What is your competitive reason for choosing your main?

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2:32 AM Sep 3 2011 2011
Joined: Dec 2010

Olimar has a good variety of attacks, disjointed hitboxes on just about all of his attacks, and good projectile game. I like that. Plus, he's small and lightweight: my kind of character.
10:23 AM Sep 3 2011 2011
Joined: Aug 2010

Zero suit Samus because I love all things metroid including her and the more I love a character the more my dedication is to them. This can go for everyone from time to time but mainly would like for ppl to kindof revere and respect this specific character.
7:45 PM Sep 3 2011 2011
Joined: Aug 2011

Ness because he's just damn fun to play with
4:19 AM Sep 4 2011 2011
Joined: Oct 2008

link main forever
8:45 AM Sep 5 2011 2011
Almost Famous
Joined: Feb 2011

DDD because i thing his recovery and lasting time is great. And he has amazing strenght as well.
KING DEDEDE FTW.... and all Mario characters, and Falco
11:53 AM Sep 6 2011 2011
Joined: Oct 2008
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Link because he is awesome
2:39 PM Sep 6 2011 2011
Joined: Apr 2009

I tend to play with who feels comfortable. If some people happen to believe the one I like at the time is really good(e.g. Diddy), then that's why I picked them.
H8erz ghonna H8.
1:55 PM Sep 20 2011 2011
Ballot Stuffer
Joined: Aug 2011

1st is Lucario becuase he has great close combat moves and his Auras Sphere is good for longrange (As Lucario is mainly used for close combat when i use him) and he also gets stronger as his damage goes up .

2nd is Lucas becuase he has a easy control with PK thunder  and he also has very VERY powerful smash attacks

3rd is Yoshi dont know why but he seems to good character to stop ariel attacks with and his down special has great speed and power and its a good finisher along with his smash attacks

4th samus becuase she is very well balanced and her netrual special becomes really handy when the opponets damage is high
11:34 PM Sep 30 2011 2011
Viviff T. Great
Joined: Sep 2011

MK is broken. I use him to win since nobody else does locally.
It has worked fairly well as long as the ROB player continues to sandbag and forfeit to me and a few other players and I fix the bracket so I don't meat up with the Snake player. Yes meat up, using me **** phone to tuype so **** all of you grammar nazis.
10:33 AM Oct 2 2011 2011
People Know Me
Joined: Aug 2008

I use Diddy Kong because he was my favorite game character before the smash series. He's fun to play as too.
5:58 AM Oct 9 2011 2011
Joined: Jul 2011

Because Ike is fun to use
4:28 PM Oct 10 2011 2011
Joined: May 2011

I use Marth and Lucario because they're both bamf's.
11:51 PM Oct 27 2011 2011
Joined: Oct 2011

Because Pikachu is effective in a lot of match ups.
10:53 PM Oct 28 2011 2011
.. R m 8 8
Joined: Mar 2008

Well. I main Jiggs, I don't really have a "competitive" reason for that. I've always been a defensive player, though, and Jiggs is a very, VERY defensive character.
1:08 PM Oct 30 2011 2011
Joined: Oct 2011

Toon Link >=D bombs and Z-air are fun xD Luigi because he is awesome
Ven's number one fanboy. <3
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10:49 PM Nov 1 2011 2011
Captain Knight
Joined: Sep 2010

I use Wolf only because of how quickly he deals damage. You could rack up 80% in 7 seconds flat, which is ridiculous.
Too bad his recovery sucks.
9:07 AM Nov 5 2011 2011
Somebody's Watching Me
Joined: Nov 2011
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10:09 AM Nov 5 2011 2011
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I use Zelda because of her above average power for a lightweight, ability to reflect projectiles, keep the pressure on her foes from the ground via Din's Fire, is equipped with some of the strongest air attacks in the game (her up air is the strongest up air), and has great priority with decent to great speed in all of her attacks.
6:26 PM Nov 8 2011 2011
Almost Famous
Joined: Feb 2011

King Dedede because he's the strongest character and because his range and grabs are incredible.
KING DEDEDE FTW.... and all Mario characters, and Falco
10:34 PM Nov 9 2011 2011
Sir Eric
Joined: Sep 2011

Peach, of course. She has been my favorite since back in Mario Party 1 and Mario 64 days, though. Say whatever you want lol.
I just feel she is over-looked at times and is a worthy competitor overall.

Anyways, she demonstrates grace and class while also holding her own in Brawl and Melee; this is why I main her. ;]
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