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Anyone want to have a smashfest today or friday?
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Anyone want to team??? :3
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So me and mac decided to do another NOHO tourney.....We hope its becomes a good success as the first NOHO tourney...(it got 54 people to attend and 49 people entered the tourney and 13 teams..Not bad) we are going for round 2 icon_biggrin

Hopefully we can set a date where everyone can go.

Bring back them Fires!!! O.O
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Should i make another Noho tourney??????.......Some people have asked me if im gonna make another one. But im not sure how SOCAL feels....i know Mikes Champ Tourney is on the Dec. 10 and Apex is on Jan 6.

If there are enough people wanting the tourney i can only think of hosting between 17- 30 of Dec.

Here is the first tourney :3
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Name 5 people you enjoy hanging out with in the smash community....

and name 3 people you want to hang out with in smash community but can't seem to be able to. icon_sad

explain if you want....or make silly faces :3
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Soo now im looking for another phone....

What are the best phones out there?

Recommend me a phone....the best of the best please :3
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Well i might as well try it....
3 things in 1 blog....What i like about you and I'll rate you from 1-10 and Tortoise or Rabbit...who wins in a race??? O.O

If i know you good enough....there might be more than 1 sentence. lol

The Tortoise or Rabbit is just to see what people think....
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I am planning on getting a hotel room for the Anime Expo. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested. The more people we get the better, so the price will go down for everyone who's in the room. I will have about 1-4 people in the room, reminder the room will be big so there can be enough space for everyone. If anyone wants a spot and is 100% sure they are going to the Anime Expo...Please let me know. i will only be taking 1-4 spots.

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