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I thought this site died a long time ago after the massive DDoS attack.

meh nothing has changed i see though...still filled with loli obsessed pedophiles.
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I mean its not like i knew the guy well or anything since he had only been there for like a month...

still though the shock of hearing one day from another co-worker who's grandparents lived next to him(and he was there at the time at his grandparents and heard the gunshot and saw him) that one of the other associates just killed himself...

I talked to the guy a few times, seemed like he was ok...didn't seem at all like he was about to do something like that.

then i come to work one day and find out he killed himself....
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Site just doesn't seem interesting anymore

always has errors  left and right

interesting bloggers are gone
few blogs that are slightly funny or interesting never get recommended
blogs that do get recommended are honestly dull ones about upcoming tournaments, or general boring "advice" from other players, that or a dumb rant about what so and so did did at a recent tournament

Most of us get all that info From SWF(or least i tend to) what made Aib interesting and unique was how it was always more laid back and people didn't focus so much on all the upcoming tournaments all the time. And likewise we had interesting blogs and/or funny ones recommended, it honestly felt like a more social hangout for all competitive not so much.

Its gotten to the point where i don't even bother checking this site anymore, as everything that ever gets talked about here, I can just go look at or discuss at SWF. Or the site is always down and glitchy as hell to where its half the time pointless to even attempt to check it.
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New -If they were really competitive, they would showcase their skills by using characters that rely more on skill based gameplay rather than exploits and balance issues. Meta-Knight? Ice Climbers just for their broken grabbing? Yeah, they are sad. Even sadder is the fact that he flew to Japan for that.

-If you think infinite chain grabbing is an intentional mechanic, and you don't think it's cheap, the problem is on your side. It would have been patched on day one had the Wii been capable of it. The mechanic not being bannable in the competitive scene should make the Brawl community feel ashamed and any player with self-respect wouldn't try making himself a name by becoming the master of such lame mechanic.

-If there was skill involved, he would have been able to kill Meta-Knight at least once or at least not look like an idiot trying to hopelessly get the golden grab during the first fight.

The spamming on that video is clear. That he does it to maintain the Ice Climbers far away is true and a valid tactic, but it does not mean it isn't spamming, that it does not look stupid or that the video you posted does not look stupid. If anything, spamming being the only secure way to ensure your victory shows how terrible is the game for competitive gameplay.

That they are the best Brawl players? Good. It does not mean a thing in my book, which is at least better than what they have to say for competitive Brawl in the Smash Boards.

courtesy of a user on IGN who watched the M2K vs 9B video, apparently M2K and 9B don't have any skill at all and are only about using exploits and skill-less characters.
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seriously i've not payed attention to this site for awhile...

but i noticed in the M2K blog...

apparently folks have been passing out nude pics of themselves to others on this site or some ****? Dafuq? what hte hell aib are we some kind of child pr0n ring or something now?

seriously wtf has happened while i've been gone

I mean the lolicon's drawings and furry drawings, were bad enough, but least none of them were full blown nudies of people.

Maybe i'm missing something here, so if i am please someone explain, but if its what it sounds like to me from what i read.....all i can say is wtf e_e
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icon_neutral alldo of you everythlgi last wone of oyou ar efkeaing pedos.
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yo its ya boy TFA here with a brand new product, freshly produced goat milk 100% natural.

people usually ask me "hey TFA!  where do you get your huge man muscle?  how did you do it?" and ive never given the true answer until now

the day has arrived my friends, this is the source of my muscle.  not whey protein, or steroids as most would believe.  this goat milk is loaded with fresh nutrients that pump every cell in my man muscle to girthly proportions.

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So i'm easily amused....
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that i could re-string a fiddle no problem..

but  i just tried to restring my guitar and it proved to be the biggest headache i'd dealt with in a while.....
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