Lucario or Mewtwo??

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3:22 PM Jun 9 2008 2008
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Lucario or Mewtwo??
i think its pretty safe to say that lucario is pretty much a clone of mewtwo from ssbm. personally, i was really pissed when the game was released without mewtwo but still relieved to see that someone who matches his coolness is in the game now.
so my question to my group members is -
who do you think is better mewtwo or lucario? this can be based on the smash bros games, their appearance, the anime, or any other reason. tell me what yall think!

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- Michael Jordan
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1:14 PM Jun 12 2008 2008
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Lucario's stronger, faster, and in my case he looks like a ****ing racoon. How awesome is that?
9:58 PM Jun 13 2008 2008
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I prefer Mewtwo, and feel that he had more of a right to be in Smash, however, I still think Lucario is awesome.

(Seriously, we should have had both of them)
3:30 AM Jun 18 2008 2008
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I would have to say that Lucario is alot better. His counter move is alot better than Mewtwo's disable. And the confusion move that Mewtwo had was next to useless. And Lucario's jump is much more effective than mewtwo's teleport. The best part about lucario is his damage increases as his percentage increases. Overall lucario is better than mewtwo and he's not even really a clone
10:12 PM Jun 18 2008 2008
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Lucario FTW because MewTwo IMO rele was just there because of the Pokemon movie just like Lucario I just hope Lucario stays on this one lol
11:33 PM Jun 20 2008 2008
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My friend said that since mewtwo was sliddy he was easier to wave dash with. Although I think that mewtwo shadow ball is stronger than aura sphere. You dont have to build up damage to get it to max power.

11:54 AM Jul 10 2008 2008
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Gardevoir > Mewtwo > Lucario.
By Midna/PeterTheEvilTediz :3
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9:18 PM Jul 11 2008 2008
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i agree with hichez, the fact that lucario has to get damage to get stronger is a bit annoying. but if u can use that to ur advantage, than u will be ok.

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- Michael Jordan
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11:06 AM Jul 12 2008 2008
Arrancar 18
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i like lucario o and cause it brawl there no wave dash so count that out of mew two and lucario is a good character he get stronger when damages built witch is a sign that you must be more def like with him and you can kill so many character so easy when he high damage
4:08 PM Jul 13 2008 2008
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lucario>mew2 but they both shoulda been in
10:39 AM Jul 15 2008 2008
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I like Lucario better, both in Smash and in Pokemon. Mewtwo is cool though. I wanted him to return but I'm not going to dwell on it and let that ruin Brawl for me.
1:20 PM Jul 15 2008 2008
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I loved both, but I think that Lucario will actually GO places in the tourney setting, even if we are a bit on the unpopulated spectrum.
11:44 AM Aug 9 2008 2008
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1:07 AM Aug 12 2008 2008
FraNk tHe TaNk
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i think lucario is better than mewtwo
lucario= ninja-like character who has aura abilities
mewtwo= science experiment gone wrong (literally, watch the movie)

i still do like mewtwo though lol
5:42 PM Aug 16 2008 2008
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lol science experiment gone wrong lmao
i liked mewtwo better cuz he wuz like da original pokemon that everyone liked and he wuz one of da main reasons pokemon is as famous as it is today

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."

- Michael Jordan
1:07 AM Sep 11 2008 2008
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alot of people said they wanted mewtwo on brawl instead of lucario idk why cuz to me mewtwo sucked on melee lucario is better mewtwo still is cool in the pokemon games though
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3:21 AM Oct 8 2008 2008
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I like both equally =P

Lucario: Fsmash, Reversed AS charges [pseudo sticking/reversal Bs], Superb Aerial Game.

Mewtwo:........... Teleport mindgames & Edgeguarding... dam I haven't played melee in forever V_V.

but still I would loved to seen how Brawl Mewtwo would have been like.

5:26 AM Oct 8 2008 2008
Almost Famous
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Mewtwo is and always will be better to the Melee community.
He had a spike, confusion was a great move to set up for a charge smash, Teleport was a little hard to aim but it raped, and he's mother f***ing Mewtwo.
8:31 PM Oct 9 2008 2008
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mew2king >>>>> lucario > mewtwo
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12:18 PM Oct 10 2008 2008
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Lucario is infinitly better than Mewtwo.
Smash: Lucario is stronger,can Combo better and has better recovery(can wallcling when the opp.hangs on the edge)

Pokemon: Steelstype AND Fightingtype,Mewtwo is only Psychic Type,ok,Mewtwos values are better,but thats only because he is legendary.
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