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Hello everyone,

As you may know, I am hosting a large tournament in April called The Big Hit.  I am trying to increase attendance and hype to make this a sick tournament for everybody.

Currently, Bloodcross, XZax, and Doom are 100% confirmed.  We are trying to raise funds to get more players out as well as Chibo to stream the event via ClashTournaments.

This isn't a normal donation blog, this time we're able to offer something back.  For every $5 donated you will be entered into a raffle to win one of four (rare) controllers.

Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller - Only released in Japan
Pearl White (Different from normal white) Gamecube Controller - Only Release in Europe
Spice Orange Gamecube Controller - Released everywhere, but uncommon
Clear/Indigo Gamecube Controller -Released everywhere, but uncommon

Currently we've only raised about ~$60. Every donation helps, so if you can spare it please help us out and hopefully some good karma from this raffle will pay off.

In addition, we will also be doing shoutouts of course to every donator on the livestream.

To donate, go here
 - https://www.wepay.com/events/the-big-hit-smash-bros-tournament
Add the "Fundraiser Donation" to your cart, then checkout your purchase.

You may enter as many times as you would like to increase your chances, and can win multiple times.

If you don't have a debit card, I can accept PayPal Donations.
My Paypal account is - Michaelpulido@gm[email protected]

Winners will be announced on Sunday 3/24/13.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you all very much for the help.

P.S.  Even if you can't donate, you can still help out by bumping this/reposting this.
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Here are the bracket pools for ReveLAtions 2012

Every set in the bracket pool will be best 2/3.  The player who wins Winners Finals will achieve first seed as Grand Finals will not be played out.

The "Placeholder" position in the bracket is for entrants who register at the door. If the spot is not filled it will be replaced with a "Bye."

The top three players of each Bracket Pool will advance to the pro bracket.











Livestream Link - www.twitch.tv/mikehazegaming
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I'm hosting a National with the FGC in a few weeks.  It would be awesome and appreciated if you could help me out and upvote this!


Thank you!
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Credit to Shaya, copy pasted from -http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=324268

Stream is currently online: http://www.twitch.tv/mikehazegaming
Currently playing pools
Shaya and aisight will be chillaxing on the live stream along with others
Main thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=321577

Bracket is going to be 64 man.

Feel free to ask any specific questions here!!!
This includes asking for answers from specific people at the tournament (I'll try my best to find them/ask them and report back!)

Frequently Asked Questions
How many entrants?
Brawl Singles: 101
Brawl Doubles: 25 teams

Ramin won't be playing in pools at all, Mike's top 16 seeds were auto put through bracket (I believe).
Shaya played through my pool already, made it out as top seed.

Full pool list - Bolded players made it out of pools (and they're ordered by who's 1st/2nd [other's aren't ordered])
  1. Zigsta, Wucus, Cat, V, Zeno
  2. Truth, Trag, Homocide, Questiong CPU, Tommy
  3. Entity, Table Rockan, weiro, blackrose
  4. Paper, Zombie EliteGaymer, EPC, Nexus
  5. Shaya, Mata Ikez, DWO, Arn
  6. Jamntoast, Scizor, GhostFox, Goku, Zerxion
  7. SouthernPaw, Ngage, Bigbi, Fangfire, Peach4Ever (Zerxion),
  8. Maize, Stridez, Pizza, Worry, Iv
  9. Oats, Slayerz, RKLee, CT, Dubis
  10. Admiral Pit, FESoren, Naples, Sky
  11. M7H, SillyKyle, VGFrk
  12. Hino, Shiro, Chau, Thunder
  13. Bass_exe, Chencha, Keeby, sean
  14. Dookster, MTMario, Phoenix, Pitbull
  15. Ish, JCR, Jebus, S2H
  16. Edge of Tomorrow, Hinkage, Mizar, Small Ike
  17. Beast, CSxMARK, Forth, K9
  18. Morrison, Pahp, Roy_R, Zekey
  19. Aggonizing, Bella, Deez, Ven
  20. LanceStem, Lycan, Pwny, Shiny, Owsla

The follwing players made it through to bracket without needing pools:

Mr. R
Rich Brown
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Hello everyone!  My name is Mike Haze.  I'm the host of one of the biggest Smash Tournaments on the West Coast.  We're hosting a regional smash tournament (Tournament includes both Melee and Brawl) on June 23rd 2012 in Southern California.  Players from across the world are coming to compete (Mr R, Shaya, Vinnie) and we want to bring as much hype as possible.

New players get $5 off their 1v1 Entry Fee with the flyer linked to this post.  Come out and compete!


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To cut it short, we're going to be doing a raffle at E4U.   What would you like to win?
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Are you a Europe fanboy? 

Is your favorite black Marth not me?

I suck?

Mr. R is going to be on the East Coast during the time of E4U.  I know a lot of you are fanboys and you basically won't ever get to play him unless you're going to SKTAR or Apex. 

Yes, another donation blog. You guys awesomely helped get Vinnie out to the tournament and I can't imagine the amount of hype Mr R would bring.

We only need $300-$350, and I've started donations.  We just need 15-17 people to $20.  Easy enough?

For every $3 you donate, you will receive a raffle ticket for the tournament.

I'll begin:

1)mikeHAZE -
2)Laurel -
3)Rich Brown -
4)TKD -
5)Havok -
6)Nova 9 -
7)Paper -
8)Peach4ever -
9)Ankoku -
10)SmileyFace - $10
11)Owsla - $20
12)Anti - $10
13)Z - $20
14)Truth - $10
15)Saffy - $15
16)Will - $25

Total so far $300/~$300

PAYPAL EMAIL - [email protected]
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