Chapter 2: A Masked Encounter - And a history lesson

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7:58 PM May 9 2010 2010
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Chapter 2: A Masked Encounter
Do you know what time it is?! It's QWESTING TIME! 
We last left our fellow heroes just as they were starting a new qwest. Strange monsters called "Desu-Bots", thought to have been long gone, are back in full power. A cloaked figure is determined to get to the bottom of this phenomena, and he's employed our hero, Blue, as a bodyguard! Next stop...the city! 
Cloaked Stranger: Ah yes, I haven't properly introduced myself have I? But before I do, I couldn't help but notice that your globulous friend here can also defeat the Desu-Bots. I was under the impression that only the spootar held such power. What's the little fellow's name? 
Blue: Name?! So now I'm supposed know this thing's name?! Well excuuuuuuuse me! 
Cloaked Stranger: ...well, shall we give it a name then? After all, it can't be a proper gentleman if it hasn't got a name. And the same goes for me, I suppose! My name is... 
>Name him: 
>Name it: 
Quote (originally posted by Magnatoon):
Quote (originally posted by Furret):
> Heraldo
Quote (originally posted by Shinarouji):
Quote (originally posted by Panda Burglar):
>Jerald W. K.
I'm seeing all these "erald"s and "erard"s. I personally like Gerard. What a mysterious and alluring name! 
Gerard: My name is Lord Baron Von Douglas Gerard VI. You may call me Gerard. Gerrrrrrrrard. And you are... 
Blue: Blue. 
Gerard: Splendid! And the little globs's name shall be... 
Quote (originally posted by Magnatoon):
Quote (originally posted by Dr. Sprite):
> Foot
Quote (originally posted by Doromac):
Erm...Foot it is, then...I guess. 
Blue: Oh! I know! 
Blue: How'd you like to be Foot, ya lil' rascal? 
Gerard: Oh yes. Foot. 
Gerard: That's fine. That's a great name. Foot. 
Gerard: Yeah, that's exactly the type of name I was thinking of for a gentleman. 
Gerard: But it's not like I care anyway. Come along Blue and...Foot. We've still got a long way to go. 
After a few minutes of walking, Blue conjures a QUESTION. 
Blue: Hey, Gerard. How do you know so much about these...Dehs-Boks...and this...empire? 
Gerard: What do you mean? 
Blue: Back in "CHAPTER 1", you told me all about the Dehs-Boks and how they were part of the empire and yadda-yadda. 
Gerard: Oh, the Desu empire! Don't tell me you've never heard of the legends! Here...I'll tell you the story... 
Gerard: A long time ago, we lived in a time of peace. Everybody was happy, and life could simply not have been better. Then...a foreboding castle crashed onto the land, and a evil power leaked out of it. It was the start of the Desu Era. The evil power became known as the Desu Power. 
The Desu Power its might, wreaking havoc across the land. It conjured other monsters to terrorize and raid villages. People tried to fight back, but no one could match the awful power. Soon, everyone had no choice but to submit to the rule of the monster. 

Years passed, and finally, a glimmer of hope emerged. 
No one knows for sure how this hero emerged from, but rumors tell of how a young boy stumbled across the first spootar and the manual it came with. 
With this power in hand, the hero vowed to vanquish the Desu Power, so that peace would once again return to the land. 
During the hero's journey to challenge the monster, he met and acquired many friends...and many enemies. 
But the hero used the mighty spootar to fight against the dark minions of Desu. 
Its rockin' tunes and holy powers were super effective. 
Finally, after many hardships, the hero and his comrades faced the Desu Power. 
With their combined strength, they triumphed over the monster. The Desu Power could not have been completely destroyed, however. So it is said that it has been locked away in a prison, hundreds of miles beneath the earth's crust, and only the spootar can reopen this cage. 
The hero was revered and praised for his bravery. Peace was known again, and a massive rebuilding project was put into place. Duplicate spootars and bandannas were mass-produced and sold in markets. The people begged the hero to stay and become the king of the land, but he declined the offer. He disappeared, and to this day, no one knows anything about his whereabouts. 

This story has been handed down from generation to generation, and is told to the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It reminds everyone that bravery can conquer any problem. 
Gerard: And that is the legend of the hero and the Desu empire. Well, Blue? Does tha- 
...he fell asleep while walking. I guess that's what you'd call...walksleeping! 
Gerard: Oho! 
Looks like the group's stumbled across something interesting! 
Gerard: Look, Blue! With this state-of-the-art vehicle, we'll make it to the city in no time! 
It looks like there's a Chickenbo attached to a cart (gee whiz! using giant birds as transportation, who would've thought). The owner of the Chickenbo and the cart is taking nap. A blanket covers the cargo. Man, it just looks so inviting! 

What wilst thou deau? 

Quote (originally posted by Joe Jonas):
> Joy Ride
Joy ride it is, then! 

Let's see what masterful and elegant plan Blue can come up with. 
Whatever gets the job done. 
Our heroes take off at the speed of light! 
Eventually, the ride slows down, and the pace becomes steadier. Just as soon as the peaceful atmosphere sets in... 
Gerard: Did somebody jus- 
Blanketed Voice: ****! My cover's blown! 
Ah! Who's that?! 
A masked thief breaks through the blankets! 
Gerard: What?! A stowawa- 
Masked Thief: You punks! I was hoping to stay under cover 'til I got to the city, but you just gotta mess up my plans! 
Gerard: Why must you always interru- 
Masked Thief: I'll just have to dish out the justice now! 
Gerard: Justice? Thieves aren't friends of justi- 
Masked ???: Evildoers beware! You're in for an ***-whooping! 

Quick! What wilst thou deau, what wilst thou deau?! 

Quote (originally posted by Black Mage Kuru):
the thief is going to be a reoccurring character  

just watch
Quote (originally posted by Drugs!):
> have foot eat him
Blue: Foot! I choose you! 
...I guess Foot doesn't have as great of an appetite for humans. Whatever the case, it didn't work. 
Quote (originally posted by Doromac):
>Punch thief in the throat.
Quote (originally posted by Black Mage Kuru):
>kick the thief off the cart
Go, intense battle scene! 
Punch in the throat! 
Kick off the cart! 
Wow. Great battle physics. 
That was pretty anti-climatic. But the battle's done and won, so I'm not complaining. 
Looks like another great victory for Blue! 
Gerard: Fantastic job, Blue! And look, I think I se- 
Masked ???: YOU PUNKS! 
And it doesn't look like that's the end of that...get ready for another attack, Blue! 
Masked ???: Who the hell is saying that?! You're really pissing me off! 

>Think of an attack/parry/ability to battle this thug with! (ex: "SECRET PUNCH TECHNIQUE") 

The masked ??? makes the first move! 
Quote (originally posted by Joe Jonas):
> Blue: Utilize Panic Guard!
A block... 
...a counter? 
Blue: My heart pumps a fiery blood through my veins! It is the propane that fuels the scorching fire of my soul! 
I set alight this weapon, doused in my own blood, lit by my own soul! Those who stand in my path will be devoured in a thousand flames and will suffer from third-degree burns! 
Blue: Panic Guard...! 
Good thing you didn't set your spootar on fire, huh, Blue? 
Ouch. The body's been completely burned. I guess we'll never know the true identity of this masked... 
Gerard: What a surpr- 
Masked ???: Ha! Adios, chumps! 
Gerard: thief...or a defender of justice? I wonder if we'll ever come across that strange character ever again. 
Gerard: Oh, cheer up, Blue! We won't be needing that Chickenbo, anyway. 
Gerard: We're already here! 

Nyuk nyuk nyuk! What a twist! 
Now that our heroes have made it to the city, will they find the answers to their questions? Or will they find something unexpected...I guess we'll find out in the next installment of MS Paint Side Qwest! 

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