Why do you use the Character you use?

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1:15 AM Jul 3 2011 2011
Joined: Mar 2011

i main dedede cuz hes a cool guy and doesnt afraid of anything
2:42 AM Jul 3 2011 2011
Grim Fandango
Joined: Dec 2010

I main Jigglypuff because I picked her up a long time ago as a joke character and just got really used to her. I continue using her because I believe she has a lot more potential than her tier position indicates.

I use Meta Knight specifically because he is the best in the game.

I use Fox and Pikachu because they do well against Meta Knight and are "surprise" secondaries for the MU (no one else in Australia uses them to my knowledge).
10:05 PM Jul 3 2011 2011
Joined: Apr 2009

I main Yoshi in everything it all started in mario kart 64 =D diddy was actually the first character I ever played with lol (diddy kong racing) link cause its link ness cuz of the original ssb i miss that bat though lol but i try to use every character decently =D
10:23 PM Jul 3 2011 2011
Joined: Apr 2010

This thread is still up? icon_surprised
8:55 AM Jul 4 2011 2011
Team Chemistry!
Joined: Jun 2011

For brawl, i would main lucario most of the time since i've been a pokemon fan since the very first versions came out...That and i always thought of lucario a rare pokemon to obtain in pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum as well as i seem to be able to adapt to lucario's moves for brawl.

When it comes to melee, i usually would play as marth if i was going to play my "serious" main, as well as enjoying the times i juggle lv 9 computer opponets in the air. Two other characters, c. falcon and mario, are who i usually play just to mess around, or just be silly by showing off with an attack that causes a massive KO.
12:44 PM Jul 4 2011 2011
Joined: Mar 2011

I use Marth because of his MANLY TIARA!
2:54 PM Jul 4 2011 2011
Smash Brawler 1
Joined: Jun 2011

I main Sonic because of his speed, which is good for dodging without shielding beforehand, the infamous "You're too slow!" taunt, and mostly because of my love for the Sonic games. ALL of them. (ahemEvenSonic06ahem)
9:03 PM Jul 5 2011 2011
Mic n Ike
Joined: Jul 2011

In 64 I always main Link. He's just too incredible in that game for me not to, and I was in love with Ocarina of Time (and later Majora's Mask).

In Melee, I used to main Link but moved to Captain Falcon, unless I'm really in a Fire Emblem mood, in which case I'd use Marth.

In Brawl, Ike, hands down. Only been playing Brawl a week, and I'm not on a competitive level yet, but I'm loving him all the same. Sometimes I play Captain Falcon or even the Link/Toon Link, but mainly it's Ike all the way.

Ike's also the one I'm mainly gonna use in the 40-Hour World Record breaking Smash marathon tomorrow. (We're shattering the old fighting game marathon record) If you guys wanna tune in, it's at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-40-hr-meteor-smash-marathon
9:17 PM Jul 11 2011 2011
I Voted
Joined: Mar 2011

My favorite characters in brawl are toon link, diddy kong, and falco. Why? Because they are the perfect combination of speed and power.
11:59 PM Jul 11 2011 2011
Joined: Jul 2011

In the first two games i mained Pikachu I just loved his electric type moves but in brawl I found Olimar which is sort of a combination of Fire/Electric/Cold/Poison/Hard Hit I also liked the Pikmin Games
3:36 AM Jul 12 2011 2011
I Voted
Joined: Jul 2011

i use toon link,because it is too versatile and cool x)!
5:23 AM Jul 12 2011 2011
Solar Fury
Joined: Jun 2011

I use Lucario, becauase: His Air attacks are awesome. Great F smash. Cool gimps. Awesome throw. Aura Sphere ain't bad at all. And I always like to have a lot of damage with him. All in all, he's a true PowerPony n_n

And I second mario since his side B is too damn epic and funny ^_^
3:51 AM Jul 13 2011 2011
Team Chemistry!
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polyhedra. is a troll. Please ignore anything said by this user.

Cause he's at the top of the ****ing tier list.
11:36 AM Jul 13 2011 2011
Joined: Jul 2011

I used to main Kirby, but I decided to switch to Ganondorf because I didn't think he was powerful enough. This was far before I knew anything about tiers or any of that jazz, so I chose Ganon entirely because of his power. I've used him for, like, a year and a half now, and I've learned to work with his one weakness, his speed, or lack of it.
1:35 AM Jul 15 2011 2011
Joined: Jun 2011

My main is Zelda. My backup characters are Ike, Marth, Zero Suit Samus, and Samus. Occasionally I play as Kirby, Metaknight, Wolf, and Falco.

I play Zelda because I guess I adjusted easily to her moveset. I like Zero Suit Samus & Marth's agility & speed, & I've found a way to make some of the slowest characters in the game, Ike & Samus, fast.
I started playing Falco, Wolf, and Kirby when once I got bored and put my character on 'random'. It chose these characters. I like Falco and Wolf's down A, and some of their other attacks.

Even if Metaknight wasn't top tier, I'd still play him just because he is cool and I like his jumps. I don't use him much though because I suck with him and don't want to be seen as one of those people who only uses a character because of his cheapness and spamibility(I just made that word up).
12:21 AM Jul 16 2011 2011
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4:38 PM Jul 28 2011 2011
Hazael the Reaper
Joined: Jan 2010

I main Link, I love the Zelda games and I'm a fan of them. Link is just so badass. And he has a great potential regarding mindgames and aggresiveness. You just need to read your opponent. And he isn't really that bad as people make it seem.

I also main Bowser, Why? He's a turtle with spikes on it's shell that can breathe fire! Do you need any more?

I main Wolf aswell, He's technical and has a sexy Bair and Dsmash.

I also play G&W and Pit for secondaries.

The best thing of maining a low tier is beating a high tier. They don't have a reason to john about and you're usually praised. =3
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8:38 PM Aug 9 2011 2011
War is Over
Joined: Aug 2011

i used ike when i'm not online, because he's super strong & it feels good to weild a strong sword hehe! & then i'll either use toon link or sheik when brawling online
11:08 PM Aug 11 2011 2011
Joined: Aug 2011

I use Sheik mostly, 'cause I just love the satisfying speed and flashy hits. Behind her, my submains are Jigglypuff (because she is funny as hell and her air game is nuts), Toon Link (because his range and versatile gameplay can make people rage), and Pokemon Trainer (I'm just a big fan of all things Pokemon). I can play many characters well, but those are my main ones.
8:54 AM Aug 16 2011 2011
Joined: Aug 2010

Ness cause his PK Fiyah is great for setting up a F-smash or throw combo, his throws cause there all useful, Pk thunder cause it's a great projectile, His Dair His Fair his Nair his UPair Bair like i can't think of any other character that has all round perfect air moves... only down side of ness is his recovery witch is still not bad cause most people who try to gimp me get a bad hit of PK thunder2

I Second Wolf cause he's Strong and fast His Fsmah is great to spam and his Down Smash is VERY strong and VERY fast, best KO move in the game i think. I love his Fair and Bair also Bair for KO'ing and Fair for gimping. Hie Dair is a spike but since his recovery sucks, it's a real risk to spike.

I also main pit and sheik but i like Ness and wolf way more
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