weeks for Verizon to install a bigger router.

tl;dr - I'm not the laggiest person on aib anymore
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I'm back from 2 weeks without internet. Series 4 is still not out yet? >_>
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I just turned it on and for some reason there was no saved data... This is the second time it's happened too but before I had already beaten the game. And there's no one in my house that would delete my data.

tl;dr: **** pokemon red, buy fire red instead because it's not old and glichy.
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starting tomorrow...

This means i probably won't be here for playoffs either.
I'm not 100% sure yet but from what my dads telling me I'm not gonna have any internet for probably a month or two :\
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My 7 year old cousin doesn't know what pokemon is. 0_o
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Rebecca Black to Katy Perry
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Planet sheen is just....

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Fats inspired me to do one icon_razz, but I can't stream it because I don't have the material too do that. :\

I'm gonna use this blog and update it every chance i get.

Name: Raffi-X

Rivals name: Salem

Badges: 1

Party Pokemon:

the Charmeleon (Lvl 18)

ToXin the Nidoking (Lvl 18)

Beeky the Pidgy (Lvl 17)

pkmndiver the Magikarp (Lvl 11)

Noja the Zubat (Lvl 9)
Boxed Pokemon:

Toad the Paras (Lvl 8)

none yet

Just got past Mt. Moon without losing a pokemon. I almost lost Beeky by a Ratacate that knows hyper fang. Luckily Beeky survived with 1 HP believe it or not. Going to train my pokemon more and then fight misty.
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find an avatar you like from the link above.

Post "gif" and then the avatars number in your Yahoo contact.
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