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Just this guys


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I'd like to take individual requests from users, and make Youtube videos from the things people are interested in seeing.
So if you have any requests, please post here and I'll write down a physical list, and upload things that people would like to see, or answer quick questions.
All updates will go on my channel www.youtube.com/shadowstar120 as soon as the game finishes downloading.
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If you're interested in winning a WiiU Before the holidays, Check out this pokemon event in New York City!

So far we have 57 trainers confirmed, it is in VGC format, doubles play. If you think you have what it takes, come stop by and give it a shot! icon_biggrin

December 21st Saturday

1st - WiiU
2nd - 2DS
3rd - Your choice of X or Y

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This game is Godlike!

Watch my first playthrough of it here icon_smile

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My thoughts and opinions based on the trailer, slowed down a bit.

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Alright now for more serious work of mine.

Anime: Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin
Song: We are Young, by Hollywood Undead

*If you haven't seen Episode 8 this may contain spoilers*

Please leave constructive criticism and if you enjoyed it give it a "Like" and possibly share it with friends icon_smile

This is my very first AMV, so be understanding if it's not great.

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Falcon Punch Needs to be stronger in Smash 4 Plz!

Get your lube out and watch icon_wink

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This is a blog about the ultimate gamer, his name is "Jtails King of Games"

He eats Bosses for breakfast
Money Matches for lunch
and Speed runs for dinner

During some seasons he even eats the occasional tournament and takes it down gracefully.

This is very rare footage of him playing Pokemon Red as he analyzes game play and trash talks his opponents.

Watch and learn more about this fascinating creature!

Oh and Subscribe Because he loves that ****!

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For everyone who has a money match against me, you know who you are. If we don't find each other, I will be at pool 9 at 1pm playing my matches, but afterwards we can find a set up and play.

Good luck to everyone along with those in my pool.

and others.
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Well besides my $200 worth of money matches. I'm wondering if anyone would like to put money down on bracket or pools matches.

I'm down to put anywhere from 1-20 depending on the match.

Especially East Coast vs West Coast, and US vs Japan match ups. Just find me at the event or if there is a hype set coming up and you'd like to bet on a player lets do it.

obviously I'd have to have a different opinion from you on the winner, but it could be fun. I've done this at a couple tournaments before icon_wink
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