Well...i was bored and made these stages...

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7:50 PM May 6 2010 2010
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Well...i was bored and made these stages...



well? what do you think?
Full of boredom.

Here are my SSBB Brstm files. I will be adding more as I make them.
7:56 PM Jun 27 2010 2010
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Nice job on the first one. It looks cool, but sucks as a stage.
Quote (originally posted by xzx):
I thought you knew better. You're a MK main after all. I know more about MK than you, lol. SL actually gives that knockback, you can't DI upwards. It gives that gay knockback. Have you ever got hit by that? In that case, the Wario couldn't DI, because it gives that kind of knockback. Facepalm at you, -LzR-.
2:18 AM Dec 28 2010 2010
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The way I play MK, the first stage would be in my advantage.
I am a 16 year-old girl.
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