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Crazy stuff mang.
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While we all know Lucina's extremely similar to Marth (I think the sweet spot is different?), who will you use? 

I think she's actually the only female sword fighter too; I'm trying to remember if there are any other female sword users in this, but I can't think of any. Technically Mii Sword Fighters are female if you make them that way, but ya know...

Aside from that, I'm probably gonna choose Lucina. She has an epic back story and personality, which is why I'm leaning more towards her. I liked Ike a lot, Lynn would have been nice actually if she would have risen above the ranks of assist, and I dunno, I liked Micaiah even as a Lord. Hector would be another  awesome choice, but that's going a bit far out there (and it was far out there with Micaiah too. Lol).

Roy was sweet, but his character in his actual game was kind of lackluster sadly. Same as Marth, which is why I never cared for using him. 

I am happy with Robin's turn out as a character. That was a great move and I'm pretty satisfied with the turnout.
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I'd rather have to think a lot about things. No particular orders

*Micaiah- from Fire Emblem. Even though her stats are shaky, I liked the personality she had. It was gentle, though she made plenty of stupid mistakes, like trying to burn her sister alive and all that junk
*Adeleine- Kirby's cute sidekick from Crystal Shards. I don't have much to say except I figured that if Kirby ever had a love life, it would be with her.
*Tails (To a certain extent mind you)- I tend to like Tails, at least, in the younger Genesis games and Sonic 2 Battle and Adventure (but I never said I enjoyed any of his stages in Battle though. His voice acting has kind been crud too, but... :I ) 
*Baby- from Monkey Ball. The story is cringe worthy in every Monkey Ball, but just doing the normal mode is satisfactory and Baby is so small for mini paths, which is why Baby is the best of the crew.
*Stranger- from Stranger's Wrath. I liked the story and the character is pretty much the tough guy persona. I think it was very well balanced personally when you experience the plot twist towards the end. 
*Tetra- because well... she's actually got a great persona for Zelda.
*Mega Man- I guess this is typical to be fair. You really don't have much of a back story to the series really, but you can kind of infer some of Mega Man's quirks I guess from all the games in the series. 
*Kirby- Yes, typical. He always had the best power for a game character to me too.
*Genis- from Tales of Symphonia. He was always my favorite. I used him all the time. He has that hater's gonna hate swag walk in one cut scene, so that's a bonus.
*Elincia- from Fire Emblem. I adored her character, and her stats were all around good too. In Path of Radiance, she wasn't really all that great, but she still had an incredible character.
*Pacman (Said no one ever but) His World design and character traits from 3 were what made him actually... a nice and maybe even lovable character. Ghostly Adventures is garbage and I wish it didn't exist.
*Luigi- Because he's cooler and has more personality than his brother.
*Curly and Quote (Really though, I like them both and they technically play the same for those who don't know) When you discover what their purpose is and why they are there and who they are, it makes an awesome character for both.
*Olimar- I may not say it often, but I really do like Pikmin and the main protagonist. He just looks so humble.
*Meat Boy- Because I've beaten the game without throwing the control and cursing at the TV screen. Good enough for me, seeing I'm calm and cool and collected, and I survived trauma from the depths of its hardship.
*Griff- from Recettear. Plus, he gets extra credit mainly because he's tolerable in an anime style game (he was my favorite). Well, Recettear is legit on the fun factor actually. 
*Rosalina- I'm tired of writing.
*Toon Link- The best Link, mainly for his character and expressions.
*Bomberman- I hate he doesn't exist anymore. Looking at you Hudson.
*Regi from Smash 4- because yes.
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Believe it or not, ya boy managed to actually try two games, but nonetheless, it was still fun to watch. I played as only Mega Man and Kirby, and the fact I actually managed to get two tries was actually pretty rad. I had time after work to stop by Best Buy in Hoover, so I was like "Eh, why not?" (I won both matches, what?)

So as far as Kirby goes, he plays like he normally does, except as we all know, he has a chargeable hammer. Literally, nothing changed except maybe his final smash, which  sadly never managed to break a Smash Ball (though I did see Mega Man's *winky face*)

Mega Man is really awesome actually.
His dash attack: Top Spin
Side Smash: Mega Buster (and it's actually a charged projectile, which is EXTREMELY unique.)
Down tilt: Signature Slide (I could be wrong, but I think it is)
Down Smash: Flamethrower (We all know this one)
Up B: Elecman's Thunder (Which is powerful)

And he has his other projectiles like the Saw Blade and Crash Bomb, which I actually never used (I was still trying to figure out the controller).

As far as the Brawl 2.0 debate goes... I like the new Smash even only after managing to get 2 tries. For one, you're not falling like a ballon (Brawl), and also not falling like a two ton anvil with a sack of bricks on top of you (Melee), which I like the balance of the speed between the two.

Also, I only played on two stages. I liked both. The Boxing Ring is actually bigger than I expected. The out-of-bounds is actually where the competitors would come in to duke it out on the ring, instead of the edge of the ring itself, which relieved me.

Villager's town was a lot like Smashville, but no single moving platform. If I remember, I think there was three platforms, which made it pretty fun.

Likelihood of picked characters?
*There was more Little Mac's than could count.
*Mega Man was chosen frequently, as well as Marth and Rosalina.
*Greninja and Link made a few appearances, maybe not as much as listed above.
*Pikachu, Kirby, and Villager was chosen a few times, but not as prevalent.
*There were a few Samus and DK players. 
*Wii Fit made little appearances.
*There were a hand full of Pit's.
*(I was only up there for two hours honestly, but) I never saw Zelda or Olimar picked at all.
*I saw Fox and ZSS being used a little bit. They were kind of rare to see in the matches actually.
*I saw Bowser once?

So as far as it goes... I can't really say anything note-worthy about the game. I think though that if you didn't attend the demo, you'll like the new Smash and actually catch on VERY quickly on how the controllers work in the game. Pro controllers were used, so imagine how much quicker you'll pick it up when using the GC controllers.
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Nntendo revealed nice characters in Nintendo Direct, which was a pretty big event, but with E3 around the corner, do you...

Think a new character will be revealed?
-Surely Enough. I wouldn't doubt it, but 
If so, who do you think?
-I'm not so sure. 
But who do you want to hopefully see?
-So far, my hopes is at least out of all the characters mentioned thus far... Ness and though I hate to say it, Captain Falcon will also returns since they are originals that have been in each Smash since the beginning (and for the record, I wouldn't be crushed if CF didn't show up. For Ness, I'd be a little bummed, but I can move on).
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This'll probably earn a lot of surprising reaction and possibly a "What the hell is wrong with you." Hopefully explanation may justify my reasons.

Paper Mario:

S: Watt (1st) 
A: Gombario (2nd), Parakarry (3rd)
B: Bombette (4th), Kooper (5th)
C: Sushi (6th)
D: Lady Bow (7th)
F: Lakilester (8th)

Watt is pretty amazing for one reason: He can kill heavy with 5 every time due to the fact he can pierce defense. I guess he could be more suited for A mainly since he has only assist moves, but a constant 5 damage wise is pretty amazing personally.

Though to be fair, his paralysis moves are strong except in boss battles. If you're a button masher, the issues for paralysis are virtually nonexistent. Plus, a one boost in attack isn't necessarily shameful on Mario's part either. If you are one who likes going having raw power instead of defense, then Watt's little boost can help you.
Gombario is pretty solid, the only set back being that he can't attack spiked enemies, which are remedied by quake, POW blocks, and Mario if you decide to use the Spike Badge. That being said, not using him is barely excusable for the reasons stated. Heavy damage with charge is nothing but beastly paired with Multibonk, though it imposes a problem if Bowser decides to wipe away the charges with shock blast in the last battle. Basically, easily avoidable with timing blocks.
Parakarry is pretty good. His shell shot murders most people with a measly 3 FP on the usage, which is a proud boast. Air Raid, though using 6FP, can easily smoke multiple enemies.

His sky dive is fair on certain enemies at least, though he has trubs when it comes to spiked foes. Otherwise, he is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.
Bombette is above average, though she is a personal favorite. Bomb itself will deliver a massive load of damage on a single unit, more than what anyone could do, and 3FP is measly compared to her other moves.

Though her Body Slam is lacking, and though her bomb moves can hit multiple enemies, she is probably the partner that drains the most FP of all Mario's partners. One thing could be said: she is a trump card on tough enemies with a high defense.
Kooper can not flip foes over, which makes him a little tough to use in the midst of battle. His power shell strikes multiple enemies, but it, in the latter parts of the game, does little damage.

Dizzy shell is fair, but it may not always work, and flame shell, though extremely powerful, doesn't match well with certain characters (but the opposite holds true, Dry Bones anyone?). 5FP is fair on the drain, though somewhat high compared to other moves.
Sushi is sadly somewhat weak. Belly Flop, being her base move, does little damage unfortunately and will usually hinder her more than help. Squirt is pretty good, though it's hard getting the maximum potential out of it due to the timing. You have to be fairly quick and attentive is order to deliver fair damage. On a fair note, Water Block is great for Mario if coupled with Damage Dodge and Defend Plus, if you're the type that goes for tanking rather than raw offense.
Lady Bow personality-wise is great, but she lacks so much power unfortunately due to the fact her strength comes from multi-hit moves. He slap is pitiful in the later parts of the game, and her Fan Smack is still somewhat useless on high defense enemies, doing only 1 point of damage instead of 2. Otherwise, you're wasting 5FP on nothing practically. Spook is just one moves taking up space, as it barely works on certain enemies.
Lakilester is . . . lacking in a lot of things, though taking the spot above Bow is debatable. His spiny shell is weak, Spiny Surge does little damage, though it hits multiple enemies, and while Cloud Nine give Mario evasive properties, you're better of going Turbo Charge (Watt), or Water Block (Sushi) since they help strengthen Mario, rather than boosting the chances of whether or not he'll be hit. Plus, Hurricane is not the greatest, as it barely and rarely works.

Sadly, he's also the last character, and has nothing going for him from time you get him till the end game.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

S: Vivian (1st)
A: Admiral Bobbery (2nd), Gombella (3rd)
B: Ms. Mowz (4th),
C: Koops (5th) 
D: Flurrie  (6th)
F:  Yoshi (7th) 

Vivian is absolutely amazing, being able to just about always inflict burn status on everything she touches and though Shade Fist might be limited against some enemies, minor damage can still do some good. Fiery Jinx is costly, but powerful and Viel lives up to use in a pinch. If you time infatuate right, it will seriously wreck enemies. It's one of the few useful assist in the game.
Due to the fact Bobbery can use Bomb for free puts him pretty high to begin with. Bomb Squad can be a little useful, though you probably won't use it often and though Bob-ombast is high, it's amazingly powerful. Much really isn't said about Bobbery even though he delivers high damage for little to no cost.
Gombella is really good, having multibonk, and Rally Wink for extra attacks. Though it sad to say she isn't equipped with charge, she's still pretty amazing and it's not really bad that she doesn't have charge since there's a partner charge badge that allows her Multibonk to basically overkill everything. Having Mario with a Spike Badge just puts her in a good position to begin with, so it isn't bad that she can't flip spiked enemies over.
Ms. Mowz is more of a utensil, though to be fair, she works like Watt, being more of an assist (a weaker one however). But if you have a character that can steal badges and items and restore HP, I'd give her a fair spot. Plus, loves slap has a constant 5 attack at 0 charge. I'd say she's pretty good for a secretive character, though it's very upsetting that Smooch has the highest FP waste in the game next to Bob-ombast.
Koops is average. Shell Toss is okay, and while Shell Shield helps Mario every now and again, it's obliterated after one turn on higher-level chapters. Shell Slam is is redemptive move, but at 6 FP, that's giving it heavy limitations to begin with.
Flurrie is somewhat useless, but credit where its due. Lip Lock helps her recover 4 damage each time she uses and it ignores enemy defenses. Gale Force is hard to perfect even and barely works anyway. Body slam is her main move, but you won't get much use out of it against high defenses to begin with. Dodgy Fog is only boost Mario's chance of dodging moves, which may not work that often to begin with (though be fair here, if you go "Danger Mario", it's probably amazingly effective)
Yoshi's Gulp is the only redemptive move he has, though against certain creatures and even bosses, it doesn't work. Ground and Stampede are lacking on defensive enemies, and Mini Egg is useful but only to a certain degree. While we could say he alone helps Mario move from place to place in a quicker fashion . . . is it worth the time to use him for ONLY that?

So hey, all in all, do you think there's one character I might be underestimating? I'm sure there's room for agreement and disagreement.
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Aside from Machinima sound... I don't have desire to create them, just listen to a lot of the music involved in them. ExplodingTNT (a guy that does Minecraft Machinimas) has some really good music, but I have no idea where to find any.
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But wow, the soundtrack absolutely amazing. I never knew Angry Video Game Nerd, as dumb of a channel he has, had his own game.

I have to give props. Not many people can do chiptune style music correctly
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And with that being said, who all is always on that selfie game? Our group always does the weirdest selfies...
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Wifi for the Wii will come to an end. Who all's celebrating this glorious moment in history?
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