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Wanna market & promote even more star power in this crossover game? Add Marth, Rosalina, Charizard, Shulk, & all three 3rd-Party Characters to the cover.

I downscaled this from its original resolution of an insane 11024 × 7804! I thought doing this would save some people from crashing their browsers.

If you want to see and save the full size, click this pic, then right click on the next one, go to "Save Image As" and then save it from there. If you want it at this downscaled size, just right click on it instead and go from there.

This must be what the Wii U boxart was supposed to look like, but it had too many characters to fit on a Wii U case and I bet some of them weren't even supposed to be on there yet when the artwork was first thought up.
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Yes. Some of you love them, a lot of you hate to be chaingrabbed by them. All of you at this point should know that they're not back in Smash 4.

However, apparently Sakurai was planning to bring them back, and they were doing pretty fine running in the Wii U version.

Technical limitations. He doesn't say it directly, but I'm sure they're gone because the 3DS can't handle the AI that powers Nana following Popo, or vice-versa if you like to use Nana more. Because of this, they we're left out of the 3DS version and KICKED OUT of the Wii U version.

He also made them a low priority for the new roster because their one and only game really didn't do anything to make them stand out compared to other retro games like Duck Hunt (that dog, NES Zapper, etc.). The fact that they haven't had another game in almost 30 years also made them hardly anything to consider.

The barrier in this is Sakurai's insistence to keep both versions' rosters exactly the same. It would do him no good just to put the cute eskimos in the Wii U version, but keep them out of the 3DS version.

The only chance they, and some other characters, may have left is Wii U DLC, but Sakurai hasn't made any solid decisions about that, yet. The New3DS makes this all pretty curious to think about, too.


So in short, yes. I guess the 3DS version DID limit the roster. Just not in the way most of us were expecting it to...

Remember, though. Even if they do comeback, Smash 4 doesn't let you chaingrab anymore.

Please Understand


Now here's a new P:M alt of them to cheer you up.
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If anyone hasn't seen them all yet, just look here.

For veterans, some are the same, some have been updated, and others are completely brand new.

  • Mario - Mario Finale: Same as Brawl
  • Luigi - Poltergust 5000: Replaces Negative Zone. Sucks everyone within range up and then shoots them out.
  • Peach - Peach Blossom: The portraits of her are upgraded and animated, and while she summons less peaches, they're a whole lot bigger.
  • Bowser - Giga Bowser: Same as Brawl. Bowser even loses his newfound ability to stand upright, and the form is colored more like his Melee self.
  • Yoshi - Super Dragon: It appears that Yoshi will use his fire breath more often, and his massive fire balls now go through the opponent instead of exploding on impact.
  • Rosalina - Power Star: She summons one of the Power Stars Mario collects in the Galaxy games to shoot smaller stars in every direction. It gets bigger as it stays out until it explodes.
  • Bowser Jr. - Shadow Mario: I called this one. He turns into Shadow Mario to use the paintbrush to draw a huge "X" across the whole screen. Anyone that touches this X gets hurt until it pops. Of course, the Koopalings can use this, too. Seems really hard to not get hurt by as it relies on the camera.
  • Wario - Warioman: Same as Brawl
  • Mr. Game & Watch - Octopus: Same as Brawl
  • Donkey Kong - Konga Beat: Same as Brawl, but now has a new indicator to help you get the best beats from it easier.
  • Diddy Kong - Rocketbarrel Blast: Same as Brawl, but it looks easier to steer, and Diddy can act out of it instantly after it ends.
  • Link - Triforce Slash: Same as Brawl
  • Zelda - Light Arrow: See Link
  • Sheik - Light Arrow: See Zelda?
  • Ganondorf - Beast Ganon: Same as Brawl, but it seems to have gotten weaker.
  • Toon Link - Triforce Slash: Do I really have to say it?
  • Samus - Zero Laser: The Zero Laser comes out and covers its range almost instantly now.
  • Zero Suit Samus - Starship: Replaces Power Suit Samus and is an ode to Snake's Grenade Launcher. Zamus jumps in her ship to aim and fire at her opponents from it for a limited time.
  • Pit - Three Sacred Treasures: Replaces Palutena's Army so that she could be a playable character. Pit dons his Three Sacred Treasures from his first game and Uprising to automatically assault the opponent with a huge barrage of his weapons.
  • Palutena - Black Hole + Mega Laser: Kinda self-explanatory. This goddess holds her opponents in place with a massive black hole before obliterating them with a huge laser.
  • Marth - Critical Hit: Same as Brawl
  • Ike - Great Aether: Same as Brawl, but now, like his Eruption, the flames from his sword during this attack are blue.
  • Robin - Pair Up/Double: Robin calls in Chrom to strike the opponent upward, then wreck the opponent together using a combination of powerful swordplay & magic. This comes straight out of one of Fire Emblem: Awakening's mechanics.
  • Kirby - Ultra Sword: Replaces Cook Kirby with his most popular Super Ability from Return to Dream Land to strike the opponent rapidly with a massive sword.
  • King Dedede - Dedeblast: Replaces his Waddle Dee Army. He sucks the opponents in close to him to swing a giant flaming mallet at them a few times before blowing them away with a bomb from his hammer.
  • Meta Knight - Galaxia Darkness: Same as Brawl. Like with most of Meta Knight's other moves, let's say this one was nerfed, too.
  • Little Mac - Giga Mac: Very similar to Giga Bowser. Little Mac becomes a Big Mac with all of his attacks becoming more powerful. His recovery is still pretty lame, though. A giant boxer is still a boxer.
  • Fox - Landmaster: Same as Brawl
  • Falco - Landmaster: Same as Brawl. Wait, what?
  • Pikachu - Volt Tackle: Same as Brawl, but now has a smaller orb that makes your big one easier to guide & control.
  • Charizard - Mega Charizard X: Replaces his Fire Blast contribution to Pokémon Trainer's Triple Finish. He Mega Evolves and constantly hovers along the ground. It looks like he has access to Aerial Ace (or something like it) to use sideways and upward, and a more standard Fire Blast that forms a symbol when it hits.
  • Lucario - Mega Lucario: Replaces his Aura Storm. He Mega Evolves, and his aura reaches its maximum power regardless of how much damage Lucario had beforehand.
  • Jigglypuff - Puff Up: Same as Brawl
  • Greninja - Mysterious Ninja: He uses Mat Block to start off the attack, then strikes the opponent from all directions amongst a full moon. May not actually be called Night Slash.
  • Duck Hunt - Gunfight: 8-Bit ducks fly by to hit the opponent like the Blue Falcon, then somehow, the dog forces his opponent into the middle of a Wild Gunman/Hogan's Alley shoot-off, laughing at his opponent's misfortune like the literal son of a ***** that he is.
  • R.O.B. - Diffusion Cannon?: Don't know the name of this, yet, but it replaces his Diffusion Beam where he transforms and holds the opponent in place with one constant beam, then blasts them away with a quicker, bigger one.
  • Ness - PK Starstorm: Since Lucas is cut and both of them had variations of the same move, Ness has a new version of the move that's fired more like a controllable straight line, just like Lucario's original Aura Storm, except much bigger. It even comes with the move's original sound effect from Earthbound!
  • Captain Falcon - Blue Falcon: Same as Brawl, though CF has a different finishing pose.
  • Villager - Dream Home/Housewarming Party: The Villager summons Tom Nook & his nephews to build a house around the opponent. They happily cheer when it's done, and then it blows up. Pretty much the new Cook Kirby.
  • Olimar/Alph - End of Day: Same as Brawl. Can you imagine using this and his Hocotate Bomb item at the same time, though?
  • Wit Fit Trainer - Wii Fit: This fitness trainer strikes a pose, which then unleashes several damaging silhouettes of yoga poses. It's like the Mario Finale, but faster.
  • Dr. Mario - Dr. Finale?: I don't know the real name, yet. It's the same as the Mario Finale, but uses exploding Megavitamins instead. Nothing says "clone" better than that.
  • Dark Pit - Dark Pit Staff?: Remember that weapon in his render? It's apparently not a clone of Pit's Final Smash, but more apparently, it's a clone of Zelda's & Sheik's, instead! Maybe if he used that staff instead of his Silver Bow for most of his moves, he wouldn't be called a clone for this game.
  • Lucina - Critical Hit: Well, Lucina DOES enjoy copying Marth, and I guess that includes this.
  • Shulk - Chain Attack: Shulk takes his opponent into a greyish void, where he summons two of his allies, Dunban & Riki, to perform their game's Chain Attack mechanic on the captured opponents before Shulk strikes them away.
  • Pac-Man - Super Pac-Man: A pretty funny Final Smash. Pac-Man eats green & yellow Power Pellets to become a giant version of his original 8-bit self to eat the enemy. Whenever he does, he gets bonus points that can be multiplied with each hit, and knocks the opponents away while turning them into ghost eyes for a brief moment.
  • Mega Man - Mega Man Special: The one Final Smash you all know and love. Don't deny it. Mega Man uses his Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9 to hold the opponent in place. If successful, he then summons Mega Man X, Mega Man.EXE (Battle Network), Geo Stelar the Mega Man (Star Force), & Mega Man Volnutt (Legends), and all 5 of them line up to perform a Power Ranger-styled rainbow blast at the enemy. It still gives me good chills and hypes everyone up like a football touchdown.
  • Sonic - Super Sonic: Same as Brawl. It seems to have gotten weaker in damage AND KO power, and it doesn't last as long, but it's still a Final Smash you do not want used against you because Sonic is still fast and completely invincible in this form.
  • Mii Gunner - Full Throttle: Fires a beam from its arm cannon while two smaller twirling guns support it with their own. Could pretty much be called a Zero Laser "clone".
  • Mii Brawler - Transcendent Final Rush: A fisticuffs version of Ike's Final Smash. Sends the opponent into the air for the Mii to slug the bloody hell out of him before striking him back down. The coolest-looking of the Mii Final Smashes.
  • Mii Swordfighter - Final Edge: The Mii holds up his sword to let loose waves after waves of damaging crescents. Looks pretty weak, though.
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September 12: One day before the game has its very first official release. Here are the timezones you can catch the Japanese NicoNico stream on:

US (Pacific Time): 3AM
US (Eastern Time): 6AM
UK: 11AM
Europe: 12PM
Japan: 7PM

Here's the link:

Also, Nintendo Treehouse will have a stream of its own on the same day. It's not only of Smash 4 3DS, but other upcoming 3DS & Wii U games as well, including even Smash 4 Wii U, I'm sure.

Here's a quick link to that, too:

NoA hasn't posted the time for this yet, but I'll be sure to add it once I find out.

Consider the Japanese NicoNico stream to be an approximate final countdown to what the final roster looks like once and for all.
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They'll be released in Wal-Mart on September 19th, as the link says. Not sure if that will apply to other retailers, yet.

The difference is that these models will come in both Red & Blue instead of just Red. However, since they're going to be released so early, don't expect them to have Smash 4 3DS built into them like they will in Europe.

I might end up getting one of these, even with the New3DS on the mind.
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This week in Famitsu for Smash 4, it covers the game's most recent reveal. The brainy blonde British blademaster, Shulk!

Looks like for his Vision counter, you can't rely on it too much, but from what I saw in his trailer, if you use it at the right moment he's hit, it becomes a super counter that deals more damage.

Besides explaining all of Shulk's original specials, it's just a general overview on some of the Xenoblade content that will be featured in Smash 4, such as its Assist Trophy & stage.

At least even they know that Shulk & Zero Suit Samus could both work as swimsuit models. Everybody wins!

Here's a bonus scan. Nothing much about besides getting hyped for the Japanese 3DS release
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What do ya know? Sakurai explains All-Star himself.

Among other things, you can play it from the start, and it stays incomplete until you unlock everyone.

A reminder that Pac-Man is older than Mario.

"Pic of the day. This time, you can challenge every fighter in All-Star Mode from the moment you turn on the game!! This is a survival battle with limited recovery items and no option to continue. However, this mode will be incomplete until you've unlocked every fighter... Until then, you can only play against characters that are already available. This is a picture of the bottom-screen menu, with a padlock indicating that the mode is still incomplete."

Shulk notices a selection of characters that have existed WAY before his time.

"In these battles, multiple opponents appear in one stage, and you clear the battle by defeating a number of them. The rest area that appears between battles displays the next opponents and the year the characters made their first appearances, and it also holds recovery items and an occasional reward. The characters you fight against appear pretty much in chronological order. Behold, the history of Nintendo games!!"

Looks like everyone WILL be ordered up by the exact time they appeared. Notice how Fox comes after Dedede instead of Meta Knight. This is because the first Star Fox game made its debut after Kirby & Dedede's debut in Kirby's Dream Land, but before MK's debut in Kirby's Adventure. Once Falco's unlocked, he'll be fought before Meta Knight, too.

Something good's bound to happen if you beat this mode after everyone's unlocked.
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From a Japanese commercial.

While Brawl's version ordered every character up by the time their series made its debut, this version looks like it will more specifically arrange everyone by the year or years they first appeared. Maybe the end of Pac-Man's trailer was foreshadowing this.

If it's as literal as I can make it, including some of the unrevealed leak characters and also splitting characters up by video game generations, it should look something like this:

    ---3rd Gen---

  1. Mr. Game & Watch
  2. Pac-Man
  3. Mario
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Luigi
  6. Little Mac
  7. Duck Hunt Dog
  8. Peach
  9. Bowser
  10. Link
  11. Zelda
  12. Samus
  13. Pit
  14. Palutena
  15. Mega Man
  16. Ness
  17. Marth

    ---4th-to-5th Gen---

  18. Yoshi
  19. Captain Falcon
  20. Sonic
  21. Kirby
  22. King Dedede
  23. Meta Knight
  24. Fox
  25. Falco
  26. Diddy Kong
  27. Wario
  28. Pikachu
  29. Charizard
  30. Sheik
  31. Ganondorf (via his human form's debut in Ocarina)
  32. Villager (The first Animal Crossing was originally an N64 game)

    ---6th Gen to Present---

  33. Olimar
  34. Bowser Jr.
  35. Toon Link
  36. Zero Suit Samus
  37. Ike
  38. Lucario
  39. Mii Fighters
  40. Wii Fit Trainer
  41. Shulk
  42. Dark Pit
  43. Robin
  44. Lucina
  45. Greninja
All of these are based on each character's original Japanese debut. There may be some special occasions where an older series in Smash ONLY contains characters that appeared sometime later, so I may have screwed up a couple characters' placements a little bit. Let me know if you notice and I'll fix it.

Either way, completing this mode with everyone on one stock is going to be an even bigger challenge.
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So I was right about that, but it's more like Iron Fist in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, instead of Phoenix Wright.

Miiverse Page:

Based on his trailer, using Shulk at his best means managing the 5 different Monado Arts he has. The difference between him & Iron Fist is that each of Shulk's arts raise one stat AND drop another or two, a lot like the buffs and debuffs in his own game.

Shulk activating his Smash art.

Besides the physics changes, each art has its own Chinese (not Japanese) symbol & color to go with it.

翔 (Jump): Higher jumps, lower defense.*
疾 (Speed): Faster movement, weaker attacks.
盾 (Shield): Higher defense, slower movement.
斬 (Buster): Stronger attacks, weaker launch ability.
撃 (Smash): Stronger launch ability, weaker attacks, lower defense against launching.*

*Jump & Smash do not exist in Xenoblade and were made just for Smash 4.

Looks like you'll have to shuffle through the art you want first, then select it to activate it, with Shulk saying the art. I bet this will leave him open for an attack, however, and I don't know yet if this will work with his Final Smash.

Besides Palutena & her Lightweight move, I don't know anyone else in the game that works like this. Shulk's shaping up to be a complex-but-rewarding character in this game with a sword that's longer than Ike's.

A smart Shulk main will likely wreck in tourneys if he manages all of these arts carefully, but I'm not gonna say that he's overpowered like everyone does with almost every newcomer.

Shulk is also a milestone for the roster, because with 40 characters revealed (leaks for the rest aside), the game now officially has more characters than Brawl!


A laser swordsman from a far "out-there" Nintendo JRPG, more so than Pokémon, Fire Emblem, & Earthbound combined. One who sports a shirtless alt and a British voice. Shulk is promising to have a lot of his own things going on with him compared to every other sword fighter in this game.

Even Sakurai himself admits that Shulk didn't feel like the kind of character that would fit into Smash Bros., but in the end, he's very proud that he and his crew made it happen.

If you plan to main Shulk, then with the Monado, the future is yours for the taking!

Now let's see those trailers for Bowser Jr. & the Duck Hunt Dog, next!
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Anyone at all, even the leaked characters. Who will their players usually be?

I filled in everyone with my own predictions. Some of this is based on some of your own in this blog, as well as the stereotypes of Brawl's roster.

  • Villager - Lucas fans, & shota fangirls in general for male. Nana fans & loli lovers for female. Trolls. Everyone on the psychopathic "Killager" fad.
  • Wii Fit Trainer - *** lovers for SheFit. Gays & **** lovers for HeFit. Yoga pants lovers, barefoot fetishists & trolls for both.
  • Rosalina - Gays & traps who thought Peach wasn't enough. Kiddie Frozen fans that think she's Elsa. Ultra-girly anime fangirls that love putting cute, sparkly pics on their profiles.
  • Little Mac - Blacks (because who doesn't like Doc Louis?). Gamers who actually work out. Boxing fans, Dudley & Balrog fans. Traditional fighting game fans in general. People that like him but didn't even buy/know about his Wii game. Chocolate fans. Anyone that thinks his terrible recovery is better than it is.
  • Greninja - Naruto fans. Any X/Y player with the Protean ability for it in those games. Scrubs who don't ever learn how to use him well. Actual frog fans.
  • Mii Fighters - Casuals. Anyone who plans to overuse penis/Goku/Hitler Miis. Reggie fans(because their bodies are ready). Kids in general. All of this assuming they weren't banned online With Anyone.
  • Palutena - Hentai fans to the nth degree/Ultimate Waifu Bait. Anyone that thinks Rosalina wasn't enough.
  • Lucina - FE Awakening fans. Chrom fans. Chrom haters. Fanboys & girls in general. Male Marth fans who think onlookers will call them gay for maining Marth instead.
  • Robin - Any Awakening fan that takes that game's Marriage system too seriously(Tharja is mai waifu!), shippers. Chrom fans again. Fire Emblem fans that have grown to hate raw swordsmen being playable only. Tharja fans or fans that wanted a playable mage in general.
  • Mega Man - Casual fans. Nostalgia fans. Angry Capcom fans for their own treatment of him. Sonic haters who wanna think he'll play better than Sonic in Smash (doesn't look that way so far). Sonic fans that originally thought that Sonic might not come back at the beginning, or didn't like how he played in Brawl.
  • Pac-Man - See Mega Man, minus anything directed at Capcom, but plus Tekken, Soul, & Tales fans out of spite(or not). Ghostly Adventures haters that feared that would be his main design here. Hardcore 80s Arcade Namco fans. Could either be pretty chill or pretty irritating.


  • Bowser Jr. - Sunshine/Shadow Mario fans. Post-1997 to 2002 kids. Koopaling haters basking in their glory. Kiddie wannabee trolls in general. Bowser mains who like that he's no longer the only (pure) Mario villain in Smash.
  • Dr. Mario - Mewtwo fans, Melee- & Project M-only fans that haven't realized that Smash 4 will play like neither.
  • Dark Pit - Emo fans. Any fan that likes dark/evil counterparts more than the original(Dark Link, Shadow, etc.). Fangirls again. Anyone that doesn't like Pit's new moveset (assuming Dark Pit ends up getting Pit's Brawl moveset).
  • Shulk - Operation Rainfall staff, Kingdom Hearts fans, FFXII fans. Square Enix, Tales, & JRPG fans in general. Roy fans. Anyone that wishes Link was better. Fans that like him and his game, but never actually bought it new when it first came out at GameStop (It's now $50 used). Fangirls that want him for his shirtless/swimsuit alt (probably won't stop the ZSS alt complainers, though).
  • Duck Hunt Dog - Trolls, furries, Ice Climbers fans. Any nostalgic or retro Nintendo fan that thinks this is the only good newcomer & hates/trolls about all of the others.

Remember, this doesn't mean that everyone, not even yourselves, who will main that character fit, but then again, most stereotypes are based on truth.

Since these are just predictions, expect the stereotypes to change for good once they start to present themselves to us. I'm still changing this up from time to time.
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