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NO IT'S ****ING NOT!!!!!!!
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Maybe there will be at least a trailer during E3 that shows some newcomers.

I hope to see Bowser Jr. Yawn Kirby, Paper mario, Funky Kong, Zoroark, and Oshawott/Servine/Emboar/

I doubt we'd be seeing R.O.B., Lucario, 1st gen PT, wolf, and ICs again
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- Before I picked a female trainer cuz I was horny at the time
- Picking snivy this time because oshawott sucks
- This time I don't want to get any game overs
- Hopefully I get at least one shiny
- I'm bored.
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1. Who do you main?  

2. Do you like singles better, or doubles?  
Doubles is fun

3. What was your favorite tournament?  
Winter 2009 playoffs

4. Are your parents supportive of going to tourneys?  
I don't know

5. Who is your favorite character to play?  
To play: R.O.B. MK
To play against: Snake, MK

6. Who is your favorite doubles partner?  

7. Who is the best person that has asked you to team before?  
Lol idk

8. Most embarrassing moment a tournament?  

9. Favorite carpool?  
Lol carpools

10. Are you in a crew?   1. Who do you main?  
Wifi crew awye

11. Are you ranked?  
Yeaaaaa, 6th in last singles ladder awye

12. Who is your favorite smasher?  

13. What do you typically eat at tourneys?  
Anything in my fridge

14. What is your worst matchup?  

15. Do you play Wi-Fi?  
**** yeah 24/7

16. Farthest you've gone to a tourney?  
15 minutes away from my house, 2nd farthest is the Other tv is the living room.

17. How many states have you been to for tourneys?  
1, my own.

18. Around how many tourneys have you been to?  
like 100000 wifi tourneys and 1 offline (smirk)

19. Have you ever done $1 random MMs? Do you like them?  
hell no

20. Picture of yourself:
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Whenever I swallow it hurts like hell ;-;
I can't sleep cuz of the pain.

Anyone got any advice -_-
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the reason I had no internet access for 2 weeks is because we stopped using Comcast internet and we had to wait 2 weeks for Verizon to install a bigger router.

tl;dr - I'm not the laggiest person on aib anymore
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I'm back from 2 weeks without internet. Series 4 is still not out yet? >_>
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I just turned it on and for some reason there was no saved data... This is the second time it's happened too but before I had already beaten the game. And there's no one in my house that would delete my data.

tl;dr: **** pokemon red, buy fire red instead because it's not old and glichy.
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starting tomorrow...

This means i probably won't be here for playoffs either.
I'm not 100% sure yet but from what my dads telling me I'm not gonna have any internet for probably a month or two :\
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