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WOW. i mean......come on now i gotta say people are riding him too much. He won over Jayz and Drake....eminiem's album Recovery SUCKED. hes a good rap artist, but damn his album this year was so sorry its not funny. starting to feel like hes winning just because hes white and he raps.
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They are getting really annoying.........
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Who cares if she missed a line. Were all human.

She sung madddd gud.
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Lets use this blog to conversate on the super bowl.

So far them packers is showin that they are not playin.
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I mean this kid sings alot better than him and im just hearing about him. Thats so odd.

non vevo link -
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i seen there was already i previous blog made for this but hey <3
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Martin Luther King was a very important person in american history. He was a big step in uniting all the races together and to stop of  the violence (racial violence)
Today is his birthday so we honor him today, and keep hope that what he marched for continues forever.

Every race is equal Aib don't ever forget that.
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These are a few tutorials ive made a while back, but i decided to put them in a blog just in case anyone didn't see them that needs to.

How To Make Music Louder (Audacity)

- This could come in handy if you want to make a certain song you like a bit louder or even make a song lower if you want to. Theres alot of other things you can do with Audacity too but my guide was how to make a song louder.

How To Use The Brstm Maker (BCSM-GUI)

- This guide is for the people that hacked their wii or whatever and its for putting your own music in brawl (Its the program you use to do it) This guide is really easy to follow tbh and tells you alot about BCSM-GUI

Having More Than One Stage Texture On One Stage[BRAWL HACKS]

-This is also for people that have hacked their wii. This really isnt a guide, the video shows you what the title says but the stuff to get this to work for you is in the description of the video.

So those are some guides i made. Hope they help.
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