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Check it yo

AhoLe already posted this though so ya.
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What are some things you want to know, want to ask, think you know, or think about when you ponder the opposite sex in the gaming community?

I wont be answering these, I'm simply collecting data.
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So here it is:
1-1 FD
 He goes tan ike I have a texture that has never acted up on wifi before on tan ike.
I freeze
We both go tan ike and noting happens, regular match.
I try someone (none textured) else while hes still tan Ike
freeze, so I ask my friend who has the same texture on tan ike as I do
we both go tan ike and everything is ok
I use another none texture character while shes tan ike 
I freeze
I erase all other textures and re download the tan ike
we freeze again.

I freeze if anyone is tan ike unless I am tan ike.
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Ok so someone "randomly" added me on Skype.
>Says they're from China.
>Knows things about China. qq, free media, Spotify, ect
>Says they're a Senior in college, studying politics.
>Just made Skype because they are curious and randomly added me because "Toziko" sounded cool and none of their friends use Skype.
>I'm the only one who accepted apparently out of others they chose att.
>called me handsome
> Extremely friendly
>Asked twice to add on FB, said she uses vpn or something to use fb since its illegal in China.
Their Skype name is hoanini1994/nini  I believe this is someone trying to mess with me with an alt account. Fess up loser!
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I don't think they will but does anyone think they will use better serves for brawl when the wiiu is released?

Do you think we will be able to use the Pro as a controller on brawl instead of the game pad?

Just wondering...
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You talked to via shoutout, chat, pm , or whatever.

Some guy in chat I forgot his name...
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who has made you actually laugh out loud... For real.
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