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Hey everybody! If you haven't heard, I'm leaving but I'm doing commissions for alts and customs for skins/images/etc. If you want something like this, hit me up =D

***This picture is fake. I'm totally trolling with it just to show my abilities. Some of the members on this site aren't on the bright side, and they'd think it's real.
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Hey, everyone. I'm posting this everywhere so you might see it on other sites if we're added.

About 30 minutes ago, I was coming back from Tallahassee from a tournament, and I was pulled over. The cops were really nice at first, asked me my name, license (didn't ask for my registration, but it doesn't matter once you read this). They were talking to me about what I had "done" which was, according to them, not slowing down for a red-light'ed squad car (when somebody is pulled over). However, I did slow down, and I was going well under the speed limit, which made no sense to me. While talking to them though, it seemed as if I was going to get off with just a warning and take it easy the rest of the way home. This is where it gets above PG13, so if you're a family person, don't read this part.

Once they ran my license, their demeanor changed INSTANTLY. For those of you that don't know, I have white skin, but I'm %50 black which means in this country I'm considered African-American. As soon as they read that, they asked me what color I was: "Is he a white guy?" "I don't know...HEY, are you hispanic?" I calmly replied "I'm half black and half white". The original officer that came up to my vehicle started using swear words at me, and asked to search my car. I asked if he had a warrant, and he said "I smell marijuana so I can search your car. You sure you haven't been smokin'? I can smell a lot of it." What kinda crap is that? I've never smoked ANYTHING in my life, even cigs. Furthermore, I'm ALLERGIC to it. So I calmly said "Alright, you can search my car."

So now I'm standing with another officer in front of the squad car. He didn't pat me down or ask me anything (which is a little odd, considering they "detected" the presence of marijuana). I looked right at him and I said "I didn't tell the other officer, but I studied law for about a year...He isn't allowed to search my vehicle, is he?" and he said back to me "Well no, not without a warrant UNLESS he smells marijuana...did you give him permission?" I looked at him and said "I asked for a warrant and then he said he smelled marijuana". That's when it hit me that the two searching my car, the Sgt. and his narcotics assbuddy, were racist.

Of course they didn't find anything and I'm VERY shocked they didn't plant any evidence....but the two things they told me, "not slowing down" and now "marijuana", neither of them were mentioned on the ticket they gave me. They fined me over 100 dollars, and the reason on the ticket was "Move Over Act" which means "failure to yield for an emergency vehicle". The thing is, had they not known I was black, they wouldn't have treated me that way, illegally searched my vehicle, lied to my face, etc...What's funny is that the officer I was talking to, in front of the squad car, he told me right to my face "It happens all the time..." like he knew exactly what it was.

I'm extremely upset and I can't afford this ticket. If I had actually done something wrong, I wouldn't be here telling the story and asking for help. Please, I really need help. I don't appreciate racism, as I'm sure nobody else does, but I shouldn't be forced to choose "jail or ticket" just for being black. Please, everybody, can you donate a dollar or two to me? Below you can see a video (to prove I'm not lying) and my paypal. Please help me, please.

Paypal: [email protected]

I would like to return the favor to all those help me in the future, but sadly I've been spending most of my time and money on the site (creating and programming skins).
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As some of you know, if not all, Wolfkrone won a tournament here on AIF, in which the prize was a free Comic Con ticket (press pass or whatever). Sadly, he left with absolutely nothing. He went off to a forum and badmouthed this site because of the way he was treated, and I don't blame him one bit. This happened about a year ago, and I never knew at all (and considering our friendship, it's odd how neither of us mentioned AIF). I have promised to reimburse Wolfkrone on AIF's behalf in hopes of getting back to good terms with him. This is what was said (click to enlarge):

Though I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this, and I'm assuming none of you did either, it would be nice as a community if we all worked together to reimburse him. I can try my hardest to help him out, but I think he would understand more if everybody from AIF chipped in so instead of being:

"Skyviper reimbursing Wolfkrone"

It would be:

"AIF reimbursing Wolfkrone"

The latter sounds much better to me. Though if nobody wants to help, I understand completely. Personally I feel embarrassed, not only because I didn't know about it, but because it happened so long ago and AIF did nothing about it. I'm not going to attempt to extort members here for their money either, nor am I trying to "buy Wolfkrone's friendship" but what you guys need to know, whether you were involved or not, is that reasons such as these are the main reason nobody wants to come to AIF. If I find anymore problems like this, you can bet something will be done about it.
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Hi, everybody. Recently I was contacted to make a new skin for the site, and I'm in the process of having it completely finished (borderline) and I just want some feedback or even suggestions on what looks good and what doesn't look good. For those of you that wanted the TOXIC skin, you're getting your wish here; I kept the Toxic colors and just tweaked a few things to make it resemble Apex a bit more, so the colors are green, red, dark green, and black. I would like it if everybody watches this video and lets me know what they think about it

Also if you would like a better quality image, take a look at the printscreen below ↓

Tons of thanks to my team (or close friends) for helping me out on this. Be sure to thank these guys for going through the trouble of creating this:

SVK Skyviper
Prosecutor Yoshinendo

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Hey everybody, I'm uploading all of the skins I made in the past (you know, the ones that were front page news and never uploaded) and even the ones that haven't been submitted. I'm using another site called where anybody can upload a css for any site and use it (use a skin on any site, even if the site doesn't have skins). I'm ALMOST ready to upload the Toxic (green) skin, and EVERYBODY can use this. The only problem I ran into is the last couple of images:


If there's anybody out there that knows how to edit this tiny little detail, I'll have the skin uploaded (along with Volcanic, Pink, Toxic, Waterfall, Metallic, Breath Bound, Earth, etc). I plan on contacting the content team so I can have a frontpage article explaining how to use the skins, how to install them, etc...I know these have been long overdue since I created the New Skins group, so if anybody (redinvader/KOTS/any other programmer guy) can help me out, please do.


NOTES FROM NEAL: I am not going to help you with this icon_razz. If you don't have any web development skills (or know someone who can teach you) then DON'T expect to have any success with making an AiB skin. Just ain't gonna happen.

↑I proved him wrong (I knew nothing about web development/programming and I'm an intermediate at CSS). If anybody REALLY pursues making these things, I encourage you to talk to me, or Faye Valentine. I knew absolutely nothing except for webcolors (#FFFFFF, stuff like that) and Rising sun is usable, the AICOD and AIS skins were both done by me too. Anyone can do this, and you don't need any prior experience. I'll even walk you through it for those of you who get stuck.

I figured it out ♥♥♥

EDIT: Some of you seem to think I'm insulting/calling out Neal. I'm telling you guys that I've worked with him without having any prior skill. He DID upload some of my stuff and I'm very grateful I was able to see 3 of my skins be used (as well as tons of other site images). I'm not saying I hate him, I'm not saying he's a bad person. I'm saying I worked with him about a year and a half ago on tio, skins, banners, images, etc....and I had no experience in anything, but some of my stuff was uploaded. I know firsthand Neal is a busy guy, I also know he doesn't like to spend all of his time doing AIB stuff (he likes drinking for example). I'm saying, even if he says "not gonna happen, don't even try" it can still happen. Again, nothing in here being said is negative towards him or anybody else. If I disliked him, I wouldn't even be working on this site.
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Post your names so I can send an invite
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↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A --- Konami Code

A B A C A B B --- Blood Code

↑ C ↓ C ← C → C --- Level Select Code

N A R P A S_S W O R D 0_0 0 0 0 0 0_0 0 0 0 0 0 --- God-Mode Code

VRAM --- Dr. Marv Code

The list goes on....but what could the AIB Code be.....

Left-Click Left-Click Double-Click Right-Click Copy/Paste Enter
--- Instant Ban Code

Edit-Profile Left-Click Left-Click Space Enter Backspace Tab
--- 99x All Rare/Ultra-Rare Cards Code

Left-Click Left-Click Right-Click Left-Click A S D F Enter
--- All Badges Code

A ↓ M I Right-Click A Left-Click
--- Admiral Code

Post your own ♥ 
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This blog is more or less a serious topic, but I address it in a joking manner.

I've noticed that in the past month, nothing has really changed on the front page, and on top of that, some of the site events haven't happened (for example): 

I understand that people are busy and have lives outside of this site, but for the ones that don't, this site is going down. Did you know that the average jarvitz spends about 6-10 hours on AIB a day? 80% of that time is spent in the chatrooms! The only gossip going on now is about how playoffs are being dragged like Firebrand's prey, and about people's (lame) personal lives. Some people may have come down with some sort of AIB-flu: 

I think we need to help out the situation. AIB is slowly going into a cryogenic state where the users (that have converted to psychopaths) are turning this place into a new type of that could destroy the entire internet-world as well as the real world. Instead of pointing fingers and bashing one another for not getting anything done, we should all work together to make something happen; staff member or not. I say lets make an effort to save the site before its too late. I say, lets do what people want/are looking forward to. I say why not do it to make a happier community among the AIB smash scene? And I say...

HEY! yeah yeaaah, HEY yeah yea...I said hey, what's going on?

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Hey everybody, my name is Zero Heart and I've been on this site for several years. I first joined under the name M.S.A.S. and got changed to several other names like Got_Mine and whatnot. Anyway, the reason I'm making this blog is because recently (this year) I have stumbled upon an INCREDIBLE amount of site glitches, but this next one tops it all......

Well we all know of the card glitches Enigma does (where a card is non-existant but it still shows up on someone's page). Just check his page if you don't know. Anyway, being the badgeslut I am, I've been experimenting with trying to manipulate badges in more ways than one >.> but I recently discovered the greatest thing ever. Without further stalling for time and making you read this garbage, I present to you:

The Greatest Glitch Zero Heart Has Ever Discovered...AND Created Through Manipulating The Site  

If the admins see fit, I'll list other glitches and cool errors I found on the site, and even help fix the problems. Just not this badge though...>.> 
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Pretty much we've been getting requests for a forum to be made for this game, so if you support this, please say so in this blog (or write *signs*).

The petition has enough signatures. KOTS has posted the forum for TF2. Thank you everybody that contributed

1. TKDmaster6467 
2. Faye Valentine
3. IsmaR
4. Hamek   
5. Yoshinendo
6. ShiroTheFurry   
7. Carls493
8. AzN
9. Eggo
10. GenoNyght
11. Coyn3Masta
12. solecalibur
13. Klashkrool
14. benaji261
15. Raxeje
16. Kyleisreal
17. Alex Strife
18. Zyrus
19. the bokkie
21. PriWind
23. Mr Jho
24. Parasoul

25. SkOaRaAn
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