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New TES, TKD talks about his thoughts on some characters

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Havok wrote at 1:45 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
Bump! And check out the HugS and Mango piece, it's awesome!
Atomsk wrote at 1:46 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I'll watch it later :O.
Bloodcross wrote at 1:53 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I'll watch it NOW :O.
Tairbear wrote at 1:54 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I'll listen to it now :O.
Atomsk wrote at 1:57 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I think I'll eat it now :O.
Tairbear wrote at 2:01 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I disagree with samus being 2nd worst

the only low tiers she really has a problem with is mario jiggly and zelda

she doesnt do terrible against most mid tiers

and she can some what hold her own against a few high tiers like marth snake and d3
kill power is terrible but its not like she cant kill
Havok wrote at 2:16 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
LMAO terry post that **** on TES. Help me get the comments rolling. And I dont agree either lol
The Legendary The Pink wrote at 8:13 AM on Jun 24, 2011 :
I agree with Samus being able to hold up against Snake. However Marth is just way too fast and there isnt enough Zair and missiles to keep him away. With D3, its just a matter of time before you get grabbed, and if you get grabbed by him there goes the stock. Though that killing power is terrible, she has U-tilt, D-tilt, Bair, F-smash and charge shot as kill options once the opponent is in the 170ish range.
BSP wrote at 1:40 PM on Jun 24, 2011 :
is that the bus route?