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Which one are you getting? I'm getting Black because I predict more people will purchase White. If I get the least common version I'll have an edge with trading the exclusive Pokemon.
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Bears lose, 14-21. What a shame. Someone better take the Packers down.
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Mind checking it out and telling me what you think? I am still working on it. I'll be adding a colored background later. I'm planning on making this my main profile when I'm not working on the profile events so I will be spending a lot of time on this. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated. All of this is clearly subject to change since this is only a preview and not my best work yet.
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Because it just makes cents.


$50 =/= 50$

I really don't know why people keep typing/writing 50$. It's one of my many pet peeves.
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I'm stumped when I or someone else asks me this question. There are too many games with great music that I can't choose one.

Anyways, which video game (or video game series...) do you think has the best soundtrack? A soundtrack that you can't and won't get tired of, no matter how many times you listen to it.

If you have a favorite song from said soundtrack, link me to it. I need more VGM on my iPod anyways. I am aware blogs similar to this have been made, however, I'm looking for more VGM and this way seemed more fun.
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No screamo. I'm not too fond of metal but you can try me. No pretty boy bands like All-Star Weekend.


*edit: I'd prefer little to no profanity unless the song is simply too good to ignore.
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Keeping it in a blog since it was good enough to tie for first. I might upload my Halloween one.

My old avi:

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Question 14 (the one about the finger) should be "to whom," not "to who." Please correct this and save other users from making the same mistake. Thank you.
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Anyone mind linking me to one?
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To taunt people, (not just in Smash but in any competitive sport, game, etc.) I propose using the word, "trash."
For example: "Dang son, I trashed you!" "I would trash you."

Think it will catch on?
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