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Is it necessary?
Ok just curious. In order to be a great or top level player, is it really necessary to know everything there is about frame data? Or can one make it far playing off reads and just having somewhat of a general idea and knowledge of frame data?

What do you guyz think?


Coolwhip wrote at 7:26 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
Ask m2k. I'm sure he's a know-it-all with the frame data stuff.
Slither2Hunter wrote at 7:39 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
OoAZIELoO wrote at 7:41 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
lol no, just knowing some basic info about frame data is enough.
lordhelmet wrote at 7:43 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
No, but it helps. Being able to read frames in game is a pretty important skill.
Fr0z0ne wrote at 8:30 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
ive wondered too xD
Illmatic. wrote at 8:32 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
The more you play, the more you will get the gist of each's characters moves and their frame data.
Then you can attack accordingly.
Illmatic. wrote at 8:32 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
each character's*
RakanIsReal wrote at 8:33 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
I know the frames mentally because I played the game a lot, I know how far peoples moves go.
{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 8:40 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
I think, you should just have fun with it.
_Kemo_ wrote at 8:45 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
Alright lol for the most part I do know all the characters moves and how far they go and what not. but from some the stuff ive seen, and heard, frame data can get some what deep. Also there has been times where players explained why certain things happen because of this frame and that frame. An I would just have that "what the ****" face goin on.

lol man, hope this blog wasnt a stupid question :/
Jutsu wrote at 8:59 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
you can know all that stuff just from playing the game
Jutsu wrote at 8:59 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
cute avi btw that falco looks really cute for some reason
Vato_break wrote at 9:06 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
Researching frame data has helped me think outside of the box moreso than just "knowing". Everyone is different though.
Illmatic. wrote at 9:17 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
It's not a stupid question at all.
_Kemo_ wrote at 10:12 PM on Jan 6, 2012 :
Yeah I pretty much just have and keep a general understanding of frame data, and play off the usual like reads, and just having good reaction time. but thx everyone.

@Goldman sachs and freddie mac: thx
Rayquaza07 wrote at 12:05 AM on Jan 7, 2012 :
general knowledge works but knowing jab frames is gud imo