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Kick's Monthlies
Alright guys, after the few recent tournaments i have been to it looks like Ohio is going good and getting stronger. So I am here to do my part for the Smash Scene in Columbus. I am going to start holding some monthlies at my house. The way it will work is we are going to pick a day out of the week where most everyone is free, and then we will all come over to my place on that day.

    At first there will be no fee, unless you wanna help me buy some pop and maybe chip in for some pizza. It will just be a smashfest and people will come over and play whatever they want. If we start generating enough people every month, i will put a small fee up if you want to play in a singles or doubles tournament. The money will then be used to buy refreshments for everyone over.

    I want to do a few things at these monthlies. First off i want to not only find a good doubles teammate for myself, but i am also going to be starting an 8 man crew. I probably have three spots for that filled up already but i would like some more of Columbus' elite.

    I will however need your input on this. First off what day out of the week is best for you all? That way we can get this set up as soon as possible.

    Also i have a few T.V's but only Enrish's Wii. SO i am going to need some help if you all want more than 1 setup

    So comment and let me know what day of the week is best and if you can help me with some setups.


Enrish wrote at 1:24 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
ya we are going to need more wii's mine is super jank, i say do it on a friday or saturday. start around 1 or 2 pm if its on saturday. if its on friday id say 7pm, thats just me though
Grey wrote at 2:12 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
Don't own a Wii, but I have friends. We'll see. As far as days of the week, anything but Mon. and Wed.
Hence wrote at 2:20 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
Pdiamond and I could bring one full set-up and an extra Wii.
In terms of day of the week, Friday or Saturday would be best.
Kicks wrote at 2:27 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
cool good man hence
alright friday is looking promising so far
but nothing is official yet lets wait and see what is good for the others
Enrish wrote at 2:34 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
i think we mainly are "the others" lol, besides fred maybe
Kicks wrote at 2:37 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
well yeah i am waiting for fred
but i want to know if anyone else on aib is interested
if not we will start out with a small group and hopefully increase numbers as we go from month to month

i can maybe get some OUGA people to come too
AyanamiLilith22 wrote at 4:07 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
This sounds great. I don't have a Wii but I might be able to get one and I'm sure my brother might like to Brawl as well
AyanamiLilith22 wrote at 4:07 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
Well I should say Brothers XD
AyanamiLilith22 wrote at 4:08 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
Crap another triple post. anyday is good for me so Friday is great
Kicks wrote at 4:10 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
cool fred, bring as many people as you would like. Right now we have two wii's which is good
more are ideal though

what day is good for you fred?
Kicks wrote at 4:10 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
k got ya lol
Pdiamond wrote at 7:56 PM on Feb 7, 2009 :
Sweet, this sounds awesome.

I can't wait.

As said before by Hence: We can bring 1 full set-up and a wii.

Any idea if you will have these in February?
Kicks wrote at 12:17 AM on Feb 8, 2009 :
i might have one at the end of this month
if not it will def start next month
on the chosen day, and it will occur every month from then on out
Baro wrote at 8:10 PM on Feb 9, 2009 :
Fridays and Saturdays are always nice. For the sake of consistency, you could do something like... the last Friday of every month.
Baro wrote at 8:11 PM on Feb 9, 2009 :
OH. And I has Wii + TV
Kicks wrote at 10:30 PM on Feb 9, 2009 :
yeah i was gonna pick a day and make it the last one of every month

only bump in the row so far is that enrish's wii is broken
so we are down one wii

it helps that baro has a wii too but we might need another one
but yeah the first one will be the last friday in march
that is tentative but it looks like a good date for now
Meese wrote at 10:41 PM on Feb 11, 2009 :
id be in but i need to know where and when kinda soon so i can plan ahead and what not
Meese wrote at 10:17 PM on Feb 12, 2009 :
so is this thing happening or what??
Kicks wrote at 3:05 AM on Feb 13, 2009 :
yes it is happening
but not in febuary
because of some complications on enrish's side and on my own the first one will be next month

i will post more complete details here soon
Hence wrote at 7:45 PM on Feb 19, 2009 :
Your monthlies should be entitled "Just For Kicks".
(This is Hence btw.)
Kicks wrote at 11:23 PM on Feb 19, 2009 :
haha that sounds like a good idea
i will update with probably a new blog soon to let you all know what is going down and when
Hence wrote at 11:49 PM on Mar 7, 2009 :
Any Updates? :|
Kicks wrote at 12:31 AM on Mar 8, 2009 :
yeah my bad i have not been active lately
due to some things between me and my roommates we will not be able to have these for awhile
hopefully i can have this going by summer
but as of right now it is cancelled
Baro wrote at 9:53 PM on Mar 9, 2009 :