Perfect stage - I now there's no "perfect" but...

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6:55 PM Dec 4 2009 2009
Aww Heck
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Perfect stage
I'm looking to build a stage with the right amount of jumps, platforms/structures hazards and slopes

I even also include Ladders to prevent jumps from time to time

thing is, i'm aiming this as a mdeium-size stage, so how many of each asect should i involve

note: a specific hazard i use often is the Spikes
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2:40 AM Jan 16 2010 2010
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the best thing to do is to use the stagestudio
3:13 AM Feb 21 2010 2010
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GallantSeipher helped a member with a problem.

agreed, but maybe i can assist with this icon_razz
8:19 PM Apr 29 2010 2010
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Sounds like an interesting idea, any picture concepts?
6:56 PM Oct 16 2010 2010
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2:15 AM Dec 28 2010 2010
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I don't understand what you mean by "perfect". Are you aiming to make the perfect stage for a certain character, or make one that's perfectly "neutral"? If you're trying at the latter (or even the former for that matter), a large amount of time and research is required.
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