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This Is Your Body on Bacon. Everything you know is wrong.
This is me after one month of a high-fat, low-carb diet, consisting of very large amounts of bacon.

Mostly ate eggs for breakfast every morning, then my lunches and dinners consisted of meat, cheese, and lots of veggies.  And veggies fried in bacon fat.  Sometimes I made bacon omlettes fried in bacon fat wrapped around cheese and veggies. Mmmm.

I did not calorie count.

Things I ate:

Pork/onions/cilantro/hot sauce/sour cream wrapped in fried cheese:

Bacon/green pepper/onion/cheese/hot sauce/sour cream frittata (fried omelette):

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers:

Oh yeah, and: 
Everything you know about nutrition is wrong.

I highly recommend either watching the documentary "Fat Head" on Netflix or Hulu (highly entertaining after the slow initial half hour), or reading "Why We Get Fat" or "Good Calories, Bad Calories" from Gary Taubes.

Basic gist of it is this, there is a tl;dr underneath:

Saturated Fat intake has no correlation with heart disease.  It is a myth perpetrated by a highly criticized study that became official U.S. policy in the 1950's and has only been further perpetrated by the lobbyists of grain companies who love being able to slap "healthy heart" logos on Cocoa Puffs.  The Food Pyramid is similarly based on this myth.

Excluding olive/coconut, vegetable oils like canola oil are far worse for you than saturated fat like lard/butter.  Margerine is worse for you than butter.  Fatty foods do not cause heart disease or an increase in "bad" cholesterol; the majority of blood cholesterol is produced by the body, only a tiny fraction of it is dietary.  Your fats and cholesterol are mostly controlled by hormones.  What hormone controls fat?  Insulin.  What stimulates insulin production?  Sugar.  Bread.  Carbs.

This has been thoroughly documented, but the most easy demonstration if it is "Fat Head", in which the producer replicates the fast food diet of SuperSize Me: Except he intakes no sugar (diet soda only), and minimal carbs (meaty meals, no fries ever), and has only 2000 calories a day (which is still quite a bit).  Results? Weight loss and lower cholesterol, eating nothing but fast food and lots of burger meat and bacon.

(The above is not exactly a healthy long term diet- you'd definitely want to introduce a lot more vegetables, and grass-fed home-cooked meats would be much better for you)

So what causes heart disease? Heart disease is caused by the oxidization of bad fats.  Eat antioxidants (certain veggies and fruits) and exercise to prevent that.  Countries like Holland that have extremely high-fat diets (mostly cheese) and are heavy on public transit/bikes/walking have much lower heart disease than other countries.


If you don't believe me, google "Saturated Fat Heart Disease".  First few links are studies or articles debunking the link the USDA always claims.  Here's the Men's Health article:

Another good article on saturated fat:

 The official government health websites like the USDA are full of crap and based on official policy, in turn based on lobbying and dogma of the past.

If you are interested in a near-zero carb, high-fat, rapid weight loss diet, join up with me on:

Huge thread explaining why an almost no carb (ketogenic) diet works and is not unhealthy, tons of FAQ and science:http://lowcarbplate.com/tlcm/

It should be noted that these kinds of diets are also optimal for low-body-fat, for those of you who are slim, work out, and want a six pack.

tl;dr: Eat less sugar and grains.  Don't touch artificial vegetable oils such as canola/soybean oil.  Eat all the eggs and meat you want.  Feel free to cook with butter and lard. Eat lots of vegetables as opposed to fruit. Weight will fall, vitals will improve. Exercise is a multiplier.

t0mmy, feel free to have a cow in the comments.  I'll look forward to eating it.


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Itakio wrote at 5:44 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Have a cow? t0mmy would never.
Itakio wrote at 5:45 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Also good job and stuff
heytallman wrote at 5:51 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I know what I'm fapping to tonight.
Xnpio wrote at 5:51 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Does bacon also give you the tan?
Praxis wrote at 5:54 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Haha, the lighting is poor in the pics. The left picture actually has bright yellow walls, and the right picture has white walls.

This is still the whitest I've ever been in my life...I tan so fast in Mediterranean climates :(
Bigfoot wrote at 5:56 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
heytallman wrote at 2:51 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I know what I'm fapping to tonight.

the bacon wrapped jalapenos I hope
Gadiel_VaStar wrote at 5:57 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Interesting..so what about gaining muscle, and losing body fat. What would you recommend?
Praxis wrote at 5:59 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
High fat/low carb diet (especially an extremely low carb diet like keto) is explicitly a muscle sparing diet. It trains your body to burn fat for fuel because there is not a consistant supply of carbs (easiest/fastest to break down), so you go to fat reserves instead.

I know a lot of bodybuilders use a cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD), which you can google. Basically, the same diet I do, with a weekly carb day where they eat carbs right before their biggest workout of the week.

I've definitely gained muscle while doing workouts + this diet. I did two weeks of daily P90.
BFAA Inui wrote at 6:08 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
good stuff
Luckytime wrote at 6:08 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Don't care. I'm already thin. :D
Jun wrote at 6:09 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
so... replace all carbs with bacon?

sounds delicious
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra wrote at 6:10 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Fake and gay.

You are clearly sucking in your stomach in that second pic!
Sakram3nt wrote at 6:11 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I want to actually gain weight at a steady healthy pace, is there any way to do THAT?
Carls493 wrote at 6:13 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Great job.
Dahniska wrote at 6:17 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
OMGaecholas Cage wrote at 6:25 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
really interesting. I'm telling all my friends right now about this and they think it's the silliest stupid thing, but they haven't read or watched any of the things you talked about
-Wedding Dress Mannie- wrote at 6:28 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Good Job mane. Truthfully, bacon is part of what gets you like that.

@Sakram3nt and Praxis
I ate Bacon, D&D Sausages, and peanut butter when I was gettin ready for football. U eat that and lift weights HARD like every day & when u get home do 100 pushups and situps (not at once, but in sets.) THAT will get u to gain Muscle weight instead of Fat weight. It really works

This was my progress, from Senior Year of High school to my 2nd year of college (till I stopped playing football):








now this is after I left the team:


See how the muscles are kinda decreasing in shape? Thats cuz I just stopped lifting weights completely. And know I was losing weight and adding muscle during this process.
Praxis wrote at 6:28 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Standard reaction I get too; everyone here in America is raised in a fat-phobic culture (that happens to have the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world; and diabetes is caused by too much carb intake, hmm). The USDA's official policy is low fat diets with lots of whole grains.

Watch Fat Head and see if they still feel that way. I'm a walking demo case.
-Wedding Dress Mannie- wrote at 6:29 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
PROTEIN is the key!!! u burn that faster and get great results
-zac- wrote at 6:31 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Gay Bacon strips
lobsterfest wrote at 6:34 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
The hair on your chest looks like the batman symbol :I
Praxis wrote at 6:34 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
@ Mannie, protein actually isn't. It's definitely good for you, but it's limited in applications. It's a muscle-nutrient and your body can only use a certain amount; anything past that is waste and just puts extra strain on the liver.

Much better to have protein than carbs, but I high fat/adequate protein/low carb is what I view as ideal. With lots of veggies for nutrition.

Oh, and fiber doesn't count as a carb since it doesn't cause an insulin response. So high fiber foods that don't have other carbs like sugar are ok. (Example: broccoli has carbs, but they're almost all fiber, so eat away)
juice.etherHATESether wrote at 6:34 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Dropping 4-8 lbs in one month is healthy. Dropping 35 isn't.

Low carb diets are not recommended because carbs provide the body with glycogen, the body's preferred energy source during prolonged workouts. And if fitness is your goal you absolutely should be working out, because exercise will improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and provide you with an overall more aesthetic physique.
Praxis wrote at 6:34 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I always thought it was Zangief.
Zak wrote at 6:36 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
are you trying the paleo diet?
Hylian Goddess wrote at 6:36 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Bookmarked this blog.
Limit wrote at 6:37 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Praxis wrote at 6:38 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Juice, I'm specifically on a ketogenic diet: after a week of no carbs, body switches to using ketones instead of glucose for many functions, so after a few days of feeling like crap I have constant energy from fat. There's lots of articles about cyclical ketogenic diets for bodybuilders.

First google result: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/keto.htm

Ketogenic diets mean almost no carbs; they work well for workouts if you're strict. What's not so good with workouts is moderately low carb diets that still include significant carbs but not enough to handle the workout and not few enough for the body to switch to using ketones for fuel.
Praxis wrote at 6:39 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Zak, I might consider paleo for maintenance.
Jutsu wrote at 6:40 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
oh my jesus that food looks delicious. WOW.
-Wedding Dress Mannie- wrote at 6:45 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
well thats why I worked out like twice a day. I had to burn out alot of the protein I took in.
After each meal I ate, I went and burned it off which helped my muscles develop.

if u don't burn it off then ur gonna end up getting fatter. Thats how I am now. I don't lift anymore

but I can't seem to find a exercise that works for me. I tried INSANITY but that died out on the 5th day. What u suggest I can get into? Cuz I don't want to be big forever
Praxis wrote at 6:46 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Oh yeah, the more you work out the more protein you need, definitely! And fat stores less than carbs. The way you were eating sounds perfect for what you were doing.

I've been doing Power90...have you tried P90X?
Itakio wrote at 6:48 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
o jk you already made a cow joke right after you said cow lol I suck
Zork wrote at 6:50 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I hate bacon.
Jutsu wrote at 6:51 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
and yeah cooking with bacon fat is really nice. i made huevos rancheros last week by letting the pan just heat up with some bacon fat on it.

i didn't even use a lot! i put the same amount that i would have if i used butter and was making some toast or something. bacon fat da bess. gizards da best.

sometimes it's the gross stuff that ends up being the tastiest
OoAZIELoO wrote at 6:51 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Congrats dude, now you need to gain muscle.
Jutsu wrote at 6:58 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
wow after reading everything here, you really took the same approach that i did back in the day to losing weight. ketosis ftw
KillLock wrote at 7:11 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
You changed perspective on the second picture. Why?
Xnpio wrote at 7:17 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
Also, silly trolling aside, gooood work. I'm proud of you. haha. And as said before, "oh my jesus that food looks delicious. WOW."
Stridez wrote at 8:01 PM on Feb 3, 2012 :
I'm already skinny, but its good to know I can continue to eat delicious foods with no bad consequences! Good read.
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