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October 27 at 7:53 PM
Banner contest voting
October 22 at 10:04 PM
I dislike the name color reboot.
The funny thing about updating / modifying site features that belong to the site, and not you, is that you don't necessarily NEED to have a say in them.
They did a good job with what they did. I, myself coded the batch of name colors that you were all given and would have updated it all and modified it over time too if not for the fact that Neal never showed back up and opened the path for me to do so as needed.
This was something a long time coming and a necessary change. Not only for the fact that browsers were causing issues with it but because there needed to be some more uniformity as well. I went a little crazy with my first batch of colors because it was a test phase that never actually left the testing grounds, but I would have absolutely changed them in the end too.

Sucks you lost your color for whatever it was you did with your calculations and poogeymans though.
October 20 at 10:26 PM
How to Tip the Scales - A Robin Moveset Guide
Thank god someone edited that. It was hard to read.