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April 21 at 8:24 PM
Winter Ladder Regular Season Comes to a Close
Quote (originally posted by DarkSlash17):
normal ladder, n64 and melee plz icon_smile

I see no reason why they shouldn't have an n64 ladder like they had in the past. Moving forward they should have the smash 4 ladder and bring back the 64 ladder.
March 2 at 8:44 PM
Nintendo Wifi Network Shutting Down soon
So, what's gonna happen to this site once nintendo shuts down the wifi network in a couple months?

Dolphin emulator netplay has become a pretty viable way to play brawl online, maybe people will switch to that?
April 30 2013 at 9:42 PM
Reset the SSB64 ladder
Ok, sorry to bother you but I just want to know whats different now that you can't keep the ladder? The ssb64 ladder has never brought more people to your site but you all kept it nonetheless. Why are you getting rid of it now? I just don't see what its hurting to keep the ssb64 ladder.