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The good sis....

was taken from us tonight.

It was too soon.

Too soon.

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Now it has come to my attention that a very large part of the smash community doesn't know how to read, throw shade, clock/spill tea, and even perform a drag.

This blog is designed to teach my fellow smashers the ins and outs of reading, throwing shade, and spilling that truth tea.

Now you gurls better get out your notepads and pay close attention because school is in session and the library is now open.



Reading is the first step to throwing shade and often a vital step to spilling tea.

Reading is fundamental.

Read [reed] verb,
 Read·ing [ree-ding] verb/noun:Knowing exactly where another person is 'coming from' and telling the person about it; To tell someone about themselves.
Read to filth: To read someone to the highest degree.

e.g: I will read ha to the gods you!
Oooo was that a read?

Don't make me read you gurl.

Reading can be seen as a pre-requisit to throwing shade and/or spilling tea.
Though reading can be done in a more playful manner and does not always have to lead to shade.
Reading is examing someone and proceeding to tell them about themselves.
Think of reading as a minor insult.


Video example:#HipsShouldMatchThemShoulders

Song example: Zebra Katz - Ima Read (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx)
Ima read that *****
Ima school that *****
I'm gonna take that ***** to college
I'm gonna give that ***** some knowledge

Smash community examples:
The good sis Ally doing a minor read: http://smashboards.com/threads/mm-me-at-ktar6-in-brawl.308335/#post-13147591

Praxis reading Illmatic for filth: http://smashboards.com/threads/the-top-5-brawl-us-can-mex.296541/page-12#post-12107844

Someone reading Dark.Pch:



Shade [sheyd]  verb/noun
Shad·ed noun, Shad·ing verb Shady adj
  To take a superior attitude; to criticize, demean, or insult; to diss or derogate.

 Were you throwing shade sis?
Don't trust her, she's a shady *****
Walk in the room they throwing shade left to right

 Throwing shade is a far more subtle art than basic trash talking.
Shade takes a little creativity, rather than just a blatant outright insult.
The object of shading someone is to have the person you're shading angry and livid, while you sit there calmly with a smug grin on your face.

Throwing shade is defined in opposition to the directness and cruelty of regular insults. It’s more artfully executed, more dependent on constructing a veiled (or not-so-veiled) insult rather than relying on obvious crudities and innuendo. Throwing shade requires "wielding your words like a rapier rather than a cudgel."
In fact, sometimes shade can be done with no words at all, simply just body language, or online, a gif.

I don't tell you you're ugly, but, I don't have to tell you you're ugly because you already know you're ugly.

Video Examples: I don't tell you you're ugly, but, I don't have to tell you you're ugly because you already know you're ugly.

Mariah Carey when asked about Jennifer Lopez
Intervier: And your thoughts on Jennifer Lopez
Mariah: I don't know her (smiles)

*Note: Mariah Carey is the queen of shade.

Examples of shade in the smash community:

Me shading Ed on the Zelda boards about the top 5 thread

Me shading some random on the Zelda board

Me shading Illmatic on Smashboards

*Note his response, notice him seething and resorting to foul language. This is the type of response you wish to garner when throwing shade.

BAD example of shade:

This is not shade, it is too direct and lacks any form of creativity.
A child could easily come up with this type of insult.


Spilling Tea

Tea /tē/ Noun
Gossip or personal information belonging to someone else; the scoop; news.Truth Tea: Tea that provides the highest forum of truth
Clock the Tea/Spilling Tea: To talk about gossip or information, to tell the truth about something or someone else, similiar to reading but spilling tea may involve lesser known information than reading.

YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!! Spill that tea sis!
Girl, did you know Renee is having ANOTHER baby? And the babby daddy is the same guy who she found out has been cheating on her!" ----"OMG, spill the tea on that drama!!!!"
She's just mad that Mocha clocked the tea on her.

Tea or T is essentially information about something.
Tea is usually something that is not widely known or obvious, hence spilling the tea is sort of like putting someone or something on blast.
Truth Tea is tea that tends to be especially true.
The hotter the tea, the more relevant or true it is.
That tea was scalding!

To spill the tea is basically to talk about something, this can be done in a shady or non shady manner.
T is also the most important part of a word, so you can feel free to capitalize the T in some words like:

If the word doesn't have a T you can feel free to add one to it like:

Tea Spilling examples:
Me spiling the tea on Illmatics flop biased top 5 list back in the day

*Note: This was double strength truth tea, hence the FACTS I provided in a orderly manner.
**Note: When tea is hot or strong enough(double strength) it tends to leave a bitter taste in some peoples mouths.



Dragging is to degrade, shame, or berate someone through the combination  of reading, shading and spilling tea to come to the conclusion of a drag.
To drag someone is essentially to verbally shut them down.
Like getting their *** whooped through words.

To drag someone you must apply at least 2 of the 3 previous steps.

Example of a drag on Smashboards:
Me dragging Tesh before the mods deleted it.

Tesh trying to come for me

My response

Notice my use of reading, spilling the tea and shade all at once to create this effortless drag.


And that ladies, is a comprehensive guide on reading, shading, clocking the tea and dragging.
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I want my special badges for answering TWO trivia questions in a row before these oppressive mods banned me from the chat.

I  even have the receipts

This queen lobsterfest tried to say some random(Waso?) answered the question first but it was ME.
Then someone b& me so I wouldn't get my badges.

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So these admins are pressedT and still wont unban me.

Can someone just post these tournament results in a thread for me?

Also tell them it was 420 and I was really high during the tournament so didn't do great.
I also got bracket ****ed after I lost my first match I had to play the person I came to the tournament with, so basically the one person in the room that knew the Zelda match up.

Also again that I played Delux and the ICs MU is really bad, like almost -4 if they know how to get past f smash.
Wolf is an *** match up too.

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So this random queen TRIED to come for me on Smashboards.

At first i scrambled my brain to remember who she was.
Then promptly proceeded to read ha to the gods and follow up by dragging ha to the pits.

Moral of the story, she could have kept it cute and this dragging could have all been avoided.

I mean, I don't enjoy having to drag girls on these sites, but she practically asked for it.

Link to the site of the dragging: http://smashboards.com/threads/official-bbr-tier-list-v7.321738/page-368#post-15372171

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I didn't ask for this.

Plus it has been my name for over a year.

These mods are oppressive and haters.

Abuse of power IMO TBQH.

This is like making a black person sit on the back of a bus.

And I had just made him a Valentines Day Card.


Whats next aib?

Them logging into our accounts?
Them going through our private messages??
Them writing shoutouts for us???

I am NAWT putting up with this.
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Happy V Day yall!

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We aren't ready.

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My dorm is hosting this....

Are these gurls REALLY trying to get slayedT by the good sis Zelda next Sunday?

Did no one tell them I was here?

They betta put the items on high if they want to stand a chance.

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