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But just recently, Microsoft bought Minecraft. Curious though, where is Minecraft going from here? I still wonder if there will possibly be more exclusive updates with the Xbox 360/Xbox 1. PC will probably remain unaffected, but PS4 might seemingly vanish.

The ownership of this is just confusing me now.
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I'll take it I guess. Interesting how flying man is in the background. That's kind of cool. I remember seeing a gif of one of the deadly sprouts romping through the stage as well. It was on tumblr page.
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Who all is in the starting roster?
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*Does not include exclusive mode vehicles (Compact Star, Dragoon, Hydra, Flight Warp Star, and Free Star/Steer Star)*

No particular orders in designated tier

Wagon Star
Swerve Star

Winged Star
Shadow Star
Turbo Star
Meta Knight
Jet Star

Warp Star
Slick Star
Wheelie Scooter
Wheelie Bike / (King Dedede)

Formula Star
Rex Wheelie
Rocket Star

Should Not Exist:
Bulk Star

My Top 5 favorites. Yours? 
Swerve, Winged, Turbo, Slick, Scooter. 

Favorite Legend. Yours?
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I've never been able to afford college. I feel bad; my folks always pay for my tuition every time I go and just once, I'd like to have enough money to provide the chance to go myself.

Where I am today? God, Friendships, Bonds from Different Places, Connections, Overhaul Mindset Change.

Let me tell you the most frustrating thing right now is money. There's this ministry college I've been wanting to go to for two years now and going full time cost 5,000. I've never had the provisions or support to go. It's been my goal to go mainly because I've wanted my passions and future job to align with the will of God.

Not many people can really relate to a calling, but they can relate to the issues. I'm trying to save money (basically sowing the seed, and hoping I'll reap the harvest.)

With my car breaking down and so many other obstacles and life issues that require money to fix, I'm starting to wonder if it's possible to achieve a better tomorrow. It's not like me to doubt these things, but... in truth, I'm not really sure what it is I want to do for a career. I'm not so sure of my strengths either, and I'm not so sure of the outcome of having the guts to jump into an ocean of unknown.  

Though I know I have friends, their help will only go so far (but I know their support is unwavering). And right now, I'm dealing with a sister who wishes suicide and I don't want her to go, and I'm stuck not knowing what it is I can do for my family's financial issues as well as my own.

Everything will be fine, right? I know I shouldn't be worried, but... (Yea... AiB isn't honestly the best place to put this at.)
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Gravity Falls is surprisingly hilarious. I miss a lot of the old Disney, but to find something that isn't cringe worthy and actually enjoyable is really surprising.
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1. Band Geeks
2. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
3. Graveyard Shift
4. Wet Painters
5. Chocolate with Nuts
6. The Fry Cook Games
7. Krusty Krabi Pizza
8. Identity Crisis (?)
9. Snowball Effect
10. The Camping Episode.

No particular order, seeing as these still make me laugh to this day. Also notice this is from the 1st 3 seasons.
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Crazy stuff mang.
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While we all know Lucina's extremely similar to Marth (I think the sweet spot is different?), who will you use? 

I think she's actually the only female sword fighter too; I'm trying to remember if there are any other female sword users in this, but I can't think of any. Technically Mii Sword Fighters are female if you make them that way, but ya know...

Aside from that, I'm probably gonna choose Lucina. She has an epic back story and personality, which is why I'm leaning more towards her. I liked Ike a lot, Lynn would have been nice actually if she would have risen above the ranks of assist, and I dunno, I liked Micaiah even as a Lord. Hector would be another  awesome choice, but that's going a bit far out there (and it was far out there with Micaiah too. Lol).

Roy was sweet, but his character in his actual game was kind of lackluster sadly. Same as Marth, which is why I never cared for using him. 

I am happy with Robin's turn out as a character. That was a great move and I'm pretty satisfied with the turnout.
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