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Mew2king and I compiled a list - "best of (character)" worldwide
No gap = debatable
Small gap = solid rank

1. Otori
3. Nairo
3. Mew2king
5. ANTi
(*6. Ally - only for CPs against MK and Olimar*)
7. Kakera
8. Tyrant
9. Maguro
10. Aki
10./11. Gonzalo Zero
12. Selcia
12. El
12. Havok

1. Vinnie
1./2. 9B (the Japanese players think it is either even or slightly my favor)
(small gap)

1. Nietono
2. Rich Brown
3. Brood
3. Dabuz

1. Masha
1./2. DEHF
(small gap)
3. Shugo

1. Ally
2. Razer
3. Fatal (need to see more recent results from him)
3. Shogun
3. Shu

Diddy Kong
1. Gnes

1. Mikeneko
2. MikeHaze
3. Mr. R
4. Leon

2. Hayase
3. Z

1. Abadango
2. Glutonny

1. Vinnie

1. Trela
2. Junebug

1. Salem
2. Nick Riddle
3. Quiksilver
5. Doom

1. Atomsk
2. Coney
3. Seibrik

Toon Link
1. MJG
2. Kingtoon

1. Kain
2. Seagull

1. TKD
(small gap)
2. Yui

1. Kie
(small gap)
2. Illmatic
2. Silly Kyle

1. Earth
2. Koolaid
(small gap)
3. Kiraflax

2. Holy
(small gap)
3. Luminous
4. Allied
5. Vinnie

1. Chudat

1. Cross
(small gap)
2. Daiki
2. Mr. R
4. Earth

1. Will
2. Nairo

1. Ryo
1./2. San

1. Fsann
2. FOW
(small gap)
3. Shaky

Pokemon Trainer
1. Reflex

1. Mekos
2. Pitch

1. YB
(small gap)
2. Quiksilver


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CT Vinnie wrote at 3:15 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
rain/nairo/anti(cept 1 match before he switched to mk dittos) havent even beat allys snake before as far as i know. only otori and i have and seibrik years ago, and shu thinks im the hardest he ever played so maybe im just really familiar with that mu but so he is.
kimidori wrote at 3:15 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
MASHAAAAAA! I agree with a lot of this, but I think Yui and TKD are even.

No offense, but I think atm 9B is a little bit better because he uses tripless grabs (And I saw you tripping during CG's XD)

It does suck that you didn't get to play against Nagahari or Gano. :(
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:15 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
oh yea atomsk once also. and tyrant in super close set at mlg.
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:16 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
tkd is definitely better than yui but its close imo
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:17 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
9b is insanely good when hes playing well and i think he can play a lot better than he did at srt
i say this after playing him for many hours at his house for like 5 days or so. when hes playing his very best, its insanely scary, but he didnt seem like he was playing like that at srt imo
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:18 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
but icys can be very random in general. there was one game i got a bit lazy and got almost jv 4 stocked, then 2 games later i 2 stock 10 percent him on fd by playing super homo back and just focusing on not getting grabbed the entire time.
kimidori wrote at 3:18 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
XD Also, I think ANTi should be higher just for the sake that he knows more MU's while there are still some M2K needs to learn :(
kimidori wrote at 3:20 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Ayuha says 9B talks to his opponents while Chaingrabbing them, is this true??? LOL
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:24 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
I did play nagahari and won very convincingly
The Goat wrote at 3:24 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Nah mah dude ur better than vinnie (smirk)
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:24 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
anti/rain i think are the most consistent mks, they know mus (esp anti) and are consistent (rain in japan). i think i have the highest peak skill when im not emoing out since i can constantly 3 stock like 90 percent of top players usually several times, but its mostly only vs mus i know really well which is usually just top tiers since thats what i get practice against. i think my weaknesses are mus i dont know, usually high tiers, and my own emoness. i might be the 2nd worst mk at weird mus after tyrant, but possibly the best at the top tiers when im playing clear-headed. i think nairo is similar to me except i play gayer. i think otori is just really good in general but vinnie/me/9b basically made guides to beat him (which we both told vinnie a few key things) so vinnie raped him when they played, altho he may have won anyway since he raped him both smashville games regardless.

thats my opinion on mk related things
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:24 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:25 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
vinnie told me to stare at 9b while he chian grbabed me so i did, then he looked back at me with the happiest, most innocent smile in the world, then at the very end of it, he looked up and away from the screen with his eyes closed for the last 2 seconds of the chain grab as he 0-deathed me

it was ****ing hilarious

he also said "fuking tornado" when i hit him with it 6 times in a row on battlefield platforms
kimidori wrote at 3:27 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
M2K, you three stock anybody, but when do you do it in tourney? :/
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:31 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
ktar4! i got it on nairo/dabuz (first and like, only time ever vs both of them) and 3-0d gnes after gnes 3-0d adhd. i did it to seirbiks ddd in a ditto, a mk ditto, and mk vs wario twice (3 stok 65 percent not recorded at sktar). serious set vs 9b i got one (2 stock the other game), and actually, most players in bracket i do that too. the best lucario in japan i almost 3stocked, and i almost got a jv 4 vs the olimar i played at the beginning. i think over half of my tourney matches in general i 3 stock people tbh. japanese also play seriously in tourney and my results against these players in firendlies and tourney have often been about the same results.
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:33 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
i meant to say they play seriously in friendlies. the players that ive played in friendlies, serious sets, and tourney matches, the results vs all of them have been about the same. actually i did slightly better vs nietono in tourney, i went 60 40 my favor the night before srt.
kimidori wrote at 3:33 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :

9B is actually a huge troll if you've seen some of his matches... With D3, he chaingrabbed Isotaku's DDD until 599%...
And with IC's, he CG'd Cross until around 190%...
That's really hilarious
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:37 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
ive done it to vinnie 3 times too but he wasnt playing well in them in my opinion. i did it to mikehaze this year too in a game in arizona finals.
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:37 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
9b is my favorite japanese smasher ever!!!
CT Vinnie wrote at 3:39 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
also me and vinnie both think japan is better than usa but its really close tbh
its mostly that they have smaller skill gaps between their players than us.
Eddie G wrote at 3:43 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Yo, if Otori and Kakera did the fusion dance...we'd all be ****ed.
Napher wrote at 3:48 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
M2k you think you got that oli mu down now?
Pitbull wrote at 3:50 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Montaro wrote at 11:35 AM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Lol@tearbear you nor havok is better than zero, zero is insane last time I checked u was losing to pitbull and **** I doubt zero would lose to pitbull lmao

I really dislike it when people use me to try and discredit other players. Strange, no mention of me until this post and I would have preferred if there was no mention of me.
kimidori wrote at 3:54 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Masha says he can't come to Apex 2013 because of money I guess (He's like, 16 I think XD), But I'm glad he did really well at SRT. His Upsmash and lasers are really scary
kimidori wrote at 3:55 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
I bet if MikeHAZE went up against 9B and was yelling at him, 9B would yell back.
Mr-R wrote at 3:57 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Mr-R wrote at 3:59 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
also lmao @ anti being 5th , he's easily top 3
Mr-R wrote at 4:00 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
also where's the link list
kingtoon wrote at 4:01 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
I can die happily
Whipped Cream wrote at 4:04 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
where's tony t tho
lobsterfest wrote at 4:15 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
I think Rain's too high and ANTi's too low :I
The Truth wrote at 4:23 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Why would you put ally above Tyrant/Kakera and then put yourself above ESAM? If ally only knows specific MUs but still places higher, then the same should be true for ESAMs ICs whos results are generally better.
Tony T wrote at 4:31 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
I don't deserve to be up there not yet not until I improve more. I'm glad junebug and Trela are up there at least.
LoF NAKAT wrote at 4:34 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Hey my Ice Climbers have been doing work =(
Gheb wrote at 4:35 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Quiksilver [@Samus], Lp [@Diddy], Souther [@Snake], Masashi [@Pit], Nagahari [@Diddy] and Leon [@Peach] should be added imo. Respectable list otherwise though I'm not really sure about some details [such as Tyrant > Maguro] though I guess M2K knows better from playing them.
LoF NAKAT wrote at 4:37 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Not have been doing work, but have done work. I have a lot of great wins with them.
Tony T wrote at 4:39 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Solution use ICs against m2k next time Nakat.
Remss wrote at 4:41 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Mr-R wrote at 4:00 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
also where's the link list

That's what I'm sayin man.
Sky`.mp3 wrote at 4:43 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
You forgot Trevonte, who is better than NAKAT.
CT Vinnie wrote at 4:51 PM on Aug 13, 2012 :
Lp/nagahari arent on adhd/gnes level. Masashi quit a while ago. Shogun/shu > souther imo.
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