Who's your main character for SSB64?

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6:07 PM Mar 11 2010 2010
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I Personally Main as Fox. Fox is a fast character with good startup times for his attacks and an always helpful reflector. I use the reflector to catch people of guard with a jump cancelled attack. For those who are not caught off guard they normally roll back immediately allowing for a followup dash attack moving into a bunch of combos (my favorite being a downward a into a forward aerial). I also use Mario every other match, and lately I have gotten into the habit of using Pikachu.
6:37 PM Mar 13 2010 2010
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Re: Who's your main character for SSB64?
Well, my main was Capt. Falcon.
He was better on that game, other than the other series, where I hate using him.
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5:40 AM Mar 15 2010 2010
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Kirby. He was from my favorite game series, not to mention the anime K:RBAY. I got used to him and started using him for all SSB games
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8:20 PM Mar 21 2010 2010
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Yoshi. He was a beast in SSB64.
3:21 AM Apr 20 2010 2010
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Fox, for improv, and Pikachu, who was my original main.
5:13 PM Apr 20 2010 2010
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I'm mostly a Pikachu player, but I'm finding myself focusing on Link. Even though he is slow and all, once you learn his combos, he's so much fun.
11:23 PM Apr 20 2010 2010
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Link was and still is my main for that game. xP
7:42 AM Apr 21 2010 2010
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First I mained Link, then went onto Kirby, then swapped to Fox, and finally settled with Captain Falcon.
7:17 PM Apr 26 2010 2010
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its all about Mario
8:02 AM Apr 27 2010 2010
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Quote (originally posted by FalconPunch):

banjo-kazooie reference FTW

i use mario btw.
6:22 PM May 16 2010 2010
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He's been my main in SSB64, melee, and brawl. Always have, and always will.
9:51 PM May 22 2010 2010
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Mario has been my main character back then in this game he had good attacks and he perfectly own Level 9 computers. He will always be my main for all three smash games.
3:32 PM May 23 2010 2010
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mine was falco!!!
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7:58 PM May 23 2010 2010
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yeah cause falco was in this game
9:16 PM May 23 2010 2010
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8:17 PM May 28 2010 2010
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Gotta be the Kong.

But if I had to choose a secondary main, it'll be falcon.
8:09 PM May 30 2010 2010
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Love playing as Link and Captain Falcon. I guess I also love playing as Kirby, Fox, and Mario, too.
8:46 PM Jun 3 2010 2010
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I use Mario. I want to learn more about his metagame.
6:24 PM Jun 7 2010 2010
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I use Fox, probably for the extra speed, and it looked cool to shoot people and see them flash into a skeleton and back. :3
3:58 PM Jun 21 2010 2010
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I main Fox McCloud, because i'm a fan of his games.
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