Chapter 3: The City - Or, bad guys that enjoy dancing

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8:04 PM May 9 2010 2010
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Chapter 3: The City
Quote (originally posted by Peekajoo):
Ah, what fresh city air! Full of smoke, fog, and angry people! Beautiful! 
Gerard: Blue, this is your first time to the city, is it not? I've been here quite a few times myself, so let me give you some background as we travel to our destination. 
Gerard: This city is one of many that was constructed after the Desu Power was defeated, during the rebuilding project. Though some villages remained primitive, others were enhanced and urbanized. 
Gerard: The village where you and I came from is hardly industrialized, so many of what the people here consider everyday objects might be astonishingly advanced for you. It'll take a while for you to grow accustomed to it. 
Gerard: The city also attracted many young, aspiring businessmen, who saw promises of fortune and success in this new environment. People flocked here in the millions, all hoping to start a new living. The large population has created a useful network of information from all over the world... 
Gerard: ...which brings us here. If you would please follow me... 

Where wilst thou go? 

Quote (originally posted by Magnatoon):
>Go to the Ye Olde Pub of Polices' Guns
Excellent idea! 
Gerard: This place is great, trust me. 
Gerard: Hello. The usual, please. 
Barkeep: Whaddya want now? 
Gerard: It's about the recent Desu-Bot appearances... 
Barkeep: I don't know nuthin' 'bout this one, Baron. All I have are a few rumors that Desu is back...jus' a loada rubbish. 
Gerard: I see... 
Police: Lousy crooks sniffin' around my joint?! Take that! 
Police: Oh! You're bulletproof! I guess you can't be all that bad, then. Sorry, I just thought your questions were suspicious. And I didn't really like your face. 
Gerard: Does that mean you have some answers? 
Police: I might...if you can catch this fella. 
Blue: ! 
Police: The polices have been pursuing this hooligan for some time now. Claims he's a vigilante of justice, but all he's doing is damaging public property wherever he goes. He refuses to pay for the damages. 
Quote (originally posted by Sir TehRobotoGuy):
>Get sidequest at pub
Hark! Guess what! It's a sidesideqwest! 

Wilst thou accept? Then, what wilst thou deau? 

Quote (originally posted by Laundry):
>Put on shades while making a witty one liner while someone screams YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! in the background (Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot), and then take the sidesideqwest.
Blue: Don't worry, police. I'll deliver the law to that crook... 
Blue: the form of my fist... 
Blue: his face! (Basically, I am going to pound his face in) 
Police: I'm okay. That explosion kinda hurt, though. 
Blue: Have you seen this person? 
Innocent Bystander: Yeah, he secretly slunk into that dark, shady, suspicious alley over. 
Blue: Oh. 
There are sounds of people getting beat up coming from inside. This must be where the masked ??? is. 
Gerard: So, Blue. How shall we go about apprehending the fellow? Last time we faced him head-on, we were quite miserably tricked. We need a plan before heading in. 

What wilst thou deau? 

oh my gosh, what is with you guys and Michael Jackson.
Quote (originally posted by Panda Burglar):
Will just keep suggesting this until it happens

> burst open the door and make like

Uuuuuuuugh, fine!

As he came into the window
It was the sound of
A crescendo

He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains
On the carpet

She ran underneath the table
He could see she
Was unable

So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down,
It was her doom

Annie are you OK?
So, Annie are you OK?
Are you OK Annie?

Quote (originally posted by Lactose):
>Do the gravity defying lean

Annie are you OK?
So, Annie are you OK?
Are you OK Annie?

Annie are you OK?
So, Annie are you OK?
Are you OK Annie?



Blue: AH! Where'd you come from?!

Masked ???: Dancing's for sissies, ya punk!

Gerard: Nice moves, Blue. Now we can get her to the polices and get some information. But first...

Gerard: I'd like to see just who is under this mask...!


...A GIRL (I think)?!
Man! A girl! How many of you saw that coming? Wow!

Well, what're our heroes going to do with this new turn of events? Will they get the information they need? Tune in next time, on MS Paint Side Qwest!


Quote (originally posted by Magnatoon):
>Take off shades while making a lousy one liner.

Blue: Looks like...

Blue: ...I've got to water the petunias!
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