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The past few days I fixed my sleep schedule via limited sleep. However, I had work and was falling asleep, so someone bought me an energy drink around 8PM. Against my better judgment from past experiences I drank it anyways. I know full well they don't work for me until a few hours after.

Went to bed at around 10:30PM last night, laid in bed for 4 hours, had one maybe half-hour period where I was dreaming but felt awake at the same time, all because I have tons of adrenaline. Now my alarms are about to go off so I can shower, eat and get to Bizkit's for the carpool. I'm not even thinking about the tournament either, I stopped having that problem a long time ago. I just have so much energy and boy does it blow.

Sure hope my adrenaline keeps up at Apex, I really do not want to feel sluggish while playing icon_neutral


Bizkit wrote at 3:18 AM on Jan 7, 2012 :
I couldn't sleep either. Too much hype and too early to sleep (I tried to sleep around 11pm). Fortunately I got around 12 hours of sleep the day before, so I think I can make it through the day.