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June 23 2012 at 6:59 PM
The offical better than T0mmy's guide guide to Pichu
sir come to melee fc I'll kick Your pride in so deep You'll cry. also I forgot about this and have been working two jobs.

and achol poisoning
April 16 2012 at 6:44 PM
Pichu Is So Underrated
like I don't think You've done my kindof work with all the bottom tiers. You haven't mained them or come to understand all their tiny tiny details they may help them cope and I doubt You are even aware of all pichu's tricks like sdupairwl or sh upair dair(ground hit) or the fact he has an unbeatable zoning trap on a few stages when he has respawn inv. frames.

really my channllne to You is to find one sheik that You can beat with Your Pichu. and be aware people will just counter pick sheik just to save time even if they don't play sheik and they do.

sheik vs pichu is the most effortless match-up in the game by far. just mess with his mus they are all like 30-70 something that is called a hard counter like ics vs peach.the only mus pichu wins are against link and YL(stage depenat) because Your sheild pressure is way tooo much to deal with, air covers so many options, andf if they try to jump back and pull out a bomb, YOu can EASILY put a jolt under their feet and slow them waaaaayyyy down and the best they can then do is trade with the bomb and Your dd camp can easily deal with anything else or just good nair spacing.


Don't rank Pichu till after south bend IN tournment is over. I have some predictions
January 28 2012 at 12:10 PM
The offical better than T0mmy's guide guide to Pichu
The offical better than T0mmy's guide guide to Pichu


This is a guide based moreso off how I think pichu can or should work and about 70% of how I play like I never f-tilt for edge
gaurd but it is still a very good way to edge gaurd even compared to d-tilt/f-smash and I am always open to well
explained changes.

Also the name is there because his guide upset me it doesn't tell you how you can play pichu as much as gimcks and only half
of what he knew(like smash side-B) and didn't brother to help others as much as he could. If you went by his guide you'd be
hopelessly lost on pressuring and spacing.

Problems with pichu

Really when it comes down to it pichu only has two very serious problems and one annoying one. His Range, taking hits, and
tiny, tiny sweetspot on the edge. It's merely a matter of working around these two conflicting weaknesses. However,
the only solid answer I can think of is get hit less, approach
smarter, and get the most out of every move so if you use a move you will make sure it WILL hit and it will not get you
have a solid enough
approach game with mixed d-tilt/sheild on the ground to a very solid nair and jolt when used correctly. Good
What we have on our side is an array of very odd tools that mesh together with some chucks. We movement
options along with sheild and an escape game worth noting to reset control with. Pichu is the only one that falls into the
size class that is just too hard to hit most of the time and wreaks spacing. With good mix-ups and spacing pichu can be
played very in their face with a number of pressuring options much easier to get down than falco's that can work on the
same level.

Table of what's up (couldn't think of a better word)

Pichu Tech Skill/details
Their sheild
Your Sheild
Being a Glass Cannon
Edge Guard
Camping/Defensive side
In the air (you) -
In the air (them)
Stages Rulebook
On the edge both sides
Ground vs Ground
Match-Ups (lots of advice wanted here I have limited exp. in anything that isn't puff/marth/falco/young link)
Self-Damaging Moves
Wrapped up Pressure(could look in eariler parts)

Pichu Tech Skill/details

Vomited up everywhere pichu info. some is in other places in this guide

Grab/Throw frame data

frames of stun comes out on frame 3 and is disjointed average stun is 3 frames why pichu can wobble together. Pichu/pikachu have the best pummel in the game many take as long as 17 frames like mario

4-5th fastest walk
6th fastest run

pichu's sheild size=ice climbers and jigglypuffs both fairy solid and abuseable and pichu is much smaller soo great sheild size 15 frames to recover after releasing the sheild so wd oos is faster than just dropping it

5th lowest duck

2 frames of landing lag everyone else is 4 or more so emtpy shffs are a bit cooler as pichu


Total: 26
1-20 - [Everyone Else]
1-24 - Pichu, Pikachu
 Best option is to tech in place of not to tech at all normally

Hitbox Images


Their sheild

Your Sheild

sh Nair oos sheild is a great way to mess up, tight in Your face sheild pressure like falco's dair/shine or anything too deep but not safe for a grab takes 6 frames to hit

Grab takes 7 frames and has good backwards range if You know it abuse it against falco's who cross-up dairs or whatever.

up-smash oos if You need that killand they lag most so in the back

upair counters ccing

fair if they are far off but it's CCable into pain

jolt/up-B oos if they are far away/after You powersheild a projectile it can be fun

wd oos into d-tilt is overall fast/safe hreat against marth in general


Being a Glass Cannon


Edge Guard

Camping/Defensive side

In the air (you)

Reffers to both pichu's air game and in a case Pichu is knocked into the air and forced to play air to air fighting
maybe against Marth or some other floaty with a good air to air game.

First off don't be stupid I cry everytime I see a pika/pichu Player choice to dair an upair first off dair's hit box is barely
better than nair as far as being low, 2nd dair is slow and predictable and easy to outspace as everyone but maybe puff,
bowser, and other people who have a hard time spacing an upair. In truth fair would be better becaue at least then you
have a disjointed hitbox under your head.

When they are about a whole hop away from landing their air moves you have the following better options:

2nd jump away Thunder makes you fall faster than your normal fast fall and creats a projectiles that beats arrors,
bombs and needles(4 at once is the limit) and makes it so the worse that you can be punished(they jumped at you so they
won't be able to time for a sec. on the ground and able to run through sheild di to get a grab or something) is take a well
spaced air moves however it should land if you don't spam and you can combo with it if thunder didn't hit you even if it's
puff(i've tested in training mode a thunder to nair can work di dependant)

In the air (them)

Stages Rulebook

On the edge both sides



Ground vs Ground


Self-Damaging Moves

Wrapped up Pressure(could look in eariler parts)

SummaryPichu's weaknesses in detail so we can better understand how to cover them and use them correctly. 


let's say as Pichu we land a hit his most damaging tilt does 7% most damaging air move is 12% most damaging smash is 16% jolts do 10% mid air. However most of these damaging moves are spammed and do even less. I could string about 10 upairs in a row very careful and do about 30% when really fox could run up shine into up-smash kill or do way more damage. 

As Pichu its hard getting those hits in and they do near nothing and Pichu is made of glass 0-deathed easily by most of the cast on ys. Lets say You built up Your percent on them and are really to kill. Main lower percent kill moves are: up-smash and f-smash but at higher percents nair, dair, and d-smash are good enough. At killing percent there is not a single way to combo into it other than fair which is horriblely risky should they cc at any point or sheild or simplely do an insanly fast move. Also at those percent Pichu also lacks any tech chase set-ups. 

F-smash can in fact be comboed into from a sh upair at percents lower than 60% on space animals which is in fact just good enough to do what You need. But is extremely unlikly and hard to do based on di/sdi. 

The only real way to set-up these kill moves are to completly outspace them and abuse Your crazy hitboxes/hurtboxes. At a few ranges You can in fact dodge gannon's jab/grab with an up-smash and hit him at the same time same with a few other like set-ups. 

Sometimes You can perfect up-b past their defenses when say they projectile or are a bit high in the air and get a kill that way. Or doing sheild pressure and trying to cause a roll, Pichu is all over roll punishing its really dirty. 

F-smash can in fact outrange a non-rising/approaching marth who is fairing because during Pichu's forward smash he ducks lower than most of the fair and stretchs out. Same can be done against a sheik on the ledge doing a fair. 

But if they are aware and deceide not to whiff You can't really anything about killing them. 

Really the best way I think to deal with this is simply keep the pressure hot. Just nair them into combos up the stage for gimps or look for mistakes as You juggle them to their doom.  And when forced/ You can see a decent chance go for those spacing tricks. 


No tech options other than tech in place(has more 4 frames inv.  than anyone else) You can cover in place and both ways by just sh dair as falcon. 

Everyone can combo pichu like way to good. Basically nearly everyone can 0-death him on yoshis like samus can chain throw him to death like nearly everyone can easily deal with it. 

Pichu is also super light so combos are worth twice as much and has meh di

Only things about getting hit that isn't bad about Pichu is if they fail to kill You at the right time he's harder to combo than seems reasonable and You will live forever or when they can land a kill move. And his size makes it hard to hit him. Its best to get knocked off stage/high up to deal with combos in many cases where Pichu gets options 

I used to count self damage but really I'd only worry about it when You are trying to stay in cc percent because if You do 0-40% to Yourself against sheik at 0 really doesn't change the fact you'll be chain thrown to 70ish%. 


If You are a mid level Pichu who can do decent in pools, Your recovery is likly worse than a top level fox's recovery. Pichu's recovery is so insaely hard to use right against anyone who knows how to really beat the s*** out of You. Really counting wall jumps, riding the wall, double up-B, side-B, jolts, and single jumps You have maybe 12 decent options that won't be auto death.  You have to know how they'll edge guard and start to up-B in areas the size of Your sweetspot(size of Pichu's arms, not grab range)). 

That way in those small areas You can sweetspot or move around kindof like how fox on bf can sweet low or land on a platform, but You have to up-B at the perfect time to make Your recovery decently safe.  

But Pichu's sweetspot completly messed up his/her recovery


Yes Pichu has a good amount of inv. frames, but all of hus options are pretty terrible only dk without a charged punch seems to be more limited on the ledge. Only real options would be to up-B stall jump up jolt,upair/fair, waveland to roll or whatever, waveland off of the edge to get bCk Your 2nd jump and to then up-B and try to up-b around. 

But keep in mind Pichu's tiny sweetspot forces him to regrab higher than anyone in the cast so to d-tilt away is just way too easy. Plus a rare known thing about Pichu is he like Yoshi sticks him head up off the edge high enough to get hit by samus's chagred shot weakeness only they have so after You grab You have to act then and there. 


You have no tech options and weak di. 

Because Pichu lacks range it makes her unable to punish many ranged attacks on her sheild, even if nair oos is amazing vs solid punish like shine nair/dair. However jolt oos is an option should they space too well like puff bairing the front. But maybe its not too bad I just hate defensive sheilding unless I can straight up sheild camp them like I do as samus/bowser. His sheild is a combo of great/terrible.

 Also backwards sheild grabs are better than grabbing from the front. If they are doing a cross up it destroys falcos who like dair through to up-tilt/shine to try and cover if You tried to dd away, but I just understand it's lame range in most match-ups in a stupid way. Like

 I knew I could grab that nose at that range. 

Pichu's only ground defenses besides dding would be to f-tilt is clanks with all of marth's moves unless they space f-smash wierd and its a great way to stop his grabs. However you can abuse wierd movement of up-smash/f-smash to make them whiff and You hit them. But in Your face range Pichu suffers horriblely in turn making making it very safe to rush Pichu down predicting the dash back.  
Fair beats all non disjointed moves but can be cced even if You hit them midair and drag them to the ground. 
 Up-tilt is slower than up-smash even if covers a lot. 


Decent prediction beats out Pichu's sellar approach game and i feel those are the right words. Pichu flat can beat sheilds, ccs, and dding/wding, and deal with higher proity moves decent enough. Just what are they going to do and when? Only one that doesn't have a simple enough answer would be higher proity mives like fox's nair or sheik's f-tilt. Fair beats nearly every non disjointed move if You're quick. Beating that range/proity You have to dd around or jump back jolt on prediction. But tell me if there is a better way to deal with sheik's f-tilt game. 


You'd be surprised how well Pichu can dd camp and even zone falcon out with jolts. But its overall very meh compared to fox or anyone else. Camping Pichu can be overall unrewarding unless You pick peach/sheik and sometimes samus(just better off not approach most of the time)


Near the edge-near the edge Pichu's options get murdered because of his bad ledge options so he can't retreat or swmi safely sheild hoping to get knocked back.  F-tilt, full jolt, nair/fair through, roll/up-B pass them. I normally like to roll to the edge. Being corned is a common weakness but still even if he can flip it around with d-smash/b-throw gimps its not fun to deal with. 

Really Pichu lacks any other solid weak ranges because sh wling/empty shs, sh nair, d-tilt running jolts can work together to cover each of these ranges on legal stages if he has enough range to dd back.  As far as up and down ranges pichu's jolts, upair, and thunder can keep everyone in check decently based on match-up.  Just his overall he has low-good priority make it harder to approach like falcon but with less range. Why doesn't Pichu have any solid 0-deaths, just reliazed how disappointing of a chartcer Pichu is not as depressing as ness who is screaming one small step from something nearly decent. Still so close to greatness now I know just gotta do more combos. 

Best tech in place, amazingly small body to aid dding/wding movement defense/offense. Overall decent punishment. Just rush them down leave no openings. Think of Yourself as a kindof crapy falcon with a projectile game worth noting. 

Really if You can keep Your pressure up long enough You can win like how falco does but a little less tech skill little bit more prediction. Light combo them off the stage to edge guard if can't low percent gimp then just be tricky with up-smash or kill with nair at 120%-220% (stage/match-up like samus on dl64 or watch on ys) bunch of 70-30 match-ups like match-ups so bad that at high levels 40-60 seem like serious handicaps