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UPDATE - Hey guys - production is going to be a little slow right now. I moved into college yesterday and I've been buying dorm stuff all week so I've had little time. This stuff will get done at some point, but it'll be a little while as I get accommodated to college life.

New Laptop, Photoshop CS6. I'm ready to go.

If you want a sig, then:

1) Link me an image you'd like to be used in it (if you already have a render that makes my life easier)
2) Tell me what text you would like it to have
3) Any color themes you'd like

Sorg -
Kazi -
Wafty -
_Bryant_ - 
Turkey -[url=][/url]
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My school's county was just closed for tomorrow due to rain.

This guy took advantage of that:
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If you've visited my profile, you've probably seen a bunch of banners going down the page. If you like what you see, check/follow out my tumblr!

I'm starting to get better. Here are my latest two:


If you want me to make a sig for you, just comment on this blog (or PM, write on my profile, AIM at rillyrillyrishi) and we can hammer out the details. If you want me to do it quickly, just link me to a picture you want (or, if you can, a rendered image would make my life easier) and whatever text you want to be in the sig.
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Has anyone considered turning off the damage gauge as a way of discouraging stalling/planking? If the players don't know the exact percentages, they won't know whether or not they should stall/plank to time the game out for their win.

Obviously there are a lot of downsides to this rule, such as characters needing to know percentages to know what kill moves to use or what moves will work at what %s. It probably isn't practical to institute this idea, but I've never heard anyone bring it up so I thought I might.
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These things are so satisfying to solve.

EDIT: I uploaded a solve of my Professor Cube.
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hear is my solutian

If the game times out, the players are at the same stock, and their percentages are within 70% of each other, then the tie is settled by a 1 stock, 2 minute Ganondorf ditto.

Otherwise greatest stock/percentage wins.
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It's true.

Anyone who disagrees is an idiot.

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is freakin' amazing.

My new tag is the upside-down exclamation mark then GaGa, and it's won me a number of games now.

Gotta love the GaGa <3

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I was just looking at the Halloween Boss banner and I was thinking how cool it looked. Then I wondered when they would replace these banners, because Halloween was almost a month ago.

Then I refreshed the page. And the new one popped up.

AiB is reading my mind.

P.S. the new banner is awesome. But it's lacking Samus.
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