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The real winner of Apex is Salem's pokerface.

It's incredible. I hope to one day hide my emotions as efficiently as he seems to. or perhaps just erase them entirely.
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Whatever I've got that you want I'll give just give me cool DDD cards.  

Cause DDD is obviously the cutest f**ker in the game y'all icon_biggrin.

Also accepting Marth MK Ike.

I have no idea what cards I have that are good so whatever.

Don't bother me.

inb4 somebody shuts this down because you aren't supposed to give away your s***.
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I've been laddering since 08, and I have never seen such an under-handed thing that AvengingtheKite is doing

What he does is he Cancels the match right before Game 1 starts, and then gets you set-up a rechallenge. This refreshes the 3-minute timer window for cancelling, then, a stock or so into game 1 he goes and cancels the match in the chat.

So if he loses- It's cancelled... There's no record. You don't need two people to affirm a cancel if it's under 3 minutes.

If he wins game 1- he rechallenges.

He's done it to me, Based Gog, and Ruinn. He cancelled all three sets after losing game 1.

This "Cancelling the set Mid-game-1 if you're losing thing" CAN NOT BE TOLERATED.
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Go retweet the last thing that I said
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lol why nobody else do this yet?

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Or at least you're playing like it does

So I'm not supposed to use Nado?

But aren't you playing to win?

You don't want me to play to win too?


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Yes, I know what it means, "Good luck have fun"

but yeah, F*** that. I don't know about you, but I don't want any of my opponents to have any good luck. That seems at odds with my general goal of winning, ya know?

I also don't want any of my opponents to have any fun playing me. I want them to have a frustrating, miserable, and all together unfortunate time while playing me. I'm talking tourney here though- I try not to play like an a**hole in friendlies.

Does this make me a horrible douchebag? I don't think so. It just means that I want to win. Look I could be playing a best friend, or my teammate, or like the nicest-person-ever in tourney... It doesn't matter. I'm going into that match under the assumption that you're going to do everything in your power to win, because I will be doing the same, so I do NOT want the forces of god, destiny, luck and whatnot on your side! I'd like to hope that those forces are gonna help me out!

Everybody that has said GL HF to me has done so under two conditions- Either they were horribly insincere and merely saying it because it's the proper social convention, or 2) they were on some other super-nice s*** that I just don't understand. Why are you trying to be nice to me when I'm about to try and do mean mean things to your character? It's like you're just trying to guilt trip me :/  

Now I guess this makes me a grumpy-pants but both of those reasons suck. Either their disingenuous because they don't actually mean it, or it's disingenuous because they're playing a competitive game hoping for the other person to have godlike advantages. EWW

So in summary. Having good luck and Having fun sucks d***. Stop being nice. The fates favor the evil EVERY TIME.

but yeah

PEACE OUT, and I want all of you to GL HF
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