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Just a small blog, nothing else. I want to thank those who wished me a 23rd 1up on my birthday today. Thank you once again as I continuously grow old. From 17 years old to 23 years old (teenager to adult) on AllisBrawl tho, omfg lol. icon_wink
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For those who contributed making sigs of Bluigi, I thank you so much for over the years. Been a fan of Bluigi since 2009-2010. Still looking forward for those who are willing to make more for me. (Yeah, I'm a total whore and a sucker for Bluigi and your artistic abilities.) I deeply admired all who made them for me, new and old. icon_wink


JalenHarvey (SkaterJayy)

Dramasama (Maceflow)

PhazeX3RO (PrinceMarth)





Zork (lol yes, you're in it too)


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Note: I haven't made a 2012 one because I didn't play Smash for entire year. I stopped playing in November 2011, so everything to me is like a time-skip.<font size="1]<font face=">
Top 3 Players (in order)
Random - Tearbear

Meta Knight- Pat G

Olimar -   

Diddy - Pat G

Ice Climbers - 

Snake -  Salem

Falco -   Pat G

Marth -  Salem, No_Skillz

Pikachu - 

Wario -

Zero Suit Samus - Salem, Pat G, Marss    

Lucario - Pat G  

King Dedede -

Toon Link -

Wolf - 

Game & Watch -

Fox - 

Peach -  Salem

Pit -

R.O.B - Masho

Kirby -   

Sonic - 

Donkey Kong - 

Ike - 

Sheik -

Yoshi -  Kplmondo

Ness - 

Pokemon Trainer - 

Luigi -

Lucas - 

Mario - 

Samus - 

Bowser - 

Captain Falcon -  Grimm

Jigglypuff - 

Link - 

Zelda - 

Ganondorf - 

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Those who said happy bday to me, thank you and I rly appeciate that. My mom put up w/ me for 20 yrs now.

Started playing Brawl at 16 and now I'm 20. Time goes so fast I guess..
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I'll give you any card if you want, I don't care, plz lemme have 3 bluigi cards. I don't care for cards that much.
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1 player per spot. 2 players per shot cuz of the tie (Both players are rly good with that main).

- Tearbear
- DracoBlaze  
  - Sake
- Dante

- Raytay/Salem
- Zebra
- L-Cancel
- Kamii
- Admiral Pit
  - Ensis/Kingtoon
- Salem
- Masho
  - Sakram
  - llldownedu
-  LinkX
- YoshQ

  - Fujin/Jalen
  - R2D2
  - Zero
  - FOW

  - Mekos
  - Leaf
  - Matador
  - CaptainSmashBrother
  - Jalen
  - Exegg
  - Fujin
  - Jalen
- Cameron
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I'm here at your service. Any character you want, I'll do it for you. The reason why I'm doing this b/c I'm bored and I have nothing else to do but to be generous to other people.

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My mom's computer crashed cuz of me and now she has to take it back to the shop to get it fixed now. WTF MAN!?!?? -_______-, this day is such a b***h, why this day picked me, WHY ME?!?!?
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I already heard that Netgear is s**t tier, so Linksys is da bess or no? Any answers anyone? :/
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The story unfolds in this link.



PS: Btw, this guy likes 15 yr old girls and he's 21. He needs to be on MSNBC Dateline: To Catch a Predator.
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