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Luckily, I'm an iguana and we still exist unlike the rest of you who didn't adapt and evolve. So, yeah. All the other iguanas will live to see another day and the rest of you dinosaurs will turn back into plant food.

#evolution, #noextinction, #iguanas
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600 did not happen. I'm sad now.
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Constant quitting blog after quitting blog, really? Especially after how SoCal took E4U. I don't know whether I should be disappointed, sad, or angry at these choices some smashers are making right now. A shame, really.
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That competitive spirit that was almost put out was brought back. Time to defend that 9 spot.
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You two should be ashamed of trying and failing to steal my teammate, Chocopuffs for E4U Remix.

Reminding how terrible you two are, Pitbull.
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Prologue: Prepare for a long read. There ain't no tl;dr either.
Before I went to the hospital I noticed my heart racing before on Thursday(Jan. 19) but decided to ignore it. It continued to happened and was extremely bad on the following Wednesday(Jan. 25) to the point where I was having horrible headaches. So after class on Wednesday I went to urgent care. And so begins the story.

Wednesday Evening: January 25th

When I told the person at the desk what I was feeling, they did their usual work and I waited about 5 minutes before being called in. The nurse did their usual job when someone first comes in. Weighed me and asked how tall I was(I can never guess accurately how tall I am), and check blood pressure. When they checked my heart rate it was around 178 to 180 at the time. The nurse asked if I was on drugs and asked that again. I looked her in the eye and said no, but the second time I said no with a more annoyed tone. She was in sort of a panic since my heart rate was so high and shortly I was wheeled into emergency.

This is the start of needles and tape and other adhesive things. I can do shots but since that was my first time for an IV, I was freaking out. The idea of having a needle in my arm for lord knows how long was ****ing with me. They eventually put in after much resistance that and I know the nurse was only doing her job. Then I'm in a room and on one of the movable beds where one of the ER doctors and his team was trying to lower my heart rate. At this point it hit me that I was going to be in there for a while.

Thursday: January 26th
I was still in the ER until around 4~5am where the finally found a bed for me in a 2 patient room. Didn't really get consistent sleep since I was woken up every so often for a blood pressure check and they were monitoring my heart rate. Whenever it would go past 130, the nurse would check in. Also waking up to blood being drawn was a nuisance.

I met the nurse who was in charge of the room I was in for that shift she was pretty nice and soft spoken. She was definitely good looking and dedicated to her job. My roommate happened to be a person my dad and aunt worked with a while back but I didn't really say anything to him since I wasn't in the talkative mood. Later that day the doctor informed me and my parents that I had atria tachycardia and said I would be there for a few days. I was not having it. In my mind, I was thinking "I have work to do, I can't get behind." Then I found out there was only 10 channels on the TV and no wifi. So began my days of counting down till Tuesday(Jan. 31).

Friday: January 27th
Woke up to blood pressure check and blood draw. That is clearly the way to start the morning. Oh, did I mention it was around 4am? Breakfast was when I found out I was on the cardiac diet meaning no salt or caffeine. That b****, Mrs. Dash can go to hell. Ate french toast and drank tea since I'm picky about eggs. The old guy in the bed over went home Thursday but when I woke up, I noticed a new and older guy next to me. Apparently he was in pretty bad shape and was very dependent on the nurses. Watched nothing but the news since it was more interesting than anything else and also court shows then Maury followed. Then came a surprise. Later on my dad and I was watching stand up from Lavell Crawford and Kevin Hart. Laughter goes a long way in a place like a hospital. Especially when you're rooming with a dying man.

Around 5:30pm, Vato and Shiro walked in the room and I was in pure shock. It was so unbelievable to me that people who aren't family would visit and for that short hour and a half made such a huge difference in that day. I noticed relief on their faces when they saw me since I wasn't unconscious or anything, just pissed off and bored. We watched the People's Court and Family Feud and they left shortly afterwards. Nothing else interesting happened that day.

Saturday: January 28th
The usual blood stuff and I was beginning to dread it and develop and intense hatred of it. Had french toast and tea and juice again since nothing else on the menu was particularly appetizing. However there was no news or court shows or Maury in the morning. I did watch Yugi-oh, it was the "Waking the Dragons" arc. As the day went on my dad brought in a movie to watch on my laptop and we watched most of Real Steel. I feel this has to be brought up but Hugh Jackman is effing hot since I found myself watching that movie just to check him out. Anywayyy....

Around 3 or 4pm, not quite sure on the time on this one but FlamewaveK. and Stauffy show up to visit me. To think I was shocked from Vato and Shiro visiting, I was outright stunned when these two showed up. To think Stauffy made that 2+ hour drive from San Diego just to visit me in the hospital, I didn't know what to make of it. All I knew I had to hold back a tear or two. Flamewave gave my 3 gifts: two packs of Juicy Fruit and a wordsearch book. The Juicy Fruit will probably last me all year since I rarely chew gum and I happen to like wordsearches. I finished about 20 of them in the book after spending usually an hour on them at night. Would take me about an average of 8 minutes to finish one. Stauffy lent me his controller for luck. The three of us talked about the usual which is usually random things and they left shortly after since they both parked in a 1 hour zone. Nothing interesting besides a dying old man next me.

Sunday: January 29th
Rage at blood being drawn. Waking up to pain is sure to piss anyone off at a certain point. If I thought Saturday morning TV was bad, Sunday morning TV is the definition of boring. It's either televangelists or a 30 minute or hour ad on some kind of product. French toast with eggs again. Only ate the toast, drank the juice and tea and left the eggs and cereal. Learned that old guy next to me was 75 years old and would need hospice care ascertaining that he was pretty much dying. I finally saw what he looked like, he was a frail man who looked like he was 95 rather than 75. He was Armenian, in my mind a potential survivor yet(me being nosy) he said that he'd rather die than live. He spoke 5 languages so he was articulate but all those ailments caught up to him. He was just a sad sight to behold.

Around 2~3 my family show up which includes my sister, older cousin, 4 month old twin cousins, both of my aunts, my nana(yes I call her that) and her best friend. Around this time, the old man next to apparently soiled himself and the smell was in the room and in the hall. The nurse told my mom and I who was in the room that I should get up and walk around. I thought "Gladly". We went in to the lobby on the same floor since that's where all of us would fit. My family had food from Wingstop and the smell was complete torture. I was stuck eating flavorless food. Hell, how can they make gravy taste like nothing!? Water had more flavor than their food they had me on.

My family can always make me laugh, my cousin joked whether or not if that old man in my room was single so she could marry him and get some money. I know it's messed up but I couldn't help but laugh. She also suggested that I "pass out" and a hot male nurse comes and "saves" me so she can get with him. The last one was that she and my sister should just walk around and hit on the male nurses. However my sister at the time was suffering from the itis  Anyways the day dwindled down and nothing interesting happened afterwards. I did finally get around to watching Rango, I liked it.

Monday: January 30th
The only day where I didn't have blood drawn and my last day in the Baldwin Park Kaiser building. Same breakfast as usual but I was just waiting on the transport. The old guy went home at around noon that day and I had the room to myself for some hours. Just my mom and my dad were hear that day. My mom bought me a little bulldog plush as a way to remember this experience. I would have preferred a pitbull or a rottweiler but bulldogs are just as good. He looked like a Willy so that's his name, call it childish but when there is so little to do any entertainment is valued. I didn't get transported until 8pm. The paramedics were pretty nice and the ride was bumpy. Before the ride, I haven't been outside since the day I went into the hospital and a few days ago I found myself longing to be outside. So when they were pushing the stretcher towards to doors, I started to get nervous but the fresh air was amazing.

When I get to the hospital in Hollywood, I checked the TV and there were about 5 times more channels there. However they quickly got to work on prepping me on the surgery tomorrow.

To my surprise, I had to be shaved. I thought I had to shave my beard, nope the nurse mentioned I had to be shaved down there. My first thought was: "What!? No one ever told me they had to do that." And it happened to be a female nurse who had to do the shaving. The most awkward moment in my life and I said no words. I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight so I ate some jello, juice, and some water. My dad and aunt visited after coming back from the Clipper game. Onto the day.

Tuesday: January 31st.
Once again, I wake up to blood being drawn and I'm getting tired of it. I was counting down the hours. My family gets there minutes before the wheel me in doing the final preparations. I had to sign consent and all that. The preparation included more shaving. This time a male nurse or doctor, I couldn't tell which.

Then they wheeled me in the operating room. There was even more hair removal and this time it burned. Hospitals aren't for the hairy. I thought I would be put unconscious or sedated, nope I had to awake and conscious. The procedure required them insert a catheter on my groin(not in the shaft thankfully) and putting wires through my veins. They numbed but I could feel the wires in my body and in my heart. It didn't exactly hurt but it's just uncomfortable on so many levels. Normally the operation should take 2 to 4 hours, mine took 6 hours. Yes, I was lying there in one place covered by plastic and in one position for 6 hours. Around hour 4 my mind was betraying me: "I was telling myself I'll never get out of here, I'll be stuck here" and crying(yes) since I could only move my head. At hour 6, I couldn't take it anymore. They were done with the operation but had to do other miscellaneous stuff. My mind was a wreck at this time. I was thinking "I had to move, I have to get out, I want to be free!", all the while my breathing and heart rate was increasing. I would say that feeling is worse than Hell.

Then came time to pull the wires out of my body, the numbing medicine was wearing off at this point and it was very, very painful. I was cringing, screaming, they had to hold me down. Apparently they sedated me since all I remember was what I mentioned, then waking up with them just waiting. The right side of my groin was in pain and I was super sluggish. I did not have the strength the move my legs. I could send the message to move my legs but my body couldn't do it.

Then I was wheeled into my room on the 7th floor with a 15 lbs in total weight of sandbags on my groin. I was hooked up to an IV on my left arm and a blood pressure machine on my right with weights on my lap. I could not move. My family was there the whole time but left when I said they could leave. As they were leaving, I started to cry. A mix from the pain, being essentially bound, knowing that my freedom is so close, returning to normality. Everything hit a breaking point. I started having another panic or anxiety attack since I literally could not move, being attached like that and weighted down for 4 hours, right after I've been stuck on the table for 6 hours. That's 10 hours of being restricted. I could not sleep at all due to the blood pressure machine activating every hour, on the hour and a new IV was put into my arm. I at most got 2 hours of sleep. I did watch a full segment of Adult Swim since that's the only funny thing on.

The positives, I did have a room to myself and I did have a good looking male nurse, he was just the way I like them. Not many positives to be listed. I tried to reach my phone but ended up knocking it to the ground and I couldn't get out of the bed.

Wednesday: February 1st. Freedom
The night was terrible that's all that needs to be said. I was mentally prepared to the doctors to say "You have to stay here for X more days." But when the doctors came in they said I would be going home and that was my mind. I wanted out. I spent a week in hospitals. I wanted my freedom. 4 hours go by and no news, I'm was getting super impatient. The doctor told us he was sending in the paperwork, I asked if I could get up and he said yes. When I do, the bed alarm goes off. I was pissed. You all hook me up to machines, places weights on me, and an alarm on the bed. That's it, my patience is gone. At around 12:30, they finally released me and wheeled me out to front. The sunlight felt so good since it's been seven days since I've felt it. I was actually outside instead of looking from a window. My strength is still about 45% of what it was last Wednesday and walking is still a bit of work and I can't drive until Friday. But as of now walking is getting much easier, my body is clean(couldn't shower at all until I got home). I will be on aspirin for a month but I should be back to myself by the weekend.

I have my freedom and I'm back.
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The surgery went well and I have a lot more to add, something along the lines of a chronicle of the past 6~7 days in the hospital(s) in the next blog. This is mainly to let everyone know I'm home now.
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Y'all some classless fools. That is all.

Sincerely with hateful love, Pitbull.
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Just had dinner with my mom, sister, niece and nephew which brought up the topic that every single one of us is stingy with our food. I wanted to help my niece with a crab leg and she gave me the most frustrated look. To which my sister points out we all got it from one person(our mom).

So think back on all the times you've asked me for food. Did I give you a frustrated look or at least look displeased?
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Those little overgrown rats that think they're dogs are the only kind of canine that has bitten me. Their barks are like nails on a chalkboard or very old car brakes.

Just tonight when walking to my car, some family's chihuahua got through their cheaply made fence and proceeded to chase and bark at me. I get tired of the little **** following me and turn around to have it barking at me non stop, thinking it was some kind of threat to me. 2 more minutes, I've had enough and give that little rat the evil eye. It ran away like the little rat it was.

It should help that I was in a terrible mood before it started to be a pest.
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