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213 comments · Leave a comment October 12th Wifi Tourney

This time I'm letting you guys choose the event ahead of time. Brawl singles , doubles , crews , or Project M Singles . Medals will be rewarded to players who place top 4 . Tie breakers will be done if you just want to play again .

Come out & show us what you got !

Wadirob is the reigning champion of this tournament willing 4 in a row since Lights the Olimar was banned . Can he be stopped ???
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I've been playing Runescape for a while & I actually like it again. Any brawlers wanna play with me? icon_biggrin

Add Me - XxGeexX

Dont forget to drop your username in the comment box icon_smile
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- Welp! I know I haven't been on AiB for a while, I took a break & been on Facebook, in school, Runescape & playing Yugioh.

Anyways! My buddy Tokyo wants me to show off my Sonic again. I was one of the best/known people here when AiB was live and active, time to show the new gen what I'm made of. I'm returning to the offline scene in NY. My first out of state tourney will be SKTAR (If Keitaro hosts it this year). Salem won Apex with ZSS so I'm going to the top of NJ/NY with Sonic. After SKTAR I'm going to return to wifi & wreck ladder. Meek, SM5, Turbo, Kels, XLR8 & Yasu I wanna thank you guys for the Sonic training. I wont let you guys down.

True Blue Blur Gee Is Back icon_smile

Edit -
If you guys want to add me on Facebook, Runescape, or Yugioh you can find me...

Facebook - 
Runescape - XxGeexX - KID Gee
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I'm done with wifi. I currently live in the Bronx NY. Looking for smashers close for offline friendlies, or even smashers in Queens NY. (No Homo) Inbox your address if you're interested.

Rules -
1. Don't Touch Me.
2. Don't Breath On Me.
3. Don't Try To Take My Booty. 
4. Don't Be 40 Years Old Or Up.

I'm A Damn Kid Looking For Games. Not Your S** Toy.
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They actually have a Yu-Gi-Oh game on the computer. You start out with ALL cards, the only thing you really have to play for is rankings, new avi's, & design the back of your cards. I like playing this game & I think you guys should try it out. If you ever want to duel me look for me "KID Gee", I use Yugi's Deck & Elemental Hero's. Though I'm trying to learn the more new things like Syncro & XYZ (I see a lot of people using these) <-- Website

Also, I have a group for people who want to keep it in AiB. We will basically chat, have tourneys, make friends, & have rankings like they did in Yu-gi-oh GX. Thought it sounded like a fun thing to do. <-- Group
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1. Who you want to win APEX2013.
2. Post who you think is going to win APEX2013.
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I recently downloaded SD Remix & I was having so much fun with Young Link, Fox, & Roy. This **** is so much FUN! Melee>PM btw.
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Made this group because friends on my facebook were talking about moving to Africa, Jamaica, & Haiti if Romney won. JOIN THE GROUP!
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