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Alex Strife is running *another* APEX!
Weird, because he actually hasn't run one yet.

In 2009, Alex didn't even find the venue.  Inui found the venue.  Inui ran the tournament.  Inui hired people to do the layout, to do the electronics, and the commentary team was made up of people who we thought were a good idea, including myself.

In 2010, Keitaro found the venue.  Me and Chaos Marth ran the brackets (along with RJ) and VGBootCamp ran the overall experience.

In 2012, I beg the question: Where the **** was Alex Strife?

For the months leading up to Apex, we as a group silently decided that Alex was incapable of running this event.  Privately, I've been told by pretty much everyone that I was the creative mind behind this event.  With that said, it's important to know that Alex had three main duties as a host behind this event.  Collectively, it was understood that Alex wasn't hosting anything.  We gave him jobs specifically to do so that we, the actual staff of Apex 2012, could focus on the actual events' success.

  1. Ensure that there were enough setups.
  2. Make sure the out of country players were accommodated.
  3. Not get in anyone else's way.
You would be extremely hard-pressed to find that any of these three points were met with satisfaction.  Let's go through the list:

1.  Setups.

For 5 months, we determined that we needed 104 setups.  We worked on the floor plan and schedule for this event for almost half a year.  In December, Alex made the point that he would not be able to get 104 TVs, so we lowered that to 89--a feat absolutely obtainable since we've had more than this in the past.

Alex's lack of preparation and overall laziness led to there not being enough setups.  You've seen me take the heat for a lot of stuff, but I can absolutely guarantee that 90% of the problems stemmed from Alex Strife claiming that he could do what he could not.

Anyone who was threatened with DQ for playing a friendly, you have my sincere apology (as well as Doom's), but it was the only way that Doom, Chaos Marth, Fats and Chibo would be able to actually get through the bracket, since Alex Strife was unable to do one of the three very easy tasks that he was required to do for this event.

2.  Out of country players.

I am so utterly and completely embarrassed about how the Japanese were treated.  I received a phone call from Vinnie the morning of January 3rd at 12:15 AM.  That previous morning, Vinnie was tasked with guiding the Japanese (on his own dime, mind you) around New York City.  This was because Alex's plan for housing the Japanese fell through, and they were unable to stay where they were.

That night, Vinnie called Alex to say that the same situation was going to happen the next morning and they would have nowhere to stay.  Like a good host, Alex responded quickly, said "I'll get back to you in 15 minutes," and went on to make extra plans for the Japanese.

What actually happened is that Alex turned his phone off and went to sleep.

Cristin was actually the one able to figure out what to do after she called Alex Strife's landline over 10 times.  She was also the one to find the Japanese proper housing; Alex had nothing to do with it.

Alex also had the Japanese riding in the back of a U-Haul van along with their luggage and the scant amount of TVs he was able to procure.

3.  Not get in anyone else's way.

I would rather re-hammer Christ to the cross than EVER work with Alex Strife again.  He is a danger to himself and others.  Late night phone calls of threatening suicide, a host who constantly says he is unable to run the event and threatens to quit, and a creative mind that has been drained of the juice that people so often flock towards.

The only actual work Alex Strife did that weekend was getting on the mic and making all of the rest of the staff look like fools.  While I was using my commanding presence to ensure this tournament finished on time, Alex Strife used his stage time as the center ring in a circus.

Conclusively, it's important to know that Alex Strife does not do this for the money; Alex Strife does not do this for the community.

Alex uses Apex as a means to make people like him.  Not in a social networking way, not in a way to make a career out of it.  He just wants to be a spectacle.

Recently, Chibo and I have began talks about having Apex signed over to us so that we may continue running this event to the level that you'd expect.  Alex Strife has taken it upon himself to post publicly that he has declined our offer.  Since I will not be a part of Apex next year as of this moment, I think it's important to know that despite my taking of the spear, I am no martyr.  I did this specifically for the sake of the event that I hold so dear.  If that means I have to publicly blow up Alex Strife to ensure that everyone out there knows the truth, then hey--that's what I gotta do.

Just like last year's introspective from ChiboSempai, I'm explaining the faults of the person you all think is the best TO in the country.  He doesn't organize anything. 


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dmbrandon wrote at 11:20 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
it's important to note:

2009: inui doesn't want to work with Alex again.
2010: vg doesn't want to work with Alex again.
2012: I'd rather swallow bees that have aids then work with Alex again.
ksizzle4life wrote at 11:21 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :

Prince Edward wrote at 11:25 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
I would rather re-hammer Christ to the cross than EVER work with Alex Strife again.

I'm done.
H2tM.Darc wrote at 11:31 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :


Nairo wrote at 11:31 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Damnnn wtf :O
H2tM.Darc wrote at 11:32 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Are Chaos Knight and Chaos Marth the same person?
dmbrandon wrote at 11:33 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
These points are the tip of an extraordinary iceberg.

Like when he left the Venue for almost 3 hours on Friday after chibo asked him to get headphones. My man left to go to staples for "supplies." Supplies no one needed or asked for. No headphones, either.
juiceAllied wrote at 11:34 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Prince Edward wrote at 11:35 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
He doesn't do all that stage stuff for people to like him. He does it because he thinks he's a pro wrestler.
juiceAllied wrote at 11:37 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Inb4 10 pages
ksizzle4life wrote at 11:38 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Prince Edward wrote at 11:35 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
He doesn't do all that stage stuff for people to like him. He does it because he thinks he's a pro wrestler.

A WHOLE GALLON wrote at 11:38 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Steal the APEX name and run another one in 2013
Black Mother wrote at 11:38 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Wow... I wasn't at the previous Apex tournaments, but judging by Apex 2012, I can tell how this can be true.

Not that I hate Alex or anything (he helped us with hotel issue and all)... but I DID notice that he wasn't really doing anything at Apex in terms of running the events, organizing brackets, and making sure (almost)everyone is happy at the tournament. The only thing I saw him do as an actual tournament host is announce the winners of each event after they were finished. I'm not saying he's a bad person or anything, credit should really be given to the staff MORE than himself, as he didn't nearly put anywhere close as much effort as the staff.

From a spectator's point of view, Apex was a great tournament. However if the tournament host isn't going to fulfill his duty, then I very much damn agree that he/she should have his or her host status revoked and given to a better host.
clowsui wrote at 11:49 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Sounds like Alex Strife is the Daycia of the East Coast. Hopefully everyone gets the message, because when I tried to blast Daycia it blew up in my face
Bloodcross wrote at 11:49 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
What ever happened to the Nintendo officials that were supposed to show? Was that secretly never gonna happen?

And apparently Alex and JV had a cluster**** of a "conversation" which ended up having JV say "who the **** are you?" It was something about Alex running MLG for Brawl or something equally crazy. People like Solid Jake had to apologize for the host of the ****ing tournament.

Did that raffle ever happen btw? For people who brought full setups? I mean, I got a raffle ticket from Cristin but I don't remember it being called.

Oh and I find people labeling the Japanese as "Nietono-san" kinda disrespectful. But that's just me. But wouldn't you say Nietono-KUN anyway? Since (ASSUMING) Alex is older than Nietono? Again that's just me.
Oats wrote at 11:49 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Zorai wrote at 11:50 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
I agree that Apex should be signed over to Diem after reading this. No offense intended, Alex is a cool person. But it's probably for the better.

Off topic, but when's the next Concentrate? :D
Raptor wrote at 11:55 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
:/ There goes Apex...
Black Mother wrote at 11:55 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Well I don't think we should make this blog's focus on bashing Alex, but instead trying to somehow negotiate with him to hand Apex over to a better staff. If he's not going to partake in this, then I really hope that with reading this blog, no one attends the next Apex. ESPECIALLY that he will most likely not have a good as a staff as Apex 2012 did.
Also what the **** at Alex running MLG.
PentaSalia wrote at 11:56 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
CT Chibo wrote at 12:02 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Ctrl-F Chibo, found 3 results. Not enough.

I feel like this is a little harsh, but an ok amount of it somewhat correct in a way.

I really didn't want this to dissolve into this, it's incredibly unprofessional. I know I hit my breaking point in a way when I made my introspective, but it was different. This is more of a personal attack than anything else. And we are in the process of fixing things behind the scenes, some things here did not need to go public.
ADHD wrote at 12:05 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
MLG JV and Solid Jake are kinda hot.. Go MLG.
Luigisama wrote at 12:09 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
oh wow. Well Ty diem and the other staff members for this event. Poor japanese I was wondering why they were leaving in a u haul truck at the end of apex. Dang.
Saffy wrote at 12:10 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Give those men Apex. Team DM DOOM forever <3
On another note... :/ Alex you really ruined most of people's time at Apex for not being prepared and not living up to your responsibilities as part of staff. It sucks how one man's laziness affects 1200 people... You honestly don't deserve a position like this. You clearly cannot handle it.
The main problem being TV's. Your mistake with the tv shortage sprouted a variety of problems such as the tournament running 8 hours late, and no friendlies at all that were promised to the contenders.
The worst imo is treating the Japanese in a way like they are objects (Seriously throwing them in a u-haul with TV's?) WTF. That's clearly not acceptable at all and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't come back again.

:/ Sigh.
Black Mother wrote at 12:14 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
I hope they throw Alex in a wagon full with bricks as transportation if he goes to Sunrise in Japan.
shadow1pj wrote at 12:15 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
alex didnt give my 10 dollar refund



shadow1pj wrote at 12:20 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
btw if u werent there w/e say no1 cares
crismas wrote at 12:21 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
You're never getting Apex lol. Can't believe this is how you want it XD!
Maharba the Mystic wrote at 12:22 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
dm, since you love the gaming community so much, and since alex won't sign over apex to you guys, then why not run an even bigger, and even better all new national tournament series along with the others and give it a better name than apex? im being serious, make YOUR tournament the to go to, not his if you feel this strongly about it.

but i am appalled that the japanese had to ride in a u-haul truck. it was soooo cold. i can't believe that actually happened. i feel so bad for them.

lol watch the americans get the japanese version of u-haul as a ride for SRT in august
CT Chibo wrote at 12:23 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
*sigh* I didn't want to make rebuttal blogs today.

But my rebuttal blog button has just been pressed.
H2tM.Darc wrote at 12:27 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Bloodcross the raffle happened somewhere during Melee top 8.



H2tM.Darc wrote at 12:27 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
XLR8 wrote at 12:31 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
oh damn.....a portion of this I knew(since you told me) but......damn =/
Black Mother wrote at 12:32 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
First off, thanks for the shirt.

Anyways, aside from that... by the looks of this blog, Diem politely asked Alex to sign Apex under his name through reasoning and explanation. Alex rejected his offer. With that being said, the best thing Diem could have done in that case was probably to let everyone know the real issue behind the *host* of the Apex tournaments. So now that we know the real deal behind the how Alex hosts Apex, I really don't expect Apex to be large Smash events anymore with the shown mediocrity of how good of a host Alex really is.
dmbrandon wrote at 12:33 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Please stop using the word host near Alex's name.
CT Chibo wrote at 12:35 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
No one in the comments please assume anything. What you said just now Arban is incorrect.
Laurel wrote at 12:36 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Alex also had the Japanese riding in the back of a U-Haul van along with their luggage and the scant amount of TVs he was able to procure.

CT Chibo wrote at 12:37 PM on Jan 13, 2012 :
I didn't know he did that again this year until after it happened. I already put him on blast about doing that last year and am FURIOUS about it. It's incredibly unprofessional, not safe, and terrible. However, that is only one piece of the puzzle here.
dmbrandon wrote at 9:38 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
It's not, at all Chibo. alex already publicly posted that he and cristin are running 2013. that was this morning, meaning they're planning without us.
CT Chibo wrote at 9:40 AM on Jan 13, 2012 :
Cristin is the head of Apex now. Alex isn't the number one in charge like the last 3 events.
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