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December 25 2014 at 11:43 PM
Crouching Tiger Bouncing Fish
As everyone has probably heard by now, Sheik is being considered one of the better characters in the early meta game of Smash 4. And while the meta game may change over time, I believe that Sheik is set up to remain one of the better characters in the game for the foreseeable future.

This is a quick guide for combining everything that I have learned about Sheik from other players, a few guide videos and my own personal experience with her. Hopefully it can be useful to you as well.

(Will update with photos in the future)


Sheik has some of the best movement in the game. Her short hops are fast, nimble, and easily followed up by any of her aerial moves with little starting lag. She's fast on the ground, able to move in the air very quickly and is incredibly balanced offensively in both situations.

Attack Power:
Unfortunately, she's lost some of her attack power from previous games. Practically all of her normals have been nerf'd in regards to knock back and she nolonger possesses the ability to get quick kills with simple normals.

Sheik has been known in the past to have bad recovery, only offset by the fact that she could transform into Zelda (in melee) and get long range recovery at the cost of speed and mobility. However, in this new version she gains a powerful move, the bouncing fish, that not only allows her to quickly cover a lot of space but also gives her options for attacking opponents off the edge relatively safely with significant recovery factor.

Offensive gameplay:
Sheik's ability to pressure her opponents is amazing in this game. Her jab range is decent, but her tilts offer much better range along with a relatively safe recovery time from each kick that allows for quick exit strategy or mixups.




Jab(s): Her jab range is lacking, but they're quick and jab canceling is pretty decent.

Dash Attack: Decent range, but the fun part of her dash attack is that you can do it from the standing position without having to run first. Just dash forward and C-stick down immeidately to perform a dash attack from a standing position. Her dash attack can also be cancelled to increase grab range. By using your dash attack by hitting down on the C-stick, then immediately grabing after hitting the c-Stick down, her grab range increased by about a full character length.

Ftilt: Good range, amazing speed. Can be used to combo for an easy 3 to 4 hits at early percentages. Offers a quick counter attack option after shielding an opponent's move and allows for easy follow up.

Dtilt: Also quick, decent range, low cooldown time. She crouches extremely low, giving the player the ability to strike low at a dying shield, and makes for a great and quick dodge against oncoming projectiles. Can be chained at low percentages.

Uptilt: Similar to her Ftilt. Good anti-air, great vertcal hitbox. Great for combos.

UpSmash: Decent kill move, if you can nail it. Poor range but comes out fairly quickly.

FSmash: Range is good, attacks twice so the second hit can still reach an opponent just out of the range of the first attack. Decent kill move.

Dsmash: Has decent range but doesn't do a ton of knock back. Not great for shield poking.

Nair: Quick, does decent knock back but not much damage. Very little lag and a great follow up to a tilt combo. Good for shield pressure.

Bair: Great range, comes out quickly and has good knock back. Good kill move. Good shield pressure.

Uair: 4 hits, the 4th being a stronger hit that stuns longer and has more knock back. OK for a kill move but not as strong as previous games. GREAT move for a chain grab combo (more below).

Dair: Unsafe on landing but if it hits in the air is has a great bit of knock back and bounces the crap out of opponents.


(Neutral B) Needle: Needles are a great way of racking up a little quick damage in the pinch at long range. They come out fast, travel the screen quickly, are mostly invisible and interrupt many projectiles while still managing to hit the opponent with the second half of a fully charged (6) needle barrage. Needles can be cancelled in the ground by sheilding or dodging, and in the air as well by dodging. She can also cancel needles in the air into any of her other special moves.

(Side B) Grenades:
Her grenades do about 15% damage and have a wind hitbox that pulls opponents into the explosion if they're close. This is a slow projectile and if the opponent manages to shield it it's pretty easy to punish. However, when grenades are thrown at another projectile or attack their properties change.

If a grenade is thrown at another projectile, it will bounce off of that projectile and explode faster causing more damage (15%-20%) and speed up the animation for a quicker recovery by Sheik. This works on practically every projectile and ranged attack in the roster. Fireballs, charged shots (Even fully charged shots like Samus's Laser), thrown projectiles (peach turnips) and even long range attacks that aren't necessarily projectiles (Bowser's Fire, charizard's fire and side B, DK's up B, Metaknight tornado, luigi tornado, Pikmin) will cause the grenade to explode faster and do more damage. There are very few exceptions. Greninja's fully charged shuriken, for example, isn't affected by this. Link's bombs don't cause it (but toon link's do for some odd reason).

Occasionally Shiek will drop the grenade and it will become an Item instead of a character article. This item can be picked up like Snake's Grenades in Brawl and used as a fast long range projectile that does about 7% damage. It does not explode and it's uses are similar to that of ZSS's armor pieces from Brawl.

Grendes can also be used to stun characters like Wario who inhale items. It will explode in their mouths (wario, kirby, dedede) and give you a free punish with a dash attack.

(Down B) Bouncing Fish:
The bouncing fish is probably Sheik's most reliable kill move in this game. It's extremely versatile, great for recovery and also makes for an follow up to combos. Hitting an opponent with the attack causes her to bounce off of them, sending her flying in the opposite direction at a very safe distance.

Its range depends on the direction the control stick is tilted after execution. Holding back on the stick will fake it out and cause her not to go very far at all while holding forward will cause her to go about 1.5x as far. Using it with the stick neutral sends her about 3 character spaces across the stage.

Bouncing fish can be used to follow a forward throw, making for an easy kill at higher percentages.

Off stage it can be used defensively as well as offensively. Bouncing fish will cause Sheik to bounce off a wall if she comes in contact with it, and immediately kick off into the opposite direction. Stages with wall-like areas under them (Battlefield, Final Destination) can be used as kick platforms for her to perform various strategic strikes against recovering opponents. Hitting the bottom of the stage with the move at different places will cause the trajectory of her bounce to change and put her in different locations on the outside of the stage for counter attacks. Pressing the B button again after a stage bounce will make her kick the opponent, and if she lands the attack not only will she send them flying but she will also bounce off of them for a very nice recovery back to the stage (and usually directly onto the stage at that).

(Up B) Vanish:
Her vanish move has deceptively good range and makes for a great recovery. It has a wind hitbox upon re-appearing that pushes opponents away from you and can be used to edge guard as well as keep opponents from punishing your character.

When she vanishes, the resulting hitbox has good knock back and does a decent bit of damage. It isn't as reliable as other moves to KO because of the slow start up. However, if you have the opportunity to catch someone unaware with it it can be a powerful kill move.

When standing on the ground if you vanish straight up into the air and fall to the ground, the resulting landing lag is pretty long. Probably about 1/2 a second? Howerver, from the standing position if you vanish diagonlly upward the resulting landing animation upon hitting the ground has virtually not lag and you can immediately follow up after hitting the ground.

Grab: Her grab range is ok at best. Extending the grab range by canceling a dash attack into grab is a great trick to use against opponents.

Throws: None are kill moves.
-Fthrow: follow up with bouncing fish for an easy kill at higher percentages.
-UpThrow: can be used to chain grab most opponents up to about 50~60%. You've got to play your Uair and with the timing a bit but it looks like this.

Grab > Up Throw > wait just a moment > short hop > UAir (fast fall, make sure the 4th hit of the Uair doesn't come out before you hit the ground so that it cancels the animation) > Grab.

Will add images and updates later.
December 1 2014 at 2:32 PM
Anybody got a quick custom moveset unlock strategy yet? Wii U
Title says it all. Getting them in the 3ds version wasn't so hard but I haven't figured out a better way to do it in the wii U version yet.
December 1 2014 at 10:01 AM
New here, thought I'd drop by and say Heeeellloo :)
Hi there. As a fellow SC local, I sent you an invitation to local groups via facebook. Hope we get to smash sometime. I'm always hosting little parties at my place.