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Meta Knights Dimensional Cape...I'll save the surprise for you to see yourself.

Pikachu's moves (And probably everyone elses), cause no hitlag.

Diddy's spike sends Sonic through a platform?
(End of the video; "Diddy too good! Diddy for top tier!"...If only he knew)

I've also yet to see any of the supposed lag canceling that Gimpy insists existed. Supposedly if you fast fell an aerial it would cancel lag, but I've seen numerous fast fallen aerials and nothing has been canceled yet.  

I'll post anything else I find.
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This place is doing fight nights starting TODAY at 4PM and they posted about how they'll have a Brawl setup for people to "relax" with. Who is with me to raid the place and play some Brawl?
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The past few days I fixed my sleep schedule via limited sleep. However, I had work and was falling asleep, so someone bought me an energy drink around 8PM. Against my better judgment from past experiences I drank it anyways. I know full well they don't work for me until a few hours after.

Went to bed at around 10:30PM last night, laid in bed for 4 hours, had one maybe half-hour period where I was dreaming but felt awake at the same time, all because I have tons of adrenaline. Now my alarms are about to go off so I can shower, eat and get to Bizkit's for the carpool. I'm not even thinking about the tournament either, I stopped having that problem a long time ago. I just have so much energy and boy does it blow.

Sure hope my adrenaline keeps up at Apex, I really do not want to feel sluggish while playing icon_neutral
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I got it. It's amazing. I love it. The graphics are Wii quality.
Post your 3DS Friend Codes so I can play with you!
Mine: 1075-0724-6452
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Xat sucked. It constantly had syncing issues, and was somewhat obnoxious to idle in as it constantly booted you for inactivity. It drove a lot of people away with its clunkiness and the New England Brawl Chat eventually died.

IRC is a very old, but still incredibly widely used protocol for chatting among people. You connect to a server, and then create and utilize your own channels. It's free, and reliable. There are plenty of standalone clients that allow you to customize all kinds of stuff, but for most of you, you can just use Mibbit:

Mibbit is a browser based IRC client that via the link above, connects right to the server and channel. For those with the knowhow for regular IRC clients...


Channel: #nebrawl

The perks of using an IRC channel:

  • You can set up clients such as mIRC that always run and keep you idled in the channel.
  • With clients you can have logging where everything said in the channel is saved to your computer.
  • It's fast and reliable, and doesn't have any sort of intrusions such as the ad's and other bloat on Xat.
  • Idling, there will never be a "Disconnected due to inactivity", so you can be connected to the chat 24/7.
  • Robust scripting and utilities, allowing you to have whatever you want. If you can think of it, IRC scripting can probably do it (For clients only).
  • No random visitors asking if we're from Europe (Perhaps a Disadvantage?)

Disadvantages of using an IRC channel:

  • You don't have things like drawing, smilies, and avatars that I know so many of you loved so much on Xat.

Assuming people join and activity starts, I'll start handing out admin powers to those who deserve it and teach anyone how to hand out kicks, bans, and whatnot. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I'd love to see everyone start using this, and I'll be idling it whenever possible.

There are IRC clients for EVERYTHING, such as clients for smartphones (I'm on talking to people when I'm at work!), or even things like homebrew'd DS/Wii's. So even if you dislike using Mibbit, and want to take a small amount of time to learn and set up a dedicated client (I'd recommend mIRC for beginners), there is something else out there you can use.

Some easy access commands for beginners:

Changing your name: /nick InsertNameHere

Joining/creating another channel: /join #ChannelNameHere

Talking in Third-Person: /me does a jig (This would show up in chat as *Sails does a jig)

I'm positive that everyone else here misses the old shenanigans we used to have in Xat, and now we can again but without all of the mess and with far more ease. Tell everyone you know to come back so we can get things lively around here again!
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You want it at RXB?
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Simply incredible.

You'll be watching for the first half a trailer you may have seen before. Listen carefully, and then pay attention as it plays in reverse.

Consider me hyped.
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Just a quick list of stuff I never noticed or other interesting tidbits, taken straight from the Smash Bros Dojo...

■A good number of projectiles, like Fox’s Blaster, weaken when used from far away. Snake’s Remote-Controlled Missile is an exception to this rule. You’ll do more damage with the missile if you hit from far away.

■If you perform the command for rolling back onto the stage immediately after grabbing the ledge, the period of invincibility you enjoy while climbing up will be slightly longer than normal. (I knew actions immediately would increase your invincibility, but I didn't know it was deliberate)

■When your character has left the screen and is being displayed in a tiny hoop, you incur a little bit of damage known as hoop damage. However, once your damage climbs over 150%, you will no longer take damage in this fashion.

■If you hit the opponent with Snake’s side special move, the Remote-Controlled Missile, Snake will do a quick fist pump as if to say "Yes!" On the other hand, if you miss, Snake will do a quick pose to show his disappointment.

■Snake is unique in that only he will utter one of several lines when he eats food.(For example, there’s a 1/100 chance that Snake will say "This is too good!"

■Press a button during Sonic’s neutral special move, the Homing Attack, to reduce the amount of time Sonic spends rising into the air.

■The clock on top of the Town Hall on the Smashville stage pulls the time from your Wii’s internal clock.

■On the base background for Flat Zone 2, you’ll see the diver from Octopus appear. He will attempt to pick up all the items lying around on the stage.

■In Hanenbow, all characters are two dimensional.

■The disc starts preparing to load your brawl from the character-selection screen. So when choosing a color for your character, try to pick the color you like and stay with it instead of running through color selections by hammering the buttons. Doing so will reduce the amount of time it takes the stage to load. (I knew this one, but it's still probably uncommon knowledge)

■In Home-Run Contest mode, connect with the tip of the bat when you swing to maximize the distance Sandbag flies.

■The Coin Launcher is set up so that there is a low probability of trophies appearing that you haven’t yet collected. By defeating little groups of enemies you raise the likelihood of new uncollected trophies appearing. Therefore, trying to be sneaky and bailing out without trying to shoot down missiles or enemies will only end up hurting your chances of completing your collection.

■Perform a smash attack while holding a shooting item that’s out of ammo and you will discard it.

■The Subspace enemies known as the Primid change their expressions each time you turn on the game. There is quite a variety of faces for you to discover.

■Continuing in Classic Mode gives you a point to your score after it cuts it in half to keep track of how many times you've continued.
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and I swear it says "Jigglypuff"
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