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SOME MODS ARE JUST MAD. I say something 3 times and I get banned for 1 hour when someone else sends 10 messages in a row and doesn't get ****
Don't I get a warning? A kick?
No. Automatic Ban.
This is mod abuse.
Oh and also some mods have favorites. Like if someone spams, they wont ban him, but if another does half of what the previous one did, he gets banned.
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Proof that mods spam too #1
Proof that mods spam too #2
Proof that mods spam too #3
Proof that mods spam too #4
Proof that mods spam too #5
Proof that mods spam too #6 (lol)
Proof that mods spam too #7
Proof that mods spam too #8

All is the new home of apples community-

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Apparently, an Ip check has found that all of these are my alts >.>

Now the funny thing is that I don't have any alt. Like srsly there something wrong with your system ._.
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Alright so I was brawling the other day with some random people. I was Zss witch I am using more often now. I did this really weird and cool combo but I couldn't save the replay, so I tried to reproduce what happened and I got it. It looks pretty cool. The combo is: Down smash + Down smash + Jab + Footstool and Up-air.
Lol,click here if you want to check it out icon_razz
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Ok so I was at the movies today watching a movie called "The Town" which btw was a great movie. So I go, buy my bottle of water and stuff and I go sit in the top corner seat of the movie teather. So im just bored waiting for the movie to start when a strange guy about 30 years old, just comes and sits next to me. There is like almost absolutly no one in the teather but he decides to come and sit at the top  corner alone, next to me. At this moment I'm like O.O. He tells me "Hello" while smilling and looking at me. I dont answer, I just take my jacket and run away! 5 minutes later I reenter the teather when its all dark and go sit in the front. I was so freaked out like wtf.
So do you think I just took things to seriously?

What would you do if u were at my place?
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Do you think Ganon is broken? Well, here are a few of his advanteges:

-His f-smash: Not a lot of start up lag and does 24% uncharged with huge knock back.

-Jab: Comes out very fast and incredibly powerful.

-Forward special: Passes threw your shield and leaves Ganon with tons of possibility's.

-Up tilt: "Attacks" you towards Ganon and does 27% (I know its hard to hit someone with it but 27!?! WTF).

-Up special: Once again passes threw your shield, and its a surprisingly amazing recovery.

-Dair: Well, u know...

Ganon also has a lot of disadvanteges like: poor grab range, poor matchups, fast faller, low priority,etc.

So now that u read all this, tell us if u find ganon cheap/broken.
Post a comment.
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Aib's random haters, wow, there are so many.

By random haters, I mean the people who insult u or call u a noob for stupid or no reason. It might be just because u died before them in a 2v2 or because they once beat u so hard and the fact that they raped u makes them think that there better than u, so u automatically suck for them.
Or even worst, the ones that call u a noob when they never even played u.

3 months ago, I was playing a ladder match with a guy named NatchAlec. I mained mk at the time and I was new to allisbrawl like I was new to ladder. We mk ditto'ed. He wins first match on a neutral. I cp brinstar idk why. I beat him. He gets mad because it was a tight game. The set is now 1-1. He cps delfino. Were now at equal stocks and both at 95%. He wins by a down smash. We both say gg.

A few days later, I attended an online tournament. Natchalec is also in it. I am facing some guy I don't remember. NatchAlec knows the guy and tells him : U got this man, Malo sucks. The last time I saw him was in that ladder match. Now for some random reason, he claims that I suck. At that point I'm just confused.
I play my match, 2-0 the guy and that's pretty much it. I then loose to some other guy and I'm out of the tourney.

A few weeks later, my friend Darkcpu0 invites me to join this doubles tourney with him. He offered me the same day the tourney was happening. I was bored and I said okay. This was maybe 3 or 2 months ago. We both weren't pretty good and we knew it. But we just decide to sign up for fun. So at the tourney, we got a few bye's and then once we lost to a team, guess who we faced in looser's?
NatchAlec and his partner. So once again, NatchAlec did his hating and stuff. We start the 1st match on a neutral. There both mk. Were Kirby and Lucas. Were not that good. There is lag.  We have no chance, they win.
At that moment I pretty much gave up and for some reason we decided to cp japes (lolwut).
For some reason that nobody knows, I go snake. I never use snake, why go him? I have no idea. As I said, I pretty much gave up at that point. They team 6 stock us. Were out of the tourney.

A few months later, when for some reason I find myself on NatchAlec's Profile, I discover something. He posted a youtube video. And guess what? The team 6 stock was recorded. In the description of the video, he once again hates on us.
In the comments, he makes fun of Darkcpu0's 1st ladder match when dark counter-picked a banned stage
How was the video called?
Worst team in the world

So all of this made me think what is this guys problem?
Why is he hating on people like this?
What was the benefit of posting that video?
How many people are like him?

So tell me, do U have haters that u don't know the reason they hate on you?
Post a comment and let us know.

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