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What if the next Pokemon game (assuming there will be a next one) was set back in time in the trainer days of Professor Oak? What if Oak was the rival and the storyline of Pokemon and its past was explained further? In my opinion, that would be a very interesting game.

He claims he was a good trainer back then but in the game there's nothing to show more of his past other than his colleagues. I am aware that in Pokemon 4ever young Oak met Ash because of Celebi but that's the anime, and the anime =/= game.
There may be more information about Oak's past in the manga but yet again, manga =/= game.

Just a thought.
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I can't transfer any of my items from past generations to B/W which is very annoying since I had some Choice Band/Scarf and Leftover abusers.

Would anyone mind trading me some Pokemon (doesn't matter which ones. They could be Patrats for all I care) holding Choice Bands,Choice Scarves , and Leftovers via Wi-Fi? I need at least 1 Band, 1 Scarf and 3 Leftovers.

There is a potential card reward. Most likely, actually.
Because I can't update my Action Replay to 1.71, I can't hack B/W. I'm not going to waste hours in the battle train just to buy the 48 BP items and Leftovers are more rare imo.
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This is probably old but for those who haven't noticed: Co***rigus can't be traded because it has *** in it. Co***rigus. You can trade it if you nickname it something without a swear word, however.

Pokemon tried to protect kids from seeing people name their Pokes swear words or offensive terms. Ever wanna name your 5th gen Pokemon "****"? Too bad.

sKUNTank is also can't be traded unless nicknamed something w/o swear words. I haven't tested trasnferring a 1st-4th gen that has a bad name yet. I've known about this for a good while; just throwing it out there.

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<font>My family is switching from AT&T to Vonage to be able to call my cousins in Canada. In that process, we won't have internet until this Wednesday. I haven't been online since last Wednesday. I'm so bored.

So to anyone who has noticed, I haven't been on for a while.

Btw, I'm at school on AiF since AiB is blocked.
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*sigh* That was a bad joke, I know.
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The game intro is incredibly different from all the past titles. Instead of a Pokemon battle or a direct preview of the game scenery we're presented with a cult-like ceremony. The animation seems like a Professor Layton game. After that little cut scene there is a brief preview of game scenery but it's nothing special. I suspect this game will have more of a storyline than the past generations.

The sprites are taller and the bird's eye view is lowered, especially in the Pokemon Center which is now both the Center and the Mart. Many tunes are reused from HGSS like the item acquired and the Pokemon heal theme which is disappointing.

The 3D is great but the sprites imo look terrible when compared to them. I'm not trying to pull a Pokemon 4 kid but I really wish they would attempt a 3D model for characters and maybe Pokemon.

The battle music so far is pretty decent. I can see myself listening to this without getting annoyed unlike DPPt. The town music so far is catchy. Give me a good week and I have a feeling I'll remember the tunes by heart. The sprite animations during battle are great and I love the camera pan when you're not making any commands.

I haven't been to the gym yet so this is all I have to say before I pick it up again. If you're going to comment, please don't post storyline spoilers! I will delete them ASAP.
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Things have changed in the past few years and many people have quit not only AiB, but Brawl overall. To you active or somewhat active members: why do you continue to log on? Do you still play Brawl or Smash in general? Do you log on for a certain area of the site like social chat, stages, blogs, etcetera?

As for me, I just browse the blogs, collect cards, and slowly trade them. I like to see what's going on in this community as well, things I wouldn't find anywhere else. I hardly play Brawl, however, as I prefer Melee much more and I don't have the time or will to Brawl much nowadays.

So, how about you?
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Title. Doesn't have to be your main.

For me, I feel like I think faster with Mario in both Melee and Brawl. I've been told I'm better at spot dodging with Mario than all my others. I have no idea why, however. Mario is the only character that came naturally to me while others I had to practice around for a bit and observe others.

So, how about you guys?
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I've seen and heard a lot of conversations about what a portable Smash would be like but I've always wondered if Nintendo (specifically Sakurai) would ever make a Smash on a handheld. Many people wanted an SSB DS but with the lack of a control stick that would nearly be impossible control-wise. With the 3DS's slider pad I'm predicting the chances of one is more likely.

What do you think?
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