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At this point, we know that each new and old character will get 2 alts of each of their special moves for a total of 12 special moves for everyone. We also know that Palutena & the Mii Fighters will get brand new moves instead.

This inspired me to come up with both variables & a few new specials for some of the other characters.

Follow the keys below.

  • ! - The Special is both named, & shown. They are completely official.
  • ?! - The Special has a name, but hasn't been shown in gameplay, yet. I'll guess what it will do before any gameplay reveals it.
  • !? - The Special was shown, but doesn't have an official name, yet. I'll try to give it a placeholder name before the official name appears.
  • ?? - These are Specials I made up. These make up most of the lists I made below. As such, do not expect a lot of these Specials to come true, especially if I'm writing them as brand new moves instead of variables since I won't be writing anything for Palutena & the Miis.

Mario (Everything for him in this list is official.)
  • Fast Fireball - Shoots a quick, straight fireball forward. It disappears quickly. (!)
  • Fire Orb - Shoots a giant, slow moving fireball forward. It continues to travel even after it hits opponents. (!)
  • Shocking Cape - Attacks with an electrified Cape. (!)
  • Gust Cape - Blows opponents away with a flick of Mario's Cape (!)
  • High Jump - Makes Mario jump higher than with a normal Super Jump Punch, at the cost of no hitbox. (!)
  • Explosive Punch - Makes Mario perform a flaming Shoryuken that does more powerful damage. (!)
  • High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D. - F.L.U.D.D.'s water pushes opponents further away. (!)
  • Scalding F.L.U.D.D. - F.L.U.D.D. shoots boiling hot water. Can do damage from a longer distance than any Fireball, and holds the opponent in place during. (!)
  • Thunderball - Shoot a twirling ball of electricity forward. (??)
  • Classic Volt Tackle - Follows the games & anime more closely than Smash does by making Pikachu perform a fast electrical dash. Must be charged like Skull Bash, and if it hits a wall or opponent, Pikachu takes damage. (??)
  • Agility - An upgraded version of Pichu's Agility in Melee. It's upgraded in that it won't hurt Pikachu like it did Pichu, and it can be used up to 3 times instead of 2. (??)
  • Old Thunder - Pikachu uses his Thunder from SSB64, where it has infinite vertical range. (??)

  • Blast Burn - Create a massive fiery explosion that makes Charizard give AND receive horrendous damage. (??)
  • Brick Break - An alternate Rock Smash that trades normal damage for more shield damage. (??)

  • Bomb Arrow - Shoots an arrow with a bomb attached to it. It does more damage, but can't travel as far as a normal arrow (??)

Toon Link
  • Fire Arrow - Use Young Link's Fire Arrow from Melee. (??)
  • Hurricane Spin - Allow Toon Link to move while using his Up+B on the ground. Give him more horizontal distance in the air. (??)

  • Lightspeed Attack - A Super Homing Attack of sorts when Sonic quickly strikes the opponent multiple times. If there's more than one near him, he'll pinball back and forth between all of them (??)
  • Tails Assist - Tails carries Sonic around while flying. He will get tired quickly and send both of them to the ground. He can't be used again until after he disappears first. Sonic can jump away from Tails at anytime during takeoff. Think of him working like Snake's Cypher. (??)
  • Fireball Blast - Shoots forward as a fireball that has more power than a regular Spin Dash/Charge. More effective in the air than on the ground. (??)

Mega Man
  • Concrete Shot - Shoot concrete in front to trap opponents in it as if they were buried. Could replace Crash Bomber. (??)
  • Rush Jet - Ride on Rush and sail through the air. Rush disappears if he gets hit, touches a blast line, when enough time passes, or when Mega Man touches the ground again. Can do almost any other move while on Rush. Can definitely replace Rush Coil. (??)
  • Shadow Blade - Like Metal Blade, except it has a boomerang effect, better priority, and better damage at the cost of less range and fewer throwing angles. It also can't be picked up like an item. (??)
  • Junk Shield - A shield that can take up to 3 hits, each hit breaking it down a notch. The less pieces of junk in the shield, the less damage it does when Mega Man scatters it, and the more likely an attack can go through it and hit Mega Man. (??)
  • Jewel Satellite - A more powerful version of Leaf Shield that can also reflect any projectile. (??)

  • Charge Blaster - Lets Fox charge his laser. It'll flinch like his SSB64 & Falco's Blaster, while also doing more damage than Wolf's. Maybe since it's an Up Special, could he be using the recoil of the blast to recover? (?!)

Falco (If he gets confirmed.)
  • Double Blaster - Falco shoots at the opponent with 2 lasers. Can't be used indefinitely, and shoots diagonally down when used in the air. (??)

Captain Falcon
  • Vacuum Falcon Punch - While he charges his Punch, anyone near and in front of him will be sucked into it, making it harder to dodge. (??)
  • Exploding Falcon Punch - Falcon Punch makes an explosion. Covering more range around his fist once unleashed. (??)

Donkey Kong
  • Iron Headbutt - A slower, stronger version of Headbutt that has super armor. (!?)

Diddy Kong
  • Explosive Peanut Popgun - Diddy's Neutral B fires explosive peanuts that are still weaker than those in his Final Smash. (??)
  • Heavy Egg Roll - A slower, bigger Egg Roll that has super armor. (?!)
  • Exploding Egg Toss - Throw eggs that explode into fiery fireworks. (??)
  • Straight Egg Toss - Throw eggs at a straight angle instead of at an arc. (??)

  • Melee Peach Bomber - Replaces Peach's hearts with an explosion that does more damage. (??)
  • Vegetable Jackpot - Raises the chance that Peach will pluck up items, including Beam Swords, Mr. Saturns, & Bob-ombs. (??)
  • Deadly Vegetable - Raises the chance that Peach will pluck up stitchfaced turnips. (??)
  • Rock Pikmin Pluck - Allows Olimar to pluck up Rock Pikmin alongside the others. Hits harder than Purple Pikmin in attacks, throws, and specials, but has the lowest distance in Pikmin Throw, and the most weight when carried with Winged Pikmin. Best power, worst mobility. (??)
Marth (And Lucina if she ends up sharing her custom Specials with him, too.)
  • Shield Breaker Rush - A stabbing Shield Breaker that makes Marth leap forward, just like he can already do in the air. (!?)
  • Melee Shield Breaker - Gives Marth his arc-swung Shield Breaker from Melee back. Less front range in exchange for more vertical range. (??)
  • Blazer - Gives Marth Roy's Up-B from Melee. (??)

  • Aether Wave - Aether unleashes a shockwave when Ike hits the ground. (??)
  • Remote Arrow - Palutena's Arrow flies slower, but it's more controllable. (!?)
  • Melee Charge Shot - I'm actually stumped on this. Could it mean that she somehow uses her Melee version of this move for some reason, or could it mean that she'll literally use her Charge Shot as a part of a physical attack? (?!)
  • Power Bomb - Use the Morph Ball to create a bomb that has a bigger more powerful explosion. (??)
  • Ice Missile - Fire missiles that freeze on contact. (??)
  • Hyper Missile - More powerful than Super Missiles, but take the longest to fire. Could or could not do self-damage. (??)

  • Ice Breath - Breathes ice like Ice Kirby. (!)
  • Fire Breath - Breathes fire like Fire Kirby. (??)
  • Spark Shield - Creates an electric shield like Spark & Plasma Kirby (??)
  • Super Inhale - Increases Inhale's vacuum range, as well as the power of his star shots, but tires Kirby out if his uses it for too long. (??)
  • Hammer Bash - Channels Hammer Kirby to smash the ground with a mallet up to 3 times, just like in Return to Dream Land. (?!)
  • Metal - A slightly improved version of Stone where Kirby turns into a metal form of himself that can move around, albeit very slowly. (??)

King Dedede
  • Jet Dedede - Could use the Jet Hammer in a way that lets Dedede fly through the air (??)
  • Spear Waddle Dee Toss - Throws out Waddle Dees that occasionally attack with spears. Even more occasionally, the Bandana Dee from Super Star & Return to Dream Land will appear instead. He's slightly stronger than the rest. (??)

That's all I have for now. Most of the Specials I thought up were ones that could reference what that character can do in his own games.
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It's nice, right? Switching around the colors of some of these new characters may end up switching their gender. If they can talk, their voices get changed to go along with their new gender.

But what I should've known already is that the Ice Climbers technically did the exact same thing first.

In Melee, the last 2 colors in this lineup made Nana the controller leader, and Popo the following CPU.

The same thing happens in Brawl with the 2nd, 4th, & 6th colors here, except their artwork in Brawl always had Popo leading and Nana following.

Sakurai allowed more characters than just Wario to have alt outfits, AND allowed more than just the Ice Climbers to swap genders. Marth was originally going to get both at once in regards to Lucina.

The main differences is that the new genderswaps always keep their same name, and don't have to rely on a twin following them around to further confirm their own gender and their own name. Also, according to Smash 4, both genders (or at least those of the Wii Fit Trainer, so far) can use the same colors for themselves.

Food for thought.
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Sakurai says Lucina was very lucky to make it in anyway.

Hooooo boy. Lucina was always more popular than her dad, but this is still ironic since Lucina plays like Marth. Even more than Roy ever did. This sounds a bit like an excuse to have another girl in the cast, though.

Lucina has balanced power throughout her whole sword, compared to Marth's max power at the tip and Roy's power down the hilt. She is, indeed, "Marth for Novice Players".

At leash she can wear her mask as a taunt, but she's still going to be more of a clone than Toon Link, or even Young Link both are.

Also, Sakurai played through all of Awakening, and may have also been inspired by Final Fantasy in order to make Robin's moveset. He used Robin to capture the mechanics of Fire Emblem more closely than any other FE character has so far. That's why Robin has breakable tomes.

He's quite the fan. He sure enjoyed doing that.

Here's a couple Famtsu pages for you to go with this:

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Even Sakurai knows he's way overdue for one.
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''Looks like we're nearing the bottom of the stash of new challenger videos that we've made...''

He specifically said new challenger videos. How would you interpret this?

Does he only mean that the remaining newcomer videos he has left to reveal are just for the remaining newcomers for Smash 4?

Or could this end up like Brawl's DOJO, and there will be more characters, new and old, revealed AFTER the game's already out in Japan, with any newcomers by that point not getting a trailer to themselves?

We'll likely have our answer in September, which wields the Japanese 3DS version, the game's first full release. Note that in each month, we get at least 1 newcomer for every 1-4 veterans.


Also, here's some more proof that Monday's newcomer will be Shulk.

If you continue to follow the Gematsu's info from there, Chrom or the Chorus Men will be announced in August, with whoever's left between those two showing up in September. It also pretty much means that these will be the last newcomers with trailers if there's still even more newcomers to appear after they do.
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This can go for either version.

I've actually made up several overtime with details. In no particular order, I predict that...

  • There will be another Mega Man stage that based in Cut Man's stage, typically the first stage chosen in the very first Mega Man game. Cut Man himself could even show up to attack. This has to be a 3DS exclusive since Wii U has a stage based on Mega Man 2 already.
  • There will be a Sonic stage of Casino Night from Sonic 2. It would line up with it being represented in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations and because Green Hill was used already both in Brawl & Generations.
  • Jungle Japes will not be the only Melee stage, and Halberd will not be the only Brawl stage. Other stages from both of those games will come back across both 3DS & Wii U versions.
  • Some stages from Smash 64 will make a grand reappearance, but I don't know if they'll all be the same from Melee, or a different set. I feel like they may be exclusive to the 3DS version, too.
  • If the Shulk leak is true, there will be a Xenoblade-based stage to accommodate him. Likely it would be Gaur Plains, since it's the biggest, and most well-known area in the game.
  • There will be a new WarioWare stage that tours the entirety of Wario's homeland, Diamond City. There could be new microgames to go with it.
  • There will be a Rhythm Heaven stage that will be similar to the new WarioWare stage in its zany nature. There are enemies from this game in Smash Run, and a strong possibility that the Chorus Men from there are set to show up as playable.
  • If G&W is coming back, there will be a Flat Zone 3, no doubt about that.
  • The Pokémon stage shown in Greninja's trailer is the Kalos Pokémon League. It'll stop through all of its rooms for each of the Elite Four before finishing with the Champion's Room and starting over from there.
  • To reference Star Fox 64 3D, the new Star Fox stage will take place in Macbeth, the earliest stage that the Landmaster is usable in that game, which is still Fox's Final Smash.
  • If the Ice Climbers are coming back, the only thing I can think of is a stage that's this time directly from their game, including all of its enemies. Think of the ICs Target Test in Melee, but taller.
  • Whether or not the stuff about Lucas being cut is true, I predict an Earthbound-based stage in Saturn Valley. The only Mother-related content confirmed for Smash 4 so far is the Mr. Saturn item, so it could correlate to that.
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In Melee, Kojima asked Sakurai to add Snake, but it was too late and he got into Brawl instead.
For Brawl, it was Miyamoto himself that asked for Pac-Man in it, but Sakurai didn't exactly know how he would use him at the time. So he was put into Smash 4 instead after he figured it out.
 In other words, if you still hate the very idea that the Pac could be in Smash, blame Shiggs. He's a big Pac-Man fan and likely the reason why those Mario Kart arcade games exist.
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It's been 5 years now since I joined this site. Plus, this is my 493rd blog! After eveything I've been put the through, it's kinda hard to believe that I still even have the will to login to here even after these last 5 years. Good show.

I'm probably gonna main all 4 company mascots in Smash 4. That's part of what my current avi is about.
 Enjoy your day!
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Watch it here:


As of the point of this post, they've already finished their first game, Super Mario 3D World, and have started on Crash Bandicoot: Warped.
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It was a very good idea to make Smash 4 the headliner for Nintendo's E3 event. Through the Mii Fighters, you got a twofer where you technically CAN play as Reggie!
However, in this midst of all of this awesome hype, I tried to look into most of the other games Nintendo had on display.

I couldn't watch the stream, so I had to check sites like Siliconera & My Nintendo News for straight-to-the-point info on these new games.
I'll cover most of them below and maybe share a bit of my thoughts. I typed a lot of this up pretty roughly so bare with me. I've been busy this whole last week.

Mario Maker

It's finally happened. Nintendo has responded to ROM hacks of their games with this official mod maker.

It may be too little too late for anyone familiar with stuff like Kaizo Mario World, but hey! Now EVERYONE can try their hand at making the best 2D Mario game ever!

This was probably the only way they could follow up on New Super Mario Bros. U & New Super Luigi U. Besides SMB1 & NSMBU's art styles, it's been said that this Mario Maker plans to use styles from other Mario games in even other Nintendo games.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

I didn't see this coming. This is looking to be a cute and fun puzzle adventure. Those Toad levels in 3D World must've really paid off in the long run for them to be turned into a whole game on their own.
The Legend of Zelda Wii U

The very moment I saw the first pic of this game, I flashed back to how Wind Waker was shown before we even got to see the actual game. This game is to what looked like a Twilight Princess HD what Wind Waker is to what could've been a GameCube Ocarina remake.
Like Smash 4 last year, we won't be able to get our hands on this game in a long time. At the least, we'll get a demo of this game at next year's E3, so this Zelda game will likely come out sometime during Fall 2015 or Winter 2016.
Star Fox Wii U
I was very close to completely believing that Star Fox was over. Turns out that this is the one series Miyamoto really wanted to keep working on while other staff kept Mario & Zelda in tow. It was originally going to be a Wii game!
This is planning be the first game since Star Fox 64 to be made in-house by Nintendo themselves, so hopefully it'll be the first since that game that finally manages to pick up a good identity for itself when it comes out in 2015.

What I know right now is that this game will feature helicopters.
Mario Party 10
I read that you can now play as Bowser to mess with the other 3 players. Unfortunately, I don't see this game getting much love since all of the changes Mario Party 9 made will be kept here.

Makes you wish you didn't complain about this series never changing anything, huh? Be careful what you wish for.
Xenoblade Chronicles X
I must admit. I was a bit disappointed to find out this game's real name because of the red "X", but that's not gonna change the fact that this will still be an awesome JRPGs that the Wii U could use.

What I know now is that you can create your own main character, so this game will have more of an MMORPG feel to it. I also know that the game is more of a thematic sequel to Xenoblade instead of a direct one, so still expect references to Xenoblade as well as more to Xenogears & Xenosaga.

I still need to check out more of the new info of this game because I found out that there was A LOT of it beyond this.

---Brand New IPs---

You asked for them, you got 'em. Now please stop ignoring them and go support them so people can stop saying that Nintendo only has Mario, Zelda, & Pokémon.

Project Guard & Project Giant Robot

Both of these games are two projects Miyamoto was also working on besides the new Star Fox. He has a lot of faith in the Wii U Gamepad as he plans for these games to push the Gamepad's abilities to its limits.

Project Guard will focus on setting up 12 different cameras to to monitor and stop an alien invasion.

Project Giant Robot will focus on using the Gamepad to build a giant robot and knock enemies down with it.

Both games appear to be causal, but again, they're going to heavily use the Gamepad, so except that kind of innovation to pop up everywhere for them.
This game may very well be the underdog of Nintendo's E3, like how The Wonderful 101 was last year. Unfortunately, that means it will probably end up suffering from this thing I call the "Platinum Clover Curse".

With so many realistic shooters out there, you wouldn't expect Nintendo to make one of their own, let alone a shooter that's as colorful as this one! It helps that it was made by the Animal Crossing team.

From what I've seen, LOT of people are impressed with the ideas for this game. Most are even planning to get a Wii U for it and even expect to be a competitive game similar like Smash.

You play as a young kid called an Inkling in a team of Inklings to shoot ink to cover the entire battlefield with your team's color. These kids can turn into squids in order to get through the area covered in their ink better, but it'll be hard to move around if they land in their enemy's ink.

It's such a fresh breath of air that it may have gotten more attention than every other shooter that was shown in other E3 presentations. All on the Wii U, of all things.
Wow... That's... kinda pretty hard to pull off...
Codename: S.T.E.A.M.

"Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace"

This is the new high profile 3DS game Nintendo was talking about, and one from Intelligent Systems alongside Miyamoto.

Between FE: Awakening & this game, it looks like IS decided to switch from an anime character style to a western, comicbook style, where this game will be a tactical strategy game with elements of a third-person shooter.

Hey! That's pretty refreshing for them. Kinda sounds like Valkyria Chronicles as an American series.

Sadly, it appears that some fans are already hating it because:

1) It doesn't use an anime artstyle like Intelligent Systems is known for through Fire Emblem. I'm open-minded, and would prefer either style, but not using an anime style will at least keep this game from being compared to Valkyria Chronicles more. It's almost looks like MadWorld in full color.

2) This high-profile 3DS game wasn't the Majora's Mask remake. It wouldn't make sense if it was in this situation or it that probably would've already been announced already along with the Zelda Wii U, like annoncing Skyward Sword & Ocarina 3DS together. Luckily, they might go through with it after all, but not until much later.


Other news I discovered is that Nintendo does plan to continue the Metroid series. They've got both 2D & 3D games on the mind. They did only say that Metroid was only "on hold" or in hiatus, so even after Other M, they'd still go back to it eventually.

In other words, nothing new on F-Zero yet, but both Star Fox & Metroid are both planning to live on and see better days.


Again, this is all a rough write-up, so I'm probably not accurate on everything.

Your thoughts?
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