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ESAM: sup
Sollux ( Screk ): YOUR NOT ESAM YOU LIER
ESAM: Sup man
ESAM: Screk Zero Ping is still gonna be open
Sollux ( Screk ): ok but your not esam you lier
Sollux ( Screk ): an idiot
Sollux ( Screk ): Jr how stupid do you think I am ?
ESAM: Im not Jr I am ESAM
Sollux ( Screk ): you have the same skype icon as you did before and I never added esam on skype so I know your not him
Sollux ( Screk ): you derp
ESAM: Thats it you are not coming to the next zero ping
Sollux ( Screk ): lol like you have any power
Sollux ( Screk ): Esam is in another state studying 
^ lol fail
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So I made a room on wifi and played this guy named Sal. So at first it's what ever. Than the dude rages vs my snake ( my snake is trash ). He goes an puts team with no team attack 3 links vs my snake. Thus me changing my tag to UMAD? . He played me again 1 stock with red link. I won the match and he goes on to put items and all the other crap cause he's so SALTY. He left my room saying GG. My answer Lol so bad u mad Sal ? . Just a little story I like to share on how people who can't win normally have to give themselves the advantage. Any ways 

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So lately I'v been wanting to play brawl and get better but with me finally getting a job and my local closing down ( Zero Ping ) I haven't had much time. Than it dawn upon me to just play WiFi . Only one problem I have horrible stage fright and shy when asking for 1 v 1 in chat. Since i'm also learn to play as Lucas adds to my fright. In closing 
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Hawky111: 12:28 Screkness: Hawky wants to 1 v 1 in the bed room with Nana
» Lets make this happen
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wii:**** this,i forfiet, i ain't taking this ****,stop being so ****ing cheap,rev if you didn't wanna borther w/ be than telle me next time, dam it, let him move on hawky,cus i ain't gonna get mocked after i get my *** slammed like that

^ salty cause my friend revolution6 picked MK in a Twitch.TV wifi tournament Lul also amazing engrish
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So I want to become active on the Olimar boards on Smash Boards but im horribly shy when it comes to meeting new people oh dam you shyness you bastard :l
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