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Interview with mikeHAZE at MLG RALEIGH
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Special guests include Alex Strife with some extremely hype announcements, and myself! icon_smile
Here's the link: Directional Influence Round 4
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Commander_Beef Smash Champion  
Join Date: Dec 2008 Location: California State University Dominguez Hills Posts: 2,870 <font>Let's see here. For one, I hate people who smoke. I have an inner grudge to the following people [yes only the guys that are ranked].
[T]yrant, [M]ikeHaze, [D]SF, [H]avok, [D]ao. I always talk to people with compassion and/or get some laughs out of, and I act just as nice with those four. But I still hold the inner prejudice.

And also I'm sick of the fact that they go to every tournament here. It's really stupid to see them every time, but I still play my best against them of course.

So the summary: [T]yrant, [M]ikeHaze, [D]SF, [H]avok, [D]ao <---[I rape this kid] are drug addicts who go to tournaments every time I see them to win money from tournaments. Who knows what they use the money on, take a guess?
So I would've loved to go to TourneyPlay#4 to play anybody else besides SoCal ranked flakes.
[In case if you all were wondering, I have no interest in getting ranked, as I have denied the panelists. My philosophy of competitive brawl is so much better.]
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my knees give under me
my head feels weak and suddenly
it's clear to see it's not them but me
who's lost my self identity
as i hide behind these books i read
while scribbling my poetry
like art could save some wretch like me
with some ideal idealogy
that no one could hope to achieve
and i'm never real it's just a sketch of me
and everything i've made is trite
and cheap
and a waste
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Name your price. i pay cash.
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between a macbook and a macbook pro?
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i'll take ya, just throw some gas my way.  i plan t o leave around 12 30 or 1
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about being the best in my region anymore.  after traveling so much i realize that our region as a whole is more important than myself.  We should all share secrets and matchup knowledge at tournaments and tell our friends how to beat us, because that will be the only way we can really progress not only our individual gameplay, but our game as a region.

I'm being held back as a player by keeping secrets/knowledge from people. the metagame doesn't advance.  If you want help at a tournament, ask me, i'll help anybody get good
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