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Swedish Military Team Thinking Test [Game]

It's a fun teamwork-oriented game. Post your scores below (pics or it didn't happen)

[originally discovered elsewhere, but didn't see a blog about it]


ook wrote at 3:43 AM on Apr 15, 2010 :
This is the most frustrating game of all time. I HATE this

Sometimes you just lose and there's nothing you can do, because you got a ****er on your team.
It's true in reality, but why is there a game about it? D:
sasukebowser wrote at 4:34 AM on Apr 15, 2010 :
It's not the games fault you chose to team with random people instead of making your own game and inviting people.
_OraNoS_ wrote at 11:34 PM on Apr 15, 2010 :

although it's still fun when you have semi-competent random people