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Drawing Commisions
I am accepting drawing commissions, please read the following if you are interested:

If you want a drawing, please know that I want to do this for a living, I will charge you, the prices are the following:

-Sketches: $10

-Pencil Drawing (with shading): $15

-Inked Lineart: $20

-Colored drawing: $30

The paper and the format of your choice. (if the drawing is really big, I will add more to the cost, big formats are a pain). (my basic drawing format is a 5x8 inches card, but I can also use A4 format).

My deviantART Gallery



Finished Artwork at my Facebook

The aim here, is to send the drawing to YOUR house, so you can have it.
I also do that because my scanner is crappy and doesn't make things look
really good, the shipping is free of charge (the cost will run on me).

Of course, if you only want to see your drawing on screen and not interested in really having it, well, that's not a problem at all to me, it's up to you.

All payments are realized via Paypal, for more information, contact me privately.
As time goes and commissions are asked, the price will arise a bit if necessary, as I really need money, I have serious debts that I need to cover as soon as possible.

I will have slots of people in a queue and I will update it frequently.

1- Skyos - Two Drawings/FINISHED/PAID/SHIPPING
    -chaos from Xenosaga/color/A4/FINISHED
    -Kid from Chrono Cross/color/8x5/FINISHED
2.- -empty slot-
3.- -empty slot-
4.- -empty slot-
5.- -empty slot-


--Plushie Slot list  (Misstery Plushies)

1.- spacing_out - Two Stitchface Turnips (Princess Peach/Super Smash Bros. Melee)/FINISHED
2.- ???? - Alucard (Hellsing) Plushie/Final Stages
Already finished commissions:

*.- Skyos : Done/Paid (click to see finished work)

So people, I hope some of you can actually spare some bucks to me =)

Also, if you notice in the demos, that's a plushie site... please check it out: Misstery Plushies.
In that site, plushies are sold, and I am partner with the girl that makes it (that's the reason my drawings are there). Also, she is willing to take commissions too.

She is right now making a Captain Falcon (with lots of details, and the plushie itself is 33cm's height), so, if any of you is interested in a Super Smash Bros. plushie (I know you are), so tell me, post a comment (and also the plushie maker encourages that she can make other kind of plushies besides Smash Bros ones, so, if you want something else, feel free to ask).
(be warned that the price is kinda high, but the product rejoys with enormous quality).

Thanks for reading, and I hope mods don't take this as breaking some rules or something.


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DynaDASH wrote at 6:13 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Yeah, I believe it's the hour because no one is commenting ):
DynaDASH wrote at 7:58 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Bump =)
TM Mango wrote at 8:06 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
nice stuff. bump for awesomeness
DynaDASH wrote at 8:08 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
=) Thanks.
wWw Crofats wrote at 8:13 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
im totally in :3 after i get some cash i'll shell out details :D
DynaDASH wrote at 8:14 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Yay =) Let me know.
vVv Sumer wrote at 8:21 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
bump for great success
DynaDASH wrote at 8:24 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Thanks Sumer, you finally posted x3
Gone fishin wrote at 8:26 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
vVv Sumer wrote at 8:33 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
lol yea, i left it open as a tab after i read it x.x

also buy this stuff, it's for a good cause, and you know you aren't gonna find any better ones out there than dyna's. <.<
DynaDASH wrote at 8:36 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
xD Ok Sumer, thanks =)
The money gained here will help to pay my bills @.@ And I'm in the deadline already -_-
Gunman wrote at 8:38 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Scourge wrote at 9:18 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Bump! I may be interested in this my next pay check. I've always wanted a Scourge plushie.
Tornado Watch wrote at 9:21 AM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Capitalism at it's best... If I had money right now, i'd definately get something.
DynaDASH wrote at 6:05 PM on Oct 1, 2009 :
Well, I hope any of you come out with a request soon =)
Highway Unicorn Fujin wrote at 4:43 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Love your artwork.
DynaDASH wrote at 4:47 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Thank you, FÅ«jin.
Eggz wrote at 8:28 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
I already forgot how I got here, but you have some siiiick stuff. I might buy one if I make any money soon.

Pretty useless comment >_> but heres a bump at least?
DynaDASH wrote at 8:30 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Thanks =)
And this helps as bump x3
Swiftness wrote at 8:38 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Wow those drawing are really good! Your like an inspiration for me to try and get back into drawing... Its like you have your own style and everything. I would so buy one if we weren't in a recession xD
DynaDASH wrote at 8:43 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Your comment also inspires me to get better.
Thanks a lot =)
And yes, the economic crisis is horrible.
LolThisGame wrote at 9:34 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Bump for a good cause, Drawing for a living is what i'm aspiring for aswell. :o :p
Gardex wrote at 9:40 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Captain Falcon plushie......... do want....
Lexek wrote at 9:44 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
learn to draw first then youll get comissions.
-GoV- wrote at 10:12 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Amazing stuff!
SK8orDIE wrote at 11:17 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Plush food is cute. I like Refri the best. If she made furniture, I think an ottoman with a similarly cute face would sell really well in say an Ikea or something.
LolThisGame wrote at 11:46 AM on Oct 2, 2009 :
lexek thats what i'm doing, been drawing for a year XD
LolThisGame wrote at 1:33 PM on Oct 2, 2009 :
But im Waaay away! from comissions XD
DynaDASH wrote at 5:48 PM on Oct 2, 2009 :
Thanks for all the comments people.
Lexek, that was, well, harsh, but ok.
Dashing Professor Req wrote at 3:55 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
DynaDASH wrote at 3:57 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
xD Thanks.
Princess Aura wrote at 3:59 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
Good luck, Dyna. :)
DynaDASH wrote at 4:01 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
Thanks Aura, I hope I can make it.
Dajayman wrote at 4:11 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
I wish I had money to spare to help you out and get a cool picture, but I do have some spare luck. So good luck sir.
DynaDASH wrote at 4:15 AM on Oct 3, 2009 :
Thank you =)
seigehyland wrote at 7:16 PM on Oct 3, 2009 :
drawings are good homie. keep up the good work.
DynaDASH wrote at 7:33 PM on Oct 3, 2009 :
Ashy wrote at 9:31 AM on Oct 8, 2009 :
bump ;D
DynaDASH wrote at 9:41 AM on Oct 8, 2009 :
Mijikai20 wrote at 12:15 PM on Oct 8, 2009 :
How much do you think I'd have to fork out for a good sized Stitchface plushie?
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