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5:24 PM May 7 2008 2008
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nealdt created the "All is" network, "possibly the best thing since sliced bread."nealdt passed a Tournament Host Certification test.nealdt has provided valuable testing services for the website.nealdt is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.nealdt made significant contributions to all areas of the website!nealdt did something funny.nealdt impressed a staff member by doing something smart.nealdt has referred new users to the site.nealdt wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!nealdt helped a member with a problem.nealdt keeps people entertained by hosting fun events.

NintendoDojo's Tournament Host Certification program
I would like to introduce NintendoDojo's Tournament Host Certification program!

We've added a new set of badges for tournament hosts and included in that batch is a special badge for "certified" tournament hosts. This badge is our way of helping recognize the tournament hosts who really know their stuff and can be counted on to provide a quality tournament experience. Players get badges for being good at the game, so why shouldn't hosts get badges for being at the top of the hosting game?

Being labeled a Certified Host grants several benefits around the site. The first, of course, is the badge! But beyond that, your tournaments will show up with a special star next to them on the forum and Tournaments site sections, indicating that you're a host of repute and catching the eye of casual browsers. Your tournaments will also receive "priority" status on our Upcoming Tournaments displays (on the main page, Me page, and Forum Home), increasing the chance your tournament will show up as an upcoming tournament (they are otherwise picked randomly). Finally, you'll also receive extra consideration when we pick our weekly Featured Tournaments. What's not to like?

This is not a freebie badge, however. You cannot simply PM me asking for it, even if you get all your friends to relate how much your last tournament pwned. I am going to be very strict about who I give the badge to (or else it loses all meaning).

You must perform the following steps to apply for the Certified Host badge:
  1. Submit a post in this topic announcing your application. Include how long you've been hosting tournaments, approximately how many events you've run, and links to at least 3 tournaments on Nintendo Dojo that you have run.
  2. Pass an interview/test over AIM with myself regarding tournament hosting. I will be asking questions about the following topics:
    • tio tournament organizer - make sure you know how to use it. I recommend running the tutorials from the Help menu and reviewing the articles posted on the tio portal.
    • The ABC's of Tournament Hosting - you don't need to know them by heart, but you should definitely review the topic.
    • bracket theory - computers die, programs crash, **** happens. You need to know how to make a bracket yourself in case of emergencies.
    • Your opinions on what being a good host means.

    It will be your responsibility to find me on AIM and ask for an interview, but only after you've submitted your application.
  3. That's it icon_wink. I'm going to be pretty serious about this, but not so serious that one wrong answer will cost you a chance forever.
You can ask questions about the process in this topic, but I will be periodically deleting posts in order to keep applications easy to post and find.

Apply today!

NOTE TO ONLINE TOURNAMENT HOSTS: the standard online tournament host is not going to be qualified to earn this badge. Goals & standards for online tournaments vary dramatically from in-person tournaments where money is on the line and people have traveled hundreds of miles to participate. You have been warned.
Plan 9 rapes.
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7:09 PM May 7 2008 2008
Joined: Mar 2008

I think I should get this badge, eventually. My first few tourneys I wasn't so used to tio, and I've only ran 3 with at least 10 people, so I think I would be more deserving of it in the future rather than now. I'm having another bi-weekly tournament on Friday, and that should be pretty successful.

Just in case, even though my chances are probably slim to none by what I said about the article, (you know what I'm talking about) here are my 3 regular-sized tournaments.

giantsrockt3/redinvader/BEZ tourney:

The Great Main Brawl Tournament Online:

The Great Main Brawl Tournament Online 2:

If you think I have a shot now, contact me on aim. My screen name is the same as on AiB.
If not, I'll try again when my tournaments are really successful and I feel I'm truly worhty for the badge.

7:33 PM May 7 2008 2008
Joined: Mar 2007
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I've been helping run tournaments since November '06, running my own since summer of '07. I have run about 10-15 local/large local tournaments myself, and helped out with another 20 or so.

On top of doing most of the work for the Sac Biweeklies, running the doubles events in Sac's TAG Monthlies, and running my own tournaments, some random guy had me staff for this pretty cool tournament down in SoCal. I can't remember the name though. icon_smile

I don't consider running pools a big deal, but I've run them at the NUB, OC3, Nexus III, and that socal tournament.


Sac Biweekly IX:
10:29 PM May 7 2008 2008
Host With the Most
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Bowyer is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.Bowyer has referred new users to the site.Bowyer was featured in the Host of the Month article series!

Bowyer's Application:

I've been hosting tournaments for just over a year now, and have run 16 Tournaments (including a brawl tourney before it's American release)
Links to 3 most recent Tourneys on AiB:
There are also all UMBs #1-11 on AiB.

I copied and pasted SCOTU's application because we host the same tournaments.
Also we were host of the month so, ya know, it should come naturally that we get certified right away, lol.
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6:39 PM May 15 2008 2008
Joined: Feb 2008
Lawliet is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.

I've been hosting tournaments every sunday and many people enjoy coming to them and i think im a pretty good host since i have had no complaints at all heres three links to all of my tournament
7:10 PM May 15 2008 2008
Joined: Mar 2008

Instead of the giantsrockt3/redinvader/BEZ tournament, which I didn't create, only hosted, heres my most recent tournament.

The Great Brawl Main Tournament Online 3:

I think I'm pretty deserving of the badge now. I'll be sure to hit you up on aim in a few days for that interview.
10:11 PM May 15 2008 2008
CGC Grayfox
Joined: Mar 2008
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I've been hosting tournaments close to a year coming in a few weeks. I started hosting tournaments through a club at SFSU called the Competitive Gaming Community. We have had events every 2 weeks to a month since then though it wasn't till brawl's release that we started using TIO and allisbrawl.

CGC Brawl # 1
CGC Brawl # 2
CGC Brawl # 5

11:57 PM May 15 2008 2008
Joined: Sep 2007
omegawhitemage is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.

I've been hosting tournaments since March 5th 2006. That was the date of the very first Cataclysm Tournament hosted by the Mages. Since then we have hosted three more highly successful tournaments in Massachusetts and CT. Only two of them however have had the benefit of using the tio tournament organizer.

Cataclysm 3:

Viva la Smashtaclysm:
4:16 PM May 16 2008 2008
Addicted to Wifi
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mangoman72 is not the Mango you're looking for.mangoman72 wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!

What would be a good amount of tourneys to have run before applying? Admittedly, I have an impressive "4" under my belt, so I'm not sure if trying to apply for the badge would be a waste of time or not. My experience is confined, and likely to stay as such, to wifi tourneys; is that another limiting factor that kind of prohibits me from the badge?

Those are badge-specific, but I have another question regarding tio. I tried running through the first tutorial, and got up to "The bracket viewer". The message that guides me through it, however, goes off the page and I've tried furiously clicking on it to make the lower portion viewable, but to no avail. This also happens with many other messages, such as the "Manual Seeding" part in the seeding tutorial. What can I do to fix this, and by doing so increase my knowledge of tio so I can make a good impression? icon_razz
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8:18 PM May 16 2008 2008
Joined: Apr 2008
Xaver wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!

Xavers App.-

I have hosted tourneys well for not that long aobut almost a month but have hosted tourneys every week, first tourney not used to tio 2nd and 3rd very used and know how tio works how to set up brackets, and make new brackets quickly.

The Rumble Pit [Weekend Weekly I]-
The Rumble Pit [Weekend Weekly II--
The Rumble Pit [Weekend Weekly III]-

The third installment for the rumble pit will be happening tomorrow but it is the most recent icon_razz


Sorry forgot to make links clickable
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4:04 AM May 17 2008 2008
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Scar has provided valuable testing services for the website.Scar is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.

Smashpocalypse: As Good As It Gets
Neal you know me and you also know how great my tournies are, the Smashpocalypse series speaks for itself.  I have hosted 5 SPOCs, all of which are on tia.
6:44 AM May 19 2008 2008
Joined: Aug 2007
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GAWD. Everyone knows ive hosted a billion tournies let me go find them all

-AiB Randoms-
AiB Random 1v1-
AiB Random 5-
AiB Random 1-
AiB Random 3-
AiB Random 4-
AiB Short Notice-

-East Coast Point System-

How Far Have We Come- A GameStop Tournament-
Joe Stanchecks Brawl Tournament-
Rockledge Brawl 1-
Rockledge Brawl 2-
East Coast Only(With a few of West Coast :D)-
Cactuar Island-

Don't Get Hit-
Xzax's Super Amazingly Awesome SSB64 Tournament-

Tournaments Coming Soon:
East Coast Brawl Point System 5-
Brawl Rankings of AiB-

Neal- You know me, from all the Online Brawl tournaments i've held. Times when you'd break up spammers. You know I'll be hosting a lot of tournaments. Btw I've hosted about 12 more SSB64 tournaments, but didn't use tio because I wasn't signed of for tia(at the time) when those tournaments took place. I'l lAIM you when you have time
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6:12 PM May 20 2008 2008
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Until Brawl, I just kinda let everyone else do all the work, even though i've helped out at a lot of old Melee ones.

Thank God I still have time to change mains

The Cave I

The Cave II

The Cave III

Flippin' Pancakes

The Cave IV

Sakurai Can't Save You Now

I think this will get me at least "host." I would be very interested in the actual "certified host."
3:20 AM Jun 30 2008 2008
Joined: Apr 2008
Shiken is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.

Alright, people have suggested that I should apply for this, so here's mine.

I've been officially hosting tournaments pretty much ever since I joined AiB earlier this year, and while I had hosted a couple in person melee tournaments before then, they're really not worth mentioning as they were very small, informal things. I got into hosting online tournaments after being in a few myself, seeing them ran poorly, and knowing I could do a better job. I downloaded the Tio software and played with it for a couple days, and used it for a small in person brawl tournament, and it definitely was a nice change from handwritten brackets.

After that, I tried my hand at an online tournament, The Dreamland Duels 1. While the turnout was low, it was alot of fun, went
smoothly, and I actually got KirbyKid to play an online tournament. (now that's a feat) The dreamland Duels has since turned into a very popular biweekly series, The Dreamland Duels, coming up on our 6th tournament this week.

However, online tournaments only count for so much, and are definitely alot easier to run than in person tournaments, so I've gotten back into trying to host in person tournies on a monthly basis, with my Waco Brawl Series. I live in a small city with not a very large smash scene, but we happen to be centrally located between all the major cities in Texas, so I believe my in person tournaments could provide a halfway point for many smashers that cant travel across the entire state. My first one, Alpha-1 was chosen to be a featured tournament, although it actually did not turn out to be a success, as our planned venue canceled on us the night before the tournament, and our backup venue was unavailable as well. The tournament still proceeded, but at a home residence instead, with a much lower attendance than anticipated. As of now we are still searching for a proper and reliable venue for the next tournament.

Continuing on, I decided to try my hand at an online Team Tournament, but as usual, I didn't want to do just any run of the mill tournament. I brainstormed the idea for a completely random team tournament, that would test your ability to work together with a stranger to win your match, and Stranger Danger was born. It will be a very interesting experimental tournament, that I feel will likely also become a series. Currently, I have been informed that this tournament will be featured as well, so I have made sure to run a simulation of this tournament beforehand to make sure everything will run smoothly.

Well, I think I've rambled on a bit too much here in retrospect, so in closing, ... well, I can't seem to think of a closing. Anything else further you could possibly need to know, just ask me during the interview I guess.
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10:21 AM Jun 30 2008 2008
Downtilt Spammer
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Zori has provided valuable testing services for the website.Zori caught a bunch of bad guys on the Ladder!Zori rooted for the $208,097,414 New York Yankees 2009 championship team.Zori is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.Zori did something funny.Zori impressed a staff member by doing something smart.Zori helped a member with a problem.Zori has referred new users to the site.Zori wrote an exemplary guide.Zori won a Signature of the Week contest!

I have also decided to apply for the host certification. I joined around Late march. What drew me to the site was the 1up show on youtube. I though this was a great site for people trying to get into competitive gaming. As I got more familiar on this site I started going to more online tournaments the first one I went to I must say It was ran pretty badly the host tried to do pools and brackets without tio! It took forever to finish and everyone was saying 'that's what expect in a online tornement' But i said to my self "no that guy was a horrible host' but i didn't mind anything of it. As i would go to more every other tornament would be worst then the last, host showing up late not knowing how to handle mass people and without basic knowledge of tio.

So finnaly I said 'I can do better then this' So the first tornament I ever hosted was P.legions Doubles It was a pretty decent turnout but it got over shadowed by a featured doubles torney the same day. (Also i don't know if you remember neal but you asked to join this tornament but didnt have a doubes partner icon_razz). I handle it in a very organized way I waited in the chat room 1 hour before it even started while practicing sanarios on tio and most of all I comunicated with my attendees.

Then I tried for second go around with P.Legions Singles II It went so well that a few people from the tornament intrusted me with this. Grab the Coins! yeah a coin battle it sounds silly but with a good host it won't matter. Long story short noboy showed up I guess they didn't trust this would be a good tornament.

And now for my most recent one. Poor Sandbag I (AIB first HRC tournament) you might of heard of this one because it was featured this week. But once again such a wayward idea because are too scared to try new things so I only get a group of 8 people. So now Your wondering why I need this badge I need it, because if I host a ffa tornament some people might say 'ffa suck but this guy is a preety good host i might want to join' and they might like it or not but atleast they gave it a try. I'm a good host and i want to show that.

Well thats all i got. So now I will wait for you to contact me. Thanks for your time icon_smile.
2:28 PM Jul 1 2008 2008
Joined: Feb 2008
Kithkin has referred new users to the site.

I condone of Zori's application, While his tournament arn't successful, if he passes the quiz, it would be great to see him certified, because successful or not (take in mind they only failed due to lack of attendees, never bad hosting) They are Unique.

>_> oh, and I'm going to apply, I just am waiting for one thing =P
7:12 AM Jul 4 2008 2008
Sand Crab
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Nezumi rooted for the $208,097,414 New York Yankees 2009 championship team.Nezumi is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.Nezumi did something funny.Nezumi impressed a staff member by doing something smart.Nezumi wrote an exemplary guide.Nezumi wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!

I'm Nezumi, host of Chapman Tournaments 1-4 (chapman 4) (chapman 3) (chapman 1)

I've been a highly active member of the community for over two years now, and have assisted numerous hosts in running tournaments.
Aside from my guides for tournament hosting, and how to seed, I've also run tournaments on paper, when computers were unavailable (DC's house tournament and a few others). My tournaments are widely known and spoken of highly, with numerous events and large entrant numbers, running quickly and efficiently.

I hope to be considered for this!

4:41 AM Aug 6 2008 2008
Joined: Jun 2008
brawler_pit is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.

My Application
Hey Im Brawler_pit,

Im running to be a certified tournament host. Alot of my tournaments, are Europe based as there hardly ever European smash tournaments around and by hosting tournaments like these on a day-to-day basis, Im trying to expand the European community which is starting to work as I have been seeing new faces around so its a good sign.

My tournaments are always varried....

here are my tournaments ive hosted ever since brawl has been out in Europe.

B_Pit and Max's Smash Ball Fest #1!!!

> <

This is tournament was created by my friend Maxmillion who liked Smash Balls and since he was going on holiday I decided to give him a treat, OFC, at this tournament, alot of people had tons of fun.


Europe FTW!

> <

My first tournament for Europe and its was really fun even though being my first time, I learnt to use Tio well by then after playing with it for a few hours.


European Tag Team Tourney

> <

The first online european doubles tournament was hosted by me. We had alot of fun even though we had 6 teams. It was really good. Also, I got my first medal from there so im Glad.


Who is the best Pit?

Then came a Who is the best tournament where you were only allowed to use Pit as he gets so little attention as a potientiel chacter and is infamous by people saying his spams are hell annoying. Anyways, this was for the Pit community and to reconginze who was the best.


Euro Brawl #2

This is tournament was created by mate MaxMillion, But due to him being ill and couldnt make it on time, I took over and run the tourney , I had fun in this won cos i get my second medal!!!!

P>S - the rules written on the tournament page, were not by me, it was by maxmillion, i couldnt write it.

There were other tournaments I held and helped people host .

Me and Tio

I can use Tio realy well and can use it to create any sort of  bracket. I fully understand how they work and can create them by paper.

Aim .... Hmm, I am in Europe so this is a pain try to find you and all but Il do it, also, I need to make a Aim account as I dont think MSN works

All from me
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11:40 PM Sep 7 2008 2008
Honorably Discharged
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GameClucks passed a Tournament Host Certification test.GameClucks keeps people entertained by hosting fun events.GameClucks has referred new users to the site.GameClucks wrote a blog entry that was featured on the site!GameClucks did something funny.

Hmm I guess I should prob apply for this... though I am never on AIM.
I am GC Guy.
Over the last three years I have run monthly tournaments for SSBM and then SSBB when it came it out, as well as Halo and Halo2, then Halo3 when it came out and recently DotA 5v5's and GH3 ProFaceOffs. I have also hosted a CS1.6 5v5 and two 2v2's.
So I have run somewhere around 75ish tournaments and have been key in helping to run another 4 or 5 on top of that, one at Sakuricon in Seattle in 2008 where we had 256 entries for Melee.
I have been using tio for about a year now and uploading to AiB for about 6 months.
Previous to using tio, I did it all by hand...

I know an known in Washington State as having the largest SSBB (40ish attendies) and Halo3 (8-15 teams of 4's) tournaments around.

12:51 AM Sep 10 2008 2008
Big Shot
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Jamnt0ast is connected in the Six Degrees of Smash web.Jamnt0ast did something funny.Jamnt0ast impressed a staff member by doing something smart.Jamnt0ast has referred new users to the site.

Jamnt0ast's Application

I have been hosting Online tournaments since may, and helping / hosting my own in person local tournaments since July.
I have run probably 5 online tournaments and have run/greatly helped with 3 In person tourneys.

I have hosted a 30 + online tourney with little difficulty:

An offline local tourney in my home which had some tio trouble, but i figured it out and will have no tio problems in the future:

And i ran tio and organized the money/brackets for a tourney that was held at Rai's house:

I would like this badge to attract more attention to a regional tournament that i have set my sights on hosting:
01001010 01000001
01001101 01001110
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