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I won't be terribly disappointed. But I have to admit, if Ganon qualifies as viable, I certainly won't complain. Having played what was once one of the best characters in Street Fighter (Seth), I got pretty fond of the delectation of options - of having a far finer line between what I wanted to do, and what I could do.

I really can't wait to see how he plays. Too much of the footage I've seen consists of level negative 7 CPUs stand-camping, wizkicking and FSmashing.
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Once Smash 4 comes out, I'm hoping we'll return to the promised land that AiB once was :')

What's everybody been up to?
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I doubted. Thought all 672 of those blogs were all tossed to the wind.

Glad AiB's back. Well, sort of. That all depends on the constituency lol.
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Seems like my kinda bag. Let's see if it works out.
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My group of buddies is getting together tonight to kill each other and degrade our friendships.
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Practice time
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Measuring your skill with a character by how much money you make with them, and the riotous disparity in points of pride

As MK, if you can cover your travel fees (food, transportation, etc.) and have enough leftover to pocket and buy yourself something nice, then it's safe bet that you're a good MK.

As Ganon, if you can make enough money off of talented players to buy yourself some Subway, then you've earned yourself immortality among the Titans.
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But this one's actually good quality. It's the solo from Ragna's theme.
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