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Introduction/guides to folding@home
As you biology students may know, the body uses a process called folding to process protiens. However, the body doesn't always fold protiens the way it's supposed to. Misfolded protiens can cause a wide variety of serious diseases, such as Parkinsons, Alzheimer's disease, mad cow disease, cancer, and others. Folding@home is a distributed computing project developed by Stanford University to help scientists study the process of protien folding. It basically runs as a screensaver, and uses your computer's spare processing power (which would otherwise go to waste) to analyze protien folding. You can help by downloading and installing the university's client software on your computer. I've created this group on AllisBrawl in hopes that we can get more people folding.

To learn more about the science behind Folding@home, including why it needs all the processing power it can get, check out's page on the subject.

Ready to start folding? Great! Download the software, read the installation instructions and get started!
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