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Kay, as some of you may or may not know we have an Art District here in this site!

And I know for a fact some of you users are actually really good with graphic design, drawing, signature making, etc. 

But sadly some of you are actually discouraged and rather not take part in it.
Here I am to tell you, don't be discouraged, your art might be amazing, it might be bad, but that's when you practice! Show us all what you can do!

Now, in the Art District we like to host little art contests, other contests are coming soon but as for now the main contest that's actually alive and still booming is Signature of the Week.

This is when you open up your Photoshop, Gimp or anything that's made for graphic designing and make a signature and enter the contest.
Now the contests aren't just things that are hosted and the winner gets the title of winner and then leaves, no. Here you win badges. Depending on how many votes your submission gets you may get the Finalist Badge or the Winner Badge.
Even you don't win you still get the Participation Badge.

Here's another thing I wanna clear up due recent anonymous events. Cheating. 

I know some of you are probably gonna be like "OMG, my signature isn't getting any votes! I worked VERY hard in making this! Why isn't it getting any votes?! I really want to win and I was counting on this signature to win the contest! ):"

This type of situation does not give you the rights to cheat your way to victory.
If you're gonna enter a contest, you will enter it to win it fair and square.
Asking for votes from your friends and other people you may know is not the way to win and it will not be tolerated.
Cheating will result to your disqualification.
Further cheating more than once will result to you not being able to enter any future contests, at least not on my watch.

So don't fret, there will always be other chances to win in other contests. 

Now for those of you who want to get started, here's the most recent contest on Signature of the Week. 

Give it a try, join in and follow the rules.  
Give it your best. And remember, don't think you can't do it, I KNOW you can.
Don't get discouraged give it your all and Good luck. 
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Welp, I'm bored. So I'ma post a random dumb blog.


Mine are:

1- Emolga 
2- Mewtwo
3- Flareon 
4- Jirachi
5- Charizard/Charmander/Mudkip (All tied for 5th place)

Please comment regarding the blog, not random posts. 
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