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We were playing Battleship and I guess we had a sort of "special moment" when arranging our ships.

I have no words for this. Just wanted to share the "lulz"
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It just screams... 

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The Pokemon Global Link website is currently holding an event for this Pikachu C-Gear skin.  


Nintendo has been a bit ambiguous about which events will be giving out the password for this nifty skin. (The only event Nintendo has confirmed giving out the password will be at the U.S Pokemon Championship and I somehow doubt you guys will be attending.) 

That having been said the password is "PikachuCGear" 

To enter the password, go to the Pokemon Global Link website, sign in and click under "promotions."
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But it will be soon. Ye be warned.
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After who knows how many hours on Dream World I finally stumbled upon a female Dratini with Marvel Scale. Spent about 3 generations of breeding to get parents with the correct natures, ivs, and the Dream World ability. Finally hatched a child Dratini with the ivs I wanted, 3 perfect ivs in HP, ATK, and SPD. Spent today finishing off ev training it and giving it the moves I wanted.  

Final result: An AWESOME Dragon Dancer Dragonite.

And I just gave it away.~

Final Stats

HP- 386
ATK- 348
DEF- 214
SPATK- 211 (Yeah thanks a bunch for giving me a 30 iv on THIS stat on an ADAMANT Dragonite...****ers)
SPDEF- 214 
Speed - 247
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So Nintendo stated that Smash 4 for Wii U and 3DS would somehow have interactive features or play between the two, any ideas on what they might've been hinting at?
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I've been over 10,000 points for quite some time and haven't managed to get one of these. Only found two Dratini and both were boys. I've plenty of good, female dream world pokemon. Anyone up for a trade?
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Best areas, which Pokemon for which stats, ect ect. I'm wanting to ev train stuff and just wanna know the best spots.
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